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Cervix Pressure

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Hello. Just curious if anyone out there has had this.
I am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and sometimes I feel like the baby is grinding its head down by my cervix. I feel like a hand is gonna stick out. It happens every so often.
Could it be the baby engaging lower into my pelvis??
This feeling is similar to having swabs done or a pap smear. Its soo uncomfortable.
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Yes, me too. It also happened with my last baby. I tend to dialate early, (though they're never born early just fast)...I wonder if this low riding baby, cervix pressure thing could be the reason.
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I have been having that for weeks! I asked my MW and she said it is from the baby turing its head or moving. She also said it is the cervix dialating/thinning...they sure and uncomfortablle, huh? HTH!
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I've felt this on occasion for several weeks. My baby has sat very low the entire pregnancy, and sometimes he just felt like he was going to fall out - literally! Thankfully, he hasn't.
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Yep, I'm experiencing that too! It's completely normal although yes pretty darn uncomfortable.
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I stood up yesterday and that entire area was numb! It only lasted a few minutes and I am sure it was just the baby sitting on a nerve or something. When I told DH though he freaked out and told me to go to the Chiro. I haven't been going becuase we don't have insurance and all our money is going to the midwives right now. Since he told me to go however, I think I will take him up on it.

Other than that, I do often have the feeling that the baby is trying to stick his hand or foot out.
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Yes, i get those often. I call them cervical zingers. They are very uncomfy.
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Cool thanks to all that wrote. I now won't worry about those weird "feelings" down there. Hah.
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