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In-law and extended BFing question

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Although how BFing one year olds ever became extended is crazy to me.

A little bit of history. None of my in-laws have ever BF'd. And its obvious that they are more than a little eek'd out that I ever BF'd the twins at all. A lot of comments like "I would never BF because I have to leave my kids and can't stand being with them so much of the time. How do you know they are getting enough? etc. etc.

So this weekend we are staying at in-laws and our routine is that whenever one of the twins wakes up in the middle of the night, DH goes and gets him/her, changes the diaper, and bring him/her to bed where I nurse them.

Yesterday at in-laws the same thing happened. I waited in bed with my boob exposed and finally fell asleep. Come to find out that FIL saw DS awake in his crib and took him downstairs. DH knew I was waiting for him but took DS downstairs and gave him breakfast without ever bringing him in.

I was not happy. First of all, his family is so anti-breastfeeding that I felt they were trying to prove something to me and DH went along with it.

Second of all, I wake up in the morning very thirsty. First thing I do when I wake up and go downstairs is get a big glass of ice water. So I assume that the babies are the same and want a drink after an entire night of no liquids. So DH takes DS downstairs with no drink.

So what would you have done?
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That's sad if they were trying to undermine your bf relationship I would have told dh that next time he needs to bring your dc up to see you and perhaps say something to his parents along the lines of "dc always spends time with us in the morning."
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Originally Posted by DeeEast View Post
So what would you have done?
Nothing polite! : Sorry, I'm hypersensitive to out-law issues.

Sorry that happened!
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