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Sore breasts... grrrrr!

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OK, so I have a silly question. My breasts frequently (but strangely, not always,) get sore right after O until a day or two before AF arrives. They swell up, get bigger, and I have to wear a jog bra so they don't jiggle (ouch.) Have thought of it as a PMS symptom, but it doesn't always happen. But now that I'm TTC it's VERY confusing because I get all hopeful when it happens! Then, of course, it never is b/c I'm PG

So, these are my questions (in an effort to keep myself from getting excited & hopeful every month, which is quite exhausting.)

When do actual PG symptomatic sore breasts start?

Also, is there always implantation spotting?

(Am 3 days past my AF due date and the breasts are still sore... )

When does nausea start and does it creep up gradually or hit you hard right away?

Thanks gals, you're the best!
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Well, this won't be much help because I'm going to tell you that every woman is different and even every pg is different.

I get sore nipples right at O and it continues until after AF starts, but I am nursing my 2 year old. Before I had my son I had absolutely no nipple/breast tenderness.

I also had no implantation bleeding.

My nausea started about a few days after AF was due. It started gradually for the first two weeks and then hit me full force non-stop for the following 5 months. While nausea is a common symptom of pg, not every woman gets it.

Good luck and sorry you are so sore(unless it's because you're pg )
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yes, vanessa right about every woman being pregnant and it's also annoying that every pregnancy is different.

however, on my first pg i was clued into the fact that i might be pregnant because my breasts continued to be sore after af. (which turned out to be implantation bleeding)

now that i'm ttc#2 i've noticed no soreness before af so can't really count on it as a signal.

according to "what to expect..." sore breasts can start a few days after conception and 2-8 weeks is the average start for those who get morning sickness. (it was 6 for me)

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thanks gals - every pregnancy is different, of course. *sigh* I just wish I knew what to expect! We've been TTC now for coming up on 2 years and I had a couple of surgeries to correct a blocked tube (which was congenital and will block itself again any minute,) and a large ovarian polyp. So, now I'm feeling a little hope which makes me crazy!

Right now am 5 days late but have no symptoms that could be anything but psychosomatic (sp?), except for the sore breasts that seem to be lasting longer than I'm used to. I haven't gotten (sorry, TMI) the bout of diarrhea that always signals AF, and here's the weird thing - about 4 dpo I started getting this slow, seepy nose bleed. Never anything drippy or anything -- just when I blow my nose in the morning there's bright blood there. Never happened to me before and has been going on for over a week now.

Am thinking about doing a pg test, but whenever I go buy and take it it's negative & I get AF that evening lol!
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i'm 4-5 days late but i'm nursing so i guess i need to expect irregular cycles. like you i cannot take another hpt because when i do i just get negatives. af i can handle. a bfn i cannot.

i'm glad you mentioned the, ah, "cleaning out the bowels" thing. i experience the same thing during af. it was one of the symptoms i had this week, along with irratiblity and slight depression. no af tho. no period pimples either.

i'd look into the nose bleeds. i know that blood volumn increases during pregnancy, but am not sure when that starts.

let us know if you do take that test...
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I always get period pimples too! DH will look at me in the morning and say "ah, you'll be starting soon"

Does someone know why "cleaning of the bowels" happens during AF? I've always wondered.

I have a large stock of pg tests because I'm always testing! I'm hooked. I'm either peeing on an OPK or a pg test.

Good luck to both of you.
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My pg sore boobs started around 6 weeks (I'm 7 weeks now) Right before I tested +++ I got the pre-af pimple, so I thought I was going to start my period.
I had NO symptoms of being pg at all before I tested, and in fact I tested +++ 7 times before I believed it....... :LOL

Good Luck
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OMG - I can't believe it. I feel NO different. But that pregnancy test showed a SOLID line and AF appears to not be arriving.

I can't believe it, you guys - I think I'm pg!

Hubby & I still can't really feel that it's true. Am almost wishing for a little morning sickness just to "prove" it

According to the calculator, I'm at 4 weeks - but I think I ovulated later than 14 days.

Still in shock!


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Congratulations!!! It does take a while to sink in. Maybe you'll be one of those lucky ones who never gets m/s. When pregnant with dd I didn't believe it really until I heard the heartbeat at my 13 week visit. I kept thinking there must be another reason af didn't show... :LOL

Good luck, and don't forget to leave some baby dust for the rest of us.
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W/dd I found out 3 weeks after conception that I was pg. Had no symptoms for another 3-4 weeks (morning sickness and sore breasts, severe fatigue). W/ds, I was a little sick to my stomach, thought it might be the flu, checked the timing- tested a few days later and had a positive. I only had a little m/s w/him- no sore breasts- thankfully b/c dd was still nursing at the time- and didn't notice fatigue, but I think I was just used to being tired all the time anyway.

My m/s started gradually and just disappeared one day.

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Fantastic news! I am so glad it worked out for you (surgeries). You deserve to CELEBRATE & enjoy. &
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