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I just got a perscription for flouride for my 6 mo. dd at her well baby appt. My first instinct is to throw it away, I can't imagine giving it to her. however, maybe she does need it??? We have none in the water here, but still...
what do you think?
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I've heard a little about the controversy over flouride, but personally I choose to use it. I don't give him the recommended amount (DS is 11 months) and I don't give it every day. But I had flouride as a child and have had one cavity my whole life (I'm a sugar-holic). Hubby never had flouride and has had a ton of problems, even though he brushes 3 times a day and I brush once I DO have discoloration due to the flouride -- it is obvious to every dentist that I had flouride. But I personally believe it helps with cavities.

Also, my SIL's first son is 6 and needs 4 cavities filled -- no flouride. His sister 18 months younger has had flouride (mom changed her mind) and her teeth are in much better shape. SIL is doing like I do, now, giving about half the recommended dose or so, every other day or so.

Just my humble opinion. HTH
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My son is five,has never had flouride,went for his first dental check up a couple of weeks ago and was told his teeth were excellent.He has a healthy diet(no pop,candies,sugar cereal etc) and we have our own well water.
I have never used flouride on him as anything i have read about it is not good.I did read somewhere that the only thing more poisonis is arsnenic.
Have you ever looked at mainstream toothpaste and the little message on the tube"children under six must be supervised while using this toothpaste" and "children should only be given a pea sized amount of toothpaste on their brush" this is because it is the only way manufacturers can get away with putting flouride in the toothpaste as it is a poison!!!
I noticed the other day in the store that the mainstream companies are now starting to make toothpaste with no flouride
makes you wonder doesn't it!!:
Go into the dental archives here as there is some really good information about it.
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I just found the dental archives too and it is really good reading
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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! It sounds like from the posts that my instinct was right.... no flouride! Not suprising, as she as sooooo many bad/untrue things to say to me at this appt. I'm not sure if it was an off day or my not getting some vac., but regardless, that was my LAST visit with her!
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Moving this to the dental forum for you.
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Our doctor is an MD but also a naturopath, specializes in homeopathic medicine and nutritional therapy and doesn't vaccinate. I really trust her. She is totally against fluoride. She said that it is associated with antisocial behavior. I haven't done any research on it myself.

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smilemomma says that fluoride only works ON the teeth. So it's smart to use fluoridated toothpaste, if you're not against fluoride period, but drops that go inside have no effect really.
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How about what it says in your article from issue 107 july/august about Flouride?In the first paragraph it says"Flouride drops,tablets,and vitamins are mor elikely to damage childrens teeth than to prevent cavities according to mainstream dental groups such as the Canadian dental association and the Western Australia Health departments Dental service.Both organizations have stopped recommending flouride supplements.
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