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Help me! Kitten issues...

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We got a new kitten from the pound 2 weekends ago and last weekend when the kids spent the night at grandma's, the kitten pooped on ds's bed. Cleaned it up, washed the comforter--- no more problems until tonight when I went up and found a big wet spot on his bed. Now she peed on it.

What is going on? Does anyone know about kitten behaviors and why she might be doing this or how to get her to stop? DH is gonna trip out if this doesn't stop and she'll be on her way back to the pound. DD would cry her eyes out and never forgive us. DS has had it with the cat.

HELP, please!!! TIA!
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Close the door to his room. If she's only peeing in that one spot outside of the litter, she might be upset with him for some reason, or feel threatened by him (not like she's afraid, more that she feels he's competition).

If she's peeing/pooping other places, you might need to confine her to the bathroom with her litter for a bit until she's retrained.

It's also possible that she's just overwhelmed. Remind me how long she's been with you? And how did you introduce her to your home? All at once or a little bit at a time?
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You might try Rescue Remedy (available at health food stores). It's good for pets and humans. Put four drops in her fresh water, daily. It helps calm and sooth. Good, good stuff!
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Thanks to everyone for the advice and info. We have been keeping his door shut. Then this morning just randomly she went in and peed on mine and DH's bed while everyone was getting ready for work/school. I am wondering if she is mad that we leave her alone while we're gone? The first time she pooped on ds's bed, the kids had spent the night at grandma's and I thought maybe she missed them. ??? She is never home alone for long. I have class in the morning after I drop the kids off at school and then I come home for the afternoon until it's time to go get them @ 3:15.

I guess we may have to try confining her. It sucks, but I don't know what else to do. DH thinks she should become an outside cat. I want her to be both, but I am breaking her in to the outdoors a little at a time. I take her out into the fenced in backyard when I am with her so she can explore without any danger of getting spooked and running away.

Thanks again for all the help. I appreciate any and all responses.
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How old is she? If she's around 8 to 12 weeks it could just be that she can't get to the litterbox fast enough. Kittens are just like kids and can get so involved in whatever they're doing that by the time they realize they need to go, they're too far away from the litter box, can't remember where it is etc.

Also, do any of the beds she's pee'd on have down comforters or a feather bed? I've got a cat who likes to pee on our down comforter if we don't keep our door shut. The best I can figure is she smells the feathers (prey animal) and scent marks them with urine as a form of either claiming the prey for herself or showing dominance.

You may also need more litterboxes than you currently have as some cats only like to pee in one and poop in the other. Or you're not cleaning the box enough/often enough for her.

Because of her age, I would just guess that she's not done with "potty training" and that confinement should help. This doesn't mean she has to spend days on end alone in a room. She can be out and about as long as there's someone to watch her. If they see her starting to squat or paw around like she's digging, they can swoop her up and plop her in the nearest litterbox. Remember to never punish her for peeing outside the box. She won't know why you're mad and it will just stress her out, potentially leading to more litterbox problems.

Also, if you want to make her an indoor/outdoor cat, please don't let her outside until after she's spayed (if she's not already). Female cats can become pregnant as soon as 4-6 months of age and they don't have to be in heat to get pregnant. They're induced ovulators, so the act of mating triggers the release of the eggs. Since she's still just a baby that's going to make it easier for a tom to catch her and mount her even if she's not in heat or receptive to him.

AAAAAAAND . . . Don't forget to clean all oops spots with an enzymatic cleaner (nature's miracle, simple solution) to get rid of all traces of the urine scent. Regular cleaners may make the smell go away to you, but she can probably still smell where she marked and she may go back to "refresh" the scent.

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Thanks Julia. She IS spayed, so that's a non-issue. YAY!!

Things seem to be fine today. I cleaned her box this morning just in case that was part of the problem. She seems to be happy about that.

I really do appreciate everyone's input. Thanks to all!
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Oh, it may be loneliness. Do you have another cat?

Cats often show less undesirable behavior when there is another cat in the house. They keep each other company. (And often help keep each other groomed, too!)

Feliway is a good product. It's sold to help reduce spraying, and helps calm the cat. And Rescue Remedy is great.
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No, she is our only cat. I wanted a pair (for company's sake) but DH would not budge on that. "Only one!" He has never had a cat before and it has taken 7 years to get him to warm up to the idea at all, but now he loves her and has actually been very understanding with all these issues that have come up ("I don't want to get rid of her and I am not going to give up on her just because she's having some problems" ). I was pleasantly surprised. I got a phone call from a friend yesterday about another kitten that needs a home, so maybe if the Universe wills it, just maybe...

Ann-Marita, the Rescue Remedy is helping a lot. She is so much more at peace than the past few days. I have been making special time to sit down with her in the morning before we all leave the house to let her know that she is loved, even if we are leaving for work, school, etc. She is such a sweetie. DS wants a puppy for his birthday at the end of this month, but maybe I could talk him and DH into another kitten instead. Wish me luck!
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ishtarmaia, I had a young cat who kept having "accidents". Like you I was just so frustrated until an herbalist friend of mine suggested that the poor thing might have a urinary tract infection. She reminded me that cats, for the most part, are very clean and don't like peeing outside the box and if they are, there might be a problem. Darn if she wasn't right. I addressed the infection and didn't have another problem, until a few years later when sure enough, that peeing on the laundry thing told me he had another infection. Again I addressed the infection, and haven't had another problem since.

You might want to check, you never know. Good luck.
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