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Hello mothers!

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Hi everyone. I'm a new mom, my daughter is 2 weeks old. I've been into mothering mag since my pregnancy and am looking forward to talking with other likeminded and openminded moms. I have lots of questions and am glad to contribute to this cool community. Hope to make some new friends and meet some people I can talk to soon, also, looking forward to learning how to use all the cool tools in this nifty discussion forum. Thanks for having me!
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Hi there,
And welcome

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Welcome to the boards.
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~Hi Mama Maggie~

Congratulations on your new
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Hi there maggie mama
Here is one of the tools you can use.....different fonts! Oh and
we have tons of fun smilies. I'm so happy you are here
with us
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Congratulations!!! You're in for the ride of your life!!! It's so much fun!!! Oh, and WELCOME!!
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Hey, I just noticed this!! Welcome!

Lauren & Persephone Ann
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Hi and welcome to the boards.

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Welcome to the boards:-)

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Glad to have you here!

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