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I was very sick today

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So...it's almost 430am...and I'm typing to you--the main reason is that I have a giant air bubble trapped in my mid back area and can't sleep at all because of it...figured, I'd sit up and try that approach.

As most of you know from my title --I was sick. Stomach flu of some sort. Just not pleasant at all...
After my last bout of throwing up over the toilet (standing up--only way it was comfortable with my belly...) and peeing at the same time (yes, in my pants...would've been funny if I hadn't hurt so much...) I decided to call in reinforcements. My friend had already brought me pedialyte--hated it, and couldn't keep it down...rice for dinner (literally 2 bites, didn't keep it down either) so I called my m/w-doula...after telling her the details, she suggested I go in--pg makes you more suseptible to dehydration--and since this had been going on all day (including contrax) I packed up dd and headed in. Another friend had graciously said she would watch dd, but L&D said I could bring her, so she just came with me. (dh is deployed)

I was VERY dehydrated--very high keytones and proteins in urine (no surprise with dehydration) and the most interesting part was that I was contracting...not braxton hicks, but real contrax. Not strong enough to really open my cervix tho. At this point (they have me at 33wks when really I'm 34 wks--remember I lied about my period date! ) they said that if the contrax were steady and cervix was dialating they would send me to our larger local hospital that has a NICU and I would probably deliver...oh joy, that is EXACTLY how I want to birth this baby! Luckily for me, I was only a fingertip dialated--yes, I let them check me...I was too weak to really care at that point. they also did an u/s to check fluid--I've got enough. Baby looked cute and happy--if you can use the word 'happy' to describe an unborn...

I got three bags of fluid. I was looking a lot better...still keytones in urine, but I'm much better. Driving home I thought I could've used another bag...
They did give me something like fenagren--but it was the kind that doesn't make you sleepy...good since I had to drive home.
I had lost weight today (no doubt since I didnt' eat much at all)...but gained 5 lbs in the hosp. maybe due to fluids? hmmm...no biggie.
Yep, my contrax weren't Braxton hicks surprisingly...and other than my back hurting (baby's position--head down, but not engaged in pelvis at all), I would've just thought BH ya know?
Dd was good thru it all--she even slept for some of it...including the vaginal exam and the u/s.
Boy--I REALLY hope she doesn't get it...or gets it in a smaller form/dose...it was pretty brutal at times today.

Tired, but still have large gas bubble in my back--really annoying...

I think I am a hypnobirthing failure right now...I didn't use any of my learned techniques during the 'contrax', the throwing up, or even the IV! And all 3 were mildly painful...ugh...
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Oh no! I hope you are feeling better today. Can you keep anything down now? Make some homemade lemonade, some broth.....
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I'm so sorry you are sick. I hope you are better today and your dd doesn't get it. I don't think I could tolerate any pain while I had a stomach virus!
Many healthy vibes to you!!!!!!!
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Oh I feel sooo bad for you!!! I hope your dd is healthy and stays that way!! Put your feet up and relax lots and lots!!!! Hang in there mama!!!
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Oh my gosh you poor thing! I thought I had it bad, I was so sick last night and feel like crap today, feels like a stomach virus too but no throwing up. Its the WORST to feel like this and be so pregnant. I can't even imagine what you were going through. Last night I thought how I might not be able to handle labor since I couldn't even handle the waves of neaseua that were hitting me all night! I feel for you and hope things get better, I'm sure they will!
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Oh thank you mamas for your support and well wishes!
I'm feeling much better--still taking the anti-nausea meds tho--and get this...I'm wearing DEPENDS! Hahahaahha

I woke up this morning after actually sleeping (surprise) and thought my water had broken! But alas, it was just urine...guess those 3 bags really worked! hahaha
I've had some contractions today--but rest and fluids have stopped them...
I'm REALLY glad to not be having this baby yet tho--I'm SO not ready!
(but at least I'm feeling better if I DID have the baby!)
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Ugghhh, stomach flu really sucks. Glad to hear you are on the upswing.

I wouldn't worry about being a hypnobirthing "failure"...after all, during labor at least you get a break between contractions to get back into your groove. Stomach flu totally doesn't allow for that. And think of it this way--you still have some time to practice before labor kicks in!
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