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Babe is breech........

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I am planning on a HBAC, but if he doesn't turn I have to go back to OB care which means repeat c-section:

I have had 4 webster technique adjustments and I have a 5th today. We did the moxy stick Monday, I'll do it again today. I have been trying positioning but it gets really uncomfortable.

Please Mamas send up a little prayer, positive energy, good thoughts for me and this little guy.
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Well, if Due Date is November, babe can still turn. You've been to spinningbabies.com? Please try polar bear (not too uncomfortable) for 45 min. Or try legs up against the wall, bum/lower back on pillows and stay there as long as possible. Are you talking frank breech or footling breech?

Also, why not wait until labor? Yes, Doc will want you to schedule C-section ahead of time. More convenient for his/her schedule, cheaper for hospital, conveniently done between 10am and 5pm.... No, not best for you or babe. Go into labor, often babes turn right then. However, if babe is still breech and you feel cesarean is your best option, go into hospital at that time (early/middle labor, not when a foot is dangling out!)

Wishing the best for you. Let us know how it turns out. (pun not intended!)
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Many head down baby vibes to you!!!!!
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Oh mama try not to stress. I have a HBAC with my last babe and it was a wonderful experience. I hope and pray everything goes well for you to experience this as well.
Like AllisonR said many babies do turn in labor. I wouldn't let them schedule a c-section. IS there ANY way your midwife would do a breech birth? Is the Webster technique with a chiropractor?
Anyway hang in there mama!!
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Thanks for the replies Mamas.

I know we still have time, but my midwife has to pretty much cut me loose if baby doesn't turn by 37 weeks.

I am seeing a Chiro for the webster, but so far no luck

If I have to go back to OB care, I do plan on trial of labor and will refuse to schedule a c-section ahead of that.

Good thoughts, prayers might help....thank you.
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Sending turning vibes to your little one!
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Would you consider looking into Hypnosis/hypnotherapy?? I have read that there are very good results with that for turning breech babies.
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I've heard of Reiki and acupuncture helping to turn babies. Head down, Baby!
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No fun, mama!: Sending turning vibes your way....

Is there anyway to look for a provider who will deliver breech? I got stuck on the idea that this baby might be breech and asked my midwife and back-up doctor if they would deliver a breech. Funny, neither one blinked, they just said 'sure'. But this may be because I had an uncomplicated first delivery. I find that looking for the 'elders' is helpful.... I see the oldest back up doctor in the clinic and the elder midwife, too.

I don't know if that helps you any, probably not, so lets just hope this baby turns! Thinking of you....
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Originally Posted by midwestmeg View Post
Is there anyway to look for a provider who will deliver breech?
I think it would be nearly impossible to find an OB/MW who will deliver a VBAC breech. It sucks, but that's the way it is

I've had several friends who were able to turn their breech babes by spending lots of time in the pool, doing handstands and just floating - apparently something about the loss of gravity in the water helped babe to get into the right position.
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Ooh, thanks for the tip about the pool. My sis just had a pool put in and we are visiting her this weekend.

I am also looking around for an accupuncturist who can help.

As for the OB....before I switched to my homebirth midwife I was seeing a practice of CNM's and a male OB. He is the only OB in the county who would even consider a vbac (with a lot of restrictions). I'm pretty positive he wouldn't deliver breech.

If it happens that this babe won't turn, I do plan on trial of labor. I just want to feel my body do its job, make sure babe is ready, and take control of my body. I have a lot of healing to do from my dd's birth
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Did anyone mention spinningbabies.com?
This is the link for inversions--flipping a breech baby by almost standing on your head!
I'm sending you 'flipping' vibes!!
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