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*raises hand* me too! me too! I just recently learned this is not something everyone does - it is one of my many quirks I just thought were normal? Not everyone is out there scratching big holes in their scalp, however. . .silly me! I don't have time right now but look foreward to checking out that website link. Thanks!
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Um, me. I peel the skin off my heels.
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Yep me too. It's really something you can't explain to another person unless they tell you they do it to. I've
caused a lot of damage to my body in my life picking at my skin. Stress is such a trigger for me. I had really
bad scabs on my forehead while I was pregnant with dd. My aunt, who is like a second mom, told me to ask
my Dr if I had a rash so many times I had to finally just confess that I did it to myself.

Both my sister and I have Trichotillomania as well. Hers is much worse than mine. While I pick at my scalp
and braid my hair I don't pull too much out. My Sister has bad twisting tendencies leading to bald spots.

I have to limit my time in front of the mirror. I wash my face and have to walk away, or I will pick and stare
at black heads I am convinced everybody else can see, but they can't. When I pluck my eyebrows I have to
give myself a time limit and walk away or I will stare forever plucking.
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I pick, pull, and peel. Oops, I forgot dig.

I pick at scabs, pimples.
I pull hair that "feels" weird, or super thick.
I peel the skin at my finger nails, or on my feet.

It is horrible... I dig huge gashes in my scalp... it will start with a little itch or a zit, and then it will not heal for months.. I pick the scab.

I really want to stop.. and I had for a while. (like five years)
And then my abusive father showed up at my door. I am back at it.
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Me too. : :

Usually not face - arms, back, scalp, etc. It seems to be a cross between an anxiety reliever, in that its something to focus intently on when feeling stressed, and a boredom thing.

I know that I have more "bumps" because I mess with them. I've tried stopping but we all know how that goes.

Anyway, just wanted to say "I'm here too".
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Another picker here. I am sure it is related to my anxiety disorder, but I think it is also a habit. I also beg my dh to let me pick his scabs. :
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Originally Posted by kaydee View Post
Another picker here. I am sure it is related to my anxiety disorder, but I think it is also a habit. I also beg my dh to let me pick his scabs. :
me to!!! i pop his pimples to.......i have a hard time not popping someone elses to, in public if I see someone with a big ole pimple, i have to sit on my hands sometimes!!

Ifind its worse in high stress times, i used to have really bad scabs on my scalp after a case of nits, they didnt do the damage,m i never even had them, for months after the other members in the house got rid of them, i would scratch at my scalp. I was very paranoid over it. now I just pick at my forehead, so i have bangs
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OMG, I had no idea....I didn't know it had a name...for me, it's mostly my arms and back, but it's gotten really bad, during the recent stress in my life. I HAVE to scratch, and I know it's not good, and I hate what it does to my skin. I always thought it was a skin condition, that I just had really itchy skin, and it may be to a point, but I never thought to connect it to a mental problem...I am so glad I found this thread...
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I have picked scalp,cuticles and face since I was 10 or so.Also have Tric. My ds has just started picking his lips and now dd her nails,shes only 2.5! Have they seen me doing it or is it just inherited? My mom picked a little but I never saw her do it. Have tried every med and behavior modification.The only thing to work was when I went completely sugar free for 9 months.I didnt do it at all! Google John Kender Diet.Picking and hair pulling is yeast related.I havent been good about the sugar thing lately-SO hard to stop sugar! Another thing that really helps face picking is to replace lightbulbs in the bathroom with 40 watts.You can see to get ready but not all the imperfections on your face! Hotel bathrooms are the worst,I will pick and squeeze everything for hours in that bright light! At first I am in heaven,and then I am SO SICK with myself for mutilating my beautiful skin!
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Wow! I didn't know there was a name for this until I saw this thread.
I'm a horrible picker. I think it's genetic because my mom does it, too.
I get so bad sometimes that if I run out of things to pick on my body, I'll want to pick at other people. If I see a pimple on DH's face I have to pop it! He always leaves his alone and I can't understand how he can not want to pop it! AAHH!!
I'm always picking my scabs and then they never heal.
I really wish I could stop because it makes pimples/acne so much worse.
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Can I join this thread? I'm a hair puller. I have trichotillomania. I've pulled out my hair since I was a little kid. I have really straight, fine hair; but lots of it, thank God! But when the hairs I've pulled grow back in, they come in kinky. So I always look for those hairs, run them through my fingers and then pull them out. I've been very selective; no-one really knows, but it's pretty constant. My hair is definitely thinner, and scraggly where it grows back. I, too, worry about my dd, who is 3.5. I see her running her hands through her hair when I do...sometimes that's the only reason I know I'm actually doing it!

I also pick my lips, often till they bleed, in the winter only.

I'm on Celexa for generalized anxiety disorder...just finally decided to try medication. Apparently, it can help OCD issues, so potentially tric; but only at much higher doses. Not sure if I want to go that route. I'm going to try to explore the sugar connection. Gotta get a grip for my daughter (I hope someday I can do it for myself, but so far that's never been enough).

I have also struggled with bulimia since age 15, though have not purged in over 4 years!!

I am left-handed.
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I'm a picker too!
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Just want to suggest again-Google the John Kender Diet.For anyone who picks and pulls.It is the most comprehensive info I have ever seen for a cure.Sorry I dont know how to attach a link JOHN KENDER DIET
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Wow, I'm surprised there are so many of us with the same disorder.

I automatically do this when stressed, so it's very frustrating to try to stop...
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Originally Posted by anjelika View Post
Wow, I'm surprised there are so many of us with the same disorder.

I automatically do this when stressed, so it's very frustrating to try to stop...
I shared my experiences with post #23. I'm not surprised there are so many of us. I think
with certain "bad habit" disorders most would keep this to them self. I'm so glad so many
have shared their own stories here. Just admitting it IRL to a few people caused a huge sense
of relief in my life.
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Did you know there is a HUGE thread about this in TOA? :
Like 50+ pages worth.
for your viewing pleasure, if you can read TOA yet.
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What is TOA and why cant I axcess it?
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Originally Posted by galaxfern View Post
What is TOA and why cant I axcess it?
Talking Amongst Ourselves. You have to have at least 50 posts and been a member for 60 days to access it.
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My three year old does this. It is driving me bonkers. I'm totally interested in anything people might have to say about this!

Though, when I think about it I do do it a bit myself. I totally understand why she does it. She also sucks her thumb AND picks. I sucked my thumb until I was 14. Then I picked up smoking (can you say, oral sensory issues anyone?) I also bite my nails all the time.

I've found that if I can keep my scalp clear it really really helps, because I will compulsively scratch at my scalp. I use the blue head and shoulders shampoo for a couple of days if I start an outbreak on my scalp, then I switch to using my Skin Biology shampoo and conditioner (Dr. Prickhart) which really really seems to help keep my scalp clear. I also take extra zinc when it gets bad.

Originally Posted by Montessori Mommy View Post
I have been doing this for as long as I can remember, I HATE having scabs. I know it's bad and I feel totally guilty and embarassed afterwards, but I don't even realize I'm doing it sometimes. If I do realize it, I cannot stop myself. Mom used to always say "stop picking" when she saw me doing it, as if that was a helpful tidbit of advice. It's mostly on my face and I have to get that heavy duty concealer to cover up the pea sized red spots. :

I've been doing this for decades and wish I could stop. I didn't even know there was a name for it, until...DD#2 started picking, she is 3. She will not leave a scab, blister, bug bite alone. I don't want her to continue this and suffer the lifelong anxiety that goes with it (I sometimes will cancel plans and not leave the house if my face is too bad). It just breaks my heart! I don't know if she does it because she sees me do it, or if it's genetic or something. Anyone that can relate????
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Someone mentioned about getting artificial nails,and I second this.I found a salon that does great work,you have to ask them to file them very thin or they will look horribly fake,and then I would get what is called an American manicure-like a French manicure but more natural looking.Anyways,it is IMPOSSIBLE to peel off a scab,and so difficult to pick at your face you wont even bother.I had them done before my wedding and lo and behold-my skin looked just gorgeous! It cost $25 every 2 weeks to get them done ,but I just considered it part of my "therapy".Now I have 2 more babies and dont go anymore,cant afford it ,dont have time.Scalp covered in bloody holes,I cant even wash my hair because I know it is going to sting so bad
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