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Advice - Sinus infection in 4 year old

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Hi, I'm new to this board. I've never been a crunchy mom but have found over the past few months I'm becoming more crunchy. LOL

Here's my problem. My 4 yo, Mason, has allergies and is on Zyrtec daily (even though when we did a blood allergy test it came back negative). At the end of August we ran out of Zyrtec so one day he got a half dose and the next day nothing. Then the day following no medicine he comes down with a cold. Ran a fever, congested, runny nose, and horrible cough. So on the 9/11 when he went for his 4 year check up the doc said he had a sinus infection and prescribed Amoxicillan for 10 days. On day 12 he still had all symptoms so I took him to his allergy doctor. Yep, still had the sinus infection. She prescribed something stronger plus a liquid steriod to decrease the swelling in his nose. Steriod was for 5 days and rx for 14. On day 10 we were back at our regular pedi for my 5 month old being sick. I had her look at Mason too because over the weekend he had ran another fever and had cold like symptoms (same as the 5 month old). She said he still wasn't over his sinus infection and said to give him Augmentin for 10 days. Well the 10 days is up and he still isn't 100% better. I don't know what to do or where to turn. The last thing I want to do is a 4th round of medicine. Any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated.

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I just read your other post too and wanted to first offer you cyber 's. You all must be exhausted right now. You may want to take what I say with a grain of salt as I have become more and more crunchy each day. I would dump all OTC and prescription meds (we don't have them nor use them). If I'm reading correctly, he's been on 3 rounds of antibiotics and a course of steriods, right, but the infection is still there? Is he really picky about taste or is he pretty good about taking things?

I would get some sodium ascorbate (super good form of Vitamin C) and really dose him up with it ... 1/2 dose every hour or so while awake. I usually hide it in a small cup (3 oz or so) of juice for my boys when they are sick.

Get some echinacea. Again, this typically gets hidden in juice. Herbs for Kids makes a good one ... follow the dosing on the back for illness (I think they have regular dosing and also an acute-like dosing, which is tyipcally 2x the regular dosing).

Get Sambucol/Elderberry syrup. It's awesome.

And then you can get some good homeopathic remedies: Aconite is good for colds, dry sore throat, cough, acute fever, bursting headache; Belladonna is good for flu, colds, inflammation with redness in thraot, ears, glands, throbbing pains, headaches; Calc Phos is good for swollen glands, general weakness, convalescence or healing; Chamomilla is good at night time to calm them down, is also good for colds with dry cough and congestion; Ferrum Phos is good for acute low fevers, throbbing pain, sore red throats, red eyes, ear pain, colds.

Most everything can be found at a good local health food store (HFS), though typically the sodium ascorbate needs to be ordered on-line (we get ours from www.iherb.com). If you want a good place for ordering homeopathics on-line, I really like www.1-800homeopathy.com).

You will also need to work hard at healing his gut. Antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria, but will also kill off all the beneficial bacteria in the gut. You should start supplementing him with a strong probiotic - Solaray and Nature's Way both have some good products that can also be found in HFS's. Try to find something with at least 5 billion live/active cultures per serving. Cut all sugar/refined food as possible, as that will feed any yeast that might take up residence in the absence of beneficial bacteria. If you have access and aren't oppsed to it, I would highly recommend finding an established source of *raw* milk - it is healing to the entire body (the gut and also will help get rid of infections, allergies, etc). You can also look into getting a netti pot - it looks like a little tea pot that you fill with lukewarm saline/salt water and use to flush the nose ... with him being so little, you'd have to go slowly and really help him out as you need the right angle to get the water from one nostril and back out the other. It works wonders and feels really good. HTH
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Something I just read this morning in the book The Miracle of Magnesium says this about yeast and sinus infections:

Originally Posted by pg. 166
The symptoms from yeast and its breakdown products are body wide. Oftesn these symptoms lead one to think that there are infections in the sinuses, throat, bladder, or vagina. A doctor will consequently prescribe more antibiotics for these symptoms, which perpetuates the problem in a vicious cycle.
It could very well be, with the amount of antibiotics your son has taken, that he no longer has a sinus infection, but rather the affects of yeast throughout his body.
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