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Welcome to the boards.
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Welcome I grew up on the Island (the big one) and spent summers exploring the little ones. Right now I'm urban and in Vancouver. I love rural or urban - the burbs make be nervous...
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Hi I love firefly.... the movie they based off of it was poorly done, but the tv series was/is awesome. Now if they could just finish their story and get back on the air
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Sounds like a great place to live!
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Thanks still for all the welcomes!

Pender is a great place to live. And I agree, the burbs make me nervous, but I'm okay with urban too - just not to live in anymore! I grew up in Seattle.

For us Firefly fans, maybe we should start a "get it back on the air" club. But I think creator Joss Whedon is so fed up with networks he's doing different stuff now. Darn.
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elcome I had to pop in to say that I've spent some time on Pender, and LOVED it. What a beautiful place to call home.

Anyway, fellow Canadian!
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Dylan, Hi!

I am also new to the forums, discovered them a few days ago. I feel so excited to have an online commmunity with similar beliefs to mine.

Your place sounds so romantic. I am pretty ignorant of Canadian geography, the only island I know is Prince Edward Island, as in "Anne of Green Gables" books. A couple of years ago I came across the books in the kids' section of our library, I fell in love with the books and read everything by and about L.M. Montgomery.

I live as far away from any semblance of nature as is possible - Brooklyn, NY

Welcome again!
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I have a good friend - a psuedo daughter - whos attending Pratt U right now in Brooklyn. I am as ignorant of NY geography as you are of Canada!

Pender is on the west coast, in British Columbia - pretty much right above Seattle (where I used to live) but on the Canadian side of the border!

Thanks for the welcome!

Oh, and I LOVE the Anne books too - my daughter is reading them now! (She's almost 11).
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hi and welcome! we live in vancover right now but we have spent lots of time on many of the islands..including saltspring, denman, lasquiti, vancouver island and ive been to pender island a few times. it is soo beautiful there. we have always dreamed of moving to lasquiti island some day.
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Welcome to MDC!
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Hello and welcome to MDC! Glad you're here!
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Welcome from the next province over!
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