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How about one of those outdoor patio swings? Metal, canopy, typically tan. I just found one on craigslist for $30. Could redo the cushions, take off the canopy, add pillows and hang party lights. Wee!
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Nevermind the backyard swing. Too "junk yard" for partner. Dang.

I could try to make back supports, and side supports. Imagine the top half of a sofa, but sitting on the floor. The bedding could be folded and be the cushion during the day, and folded back out again at night. Think: cheesey toystore foam sofas that fold out into beds. But I could use kapok and hemp, and it wouldn't have to be pink or blue. Anyone think of how to design something like this? Any ideas on how to do something like this simply? I gotta be able to curl up in a corner, yk?

Oh, I found a Natuzzi love seat on consignment today. Almost broke down and got it! Gotta stop "shopping" for a solution.
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I personally think a small sofa would be lovely. That way you could nap on it, curl up on it with your child and partner, strech out on it to read a book.

I know you are going for "simple" but a sofa can be just a simple as any other object. We have a smaller one that sits by our bay window that is bigger than a loveseat, but smaller than a regular couch. It has great tapestry fabric and I throw hand knitted quilts on it for naps. It is the perfect length to strech your legs out and prop your head up with a pillow, so good for reading and also when you are sick and need to rest propped up.

It has followed us through 3 moves--we use to have it in our tiny San Francisco house. It has not been hard to move at all. I pick up one end all by myself, and I am not that "strong". My husband gets the other, and off we go. The cushions are so comfortable--I feel my bones just relax when I settle into it with my cup of tea (and the arm is a perfect resting place for a plate of toast with jam).

Even if you want to give it away when you move, it could give you comfort for now--and now is what is import to all of us.

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Futon, definitely. Just like a sofa where it counts and lighter, easier to move, and converts to a bed if the floors are really chilly!
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How about one of those nice Redwood garden swings, with no canopy? Then you don't have to worry about the dust mites and chemicals and all, but it's still up off the floor and you can cuddle on it.

Especially if you dress it up all comfy with hand-made pillows and afghans and blankets. It could be very pretty and wouldn't have the "lawn junk" look of the metal canopy swings.

(I just love swings! If I could, I'd have one in my house!)
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Totally expensive but not cluttery option--build a window seat.
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I don't have any ideas for you, but this is a timely thread for me. My husband was talking about getting rid of our sofa and I automatically balked. I mean....a living room without a sofa? Unthinkable! But now, I'm open to so many other possibilities ... a futon sounds really neat and more practical.

Oh, when I asked him what we'd sit on, he said "we could get a garden swing like your dad has in his backyard." I was like, "a GARDEN swing in the LIVING ROOM?"

Now...I kinda like that idea.
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I personally like the idea of not having a couch. We never spend any time on it, it is mostly for the cats and dog to lay on. I am allergic so I never go near the thing. Everytime I mention that I want to get rid of it, my husband says that he would like a comfy place to sit every now and again. But he doesn't sit in it either!!! I like the idea of a hammock, my dog probably, probably, couldn't et on it. I also like the idea of just pilows and such on the floor, or a bean bag. Really, right now, the only purpose our couch serves is to put the two big toys we have up while I am vaccuming, and a dog bed. Should I start a post as to how to get rid of my sofa??? I mean how to convince husband
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as someone typimg in a room with a 2 month old Ikea sectional- I guess I should keep my mouth shut.

But it was a tough decision. First we got trid of the old couch and wow! The space was kinda cool, but, we had no where to crash except the bed. And thats just not a good option. So, we went for a much couch as we could fit at the lowest price. (so we sold out)

My vote would be papasan chairs or a hammock- they were close second choices for us.
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Originally Posted by VnJW View Post
Really, right now, the only purpose our couch serves is to put the two big toys we have up while I am vaccuming,
this is what my couch does too. Only we have two couches! Both horribly beat up and look like crap. Second hand from who knows where, and the kids keep ripping them more, cats that scratched them all up. : But, one of the couches serves as my dh's bed since we co-sleep and there isn't room for all of us together.
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Does anyone have unique coffee/end table alternatives?
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I loved our futon. It got us through college and it was so easy to move. It is my absolute favorite useful piece of furniture. Craigslist might even have one if you want to go that way.
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Scavenge nearby woods for recently dead timber and make a peeled-log bench/sofa, with cushions and pillows.
that's similar to what were doing (except the base is going to be custom made - no scavenging here ), and for cushions we are using natural latex upholstered in organic cotton. natural latex and dust mites don't mix, and the cotton covers are washable so i can kill those little bastards with each wash. really excited about this actually. i love the woodsy furniture look and can't wait to have a beautiful, functional and totally natural peice of furniture.

i have a bad allergy to dust mites and we are getting rid of our current synthetic sofa and chairs and doing the above. it's going to be alot cleaner and healthier and we are having the base made so that it can be disassembled easily when we move. we have moved twice in two years and are going to be moving again at the end of the year, so it's important that our furniture be easy to shift around.
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We have a happy compromise!

IMO, 3 year old people and puppies typically share a few traits, one of them being an appreciation for open space. Put in a sofa, futon, loveseat, whathaveyou and the space will feel less open. I love how this three year old will run out into the room, dance around, ask for powwow music, spin to her heart's content, yadda yadda. I've decided that I can't spoil that for her.

So, we will keep the livingroom/sleeping room arrangement the same. No additions or changes -- just a recommittment to open spaces.

However, we are fortunate enough to have a small "office" room from where I am typing this message. It's already a pretty cramped space. We don't have a desk, but a table and shelf kind of pieced together to put computer stuff on. I've decided to put a (used) futon or loveseat next to the window in here. If we hook up a wireless keyboard/mouse we can type from our laps on the loveseat if we want. Tuck the keyboard/mouse away and cover up the monitor and we have a quiet space to curl up with books and journals. I think it's a good compromise, and good out-of-the-box thinking.

Thanks everyone for the input. To those of you contemplating ditching the sofa in favor of open space, if you have young ones I'd encourage you to just give it a try. Pay attention to what the kids do when you clear out the space and you might find it worthwhile. (In case you were wondering, for visitors who can't manage the floor (eg. grandparents), we have a couple of campchairs that we store in a closet.)

I've been reading about The Compact and I'm excited to try to make these changes w/o buying anything new. Thanks for the inspiration!
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Originally Posted by Let It Be View Post
Does anyone have unique coffee/end table alternatives?
I'm very fond of the tough, sturdy, wooden "This End Up" furniture; I like to use the arms to hold drinks and such. They're not very wide, though. "This End Up" also used to sell a small table-thingie (technical term of course) that would fit right down over and sit on top of the arm of the chair. 'Twas perfect, and when you didn't need the table you could just take it off and store it under the chair.

It's a thought. Someday I'd love to have This End Up all over my house!
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Originally Posted by laurata View Post
Don't get one. They are nasty, germy, dust infested things that you can never get clean and will aggravate your allergies.
We have a navy blue leather sofa. It's 8 years old and looks brand new and I can wipe it clean of chocolate, lipstick, peanut butter, baby vomit...you name it.

I know the objections to leather. But, if you have allergies and want to have furniture, leather might have a place in your life.
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