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Originally Posted by Victorian View Post
I know that this is not my thread, or tribe...I wanted to tell you all that I am sorry that you are being dragged into the Wiki mud...

Thank you.
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Originally Posted by LadyMarmalade View Post
Just a gentle 'heads up'. Not everyone lives in the Northern Hemisphere - it's quite US centric to make a thread which ignores half of the world's population (ie it's not winter everywhere).
I would not call that US centric.....maybe Northern Hemisphere centric
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How is everybody?
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Are there any Christian headcovering mamas in this group?
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Originally Posted by afishwithabike View Post
How is everybody?
My feet hurt!

I have just started working a couple evenings a week (I went back to my old job, but really only did that so they would hire my daughter! ). But I forgot how hard it is on my feet to stand for hours on end on a hard floor! Otherwise we are doing wonderful! My daughter was hired, by the way, and she loves it! It is her first job, and she is working specifically to raise money for two trips, one to visit her best friend and one mission trip in the summer. She has had to "live up to my reputation" but has done great. I am very well liked there and known for doing a really good job, and being dependable. So, like I told her, the reputation is easy to maintian, just do your job, do it to the best of your ability, and always portray a Christ-like attatude.

Life is busy, but always fun! I try and always look at the bright side!
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To answer your question phathui5. I do sometimes cover. NOT all the time though. There are times when I really feel as though I am being led to do so and other times that I do not. I can't really explain it but it is just something I feel in my heart. Clear as mud right? I can try to further elaborate if necessary.
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I'll come give you a foot massage Jenny. Sorry they hurt. I am glad that she is so far enjoying the work that she is doing. I am proud of her for getting a Job in the first place. People really don't do that much anymore.
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we're doing good!

our marriage seems extra happy lately..not to say that there's any more intimacy going on , or any extra, should i say..

but we seem to be doing great
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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post
Are there any Christian headcovering mamas in this group?
Not covering as of now.

Has been an issue I have revisited many, many times. Still sorting it out.
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I do wear my hair up alot, but I dont cover. My dh doesnt care one way or the other.

ETA: I like the *idea* of covering, but I dont want to do it just to do it...i want it to mean something. Is that crazy?
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My Dh would think I was a bit nuts if I covered (again he's not a Christian), but I have been seriously considering and looking into it. Sometimes when I pray I often get the feeling that I should be covered.
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Jenny where are you working? I recomend dropping some money on good shoes. that made all the difference for me.

i got these: not as cute as some of thier others but they were on sale ($50) and they are the most comfortable shoes my feet have ever worn.

and they said these were good for jobs like being a cashier where you stand in one place for a very long time. I still might go back for these. they were soooo comfortable.
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lilyka ~ I am working at Target as a cashier (in the food court, so its more than just standing). But still, not sitting for six to eight hours is hard. Plus, I have kept on a few extra pounds from my pgcy with Zeph and so I am a bit heavier than normal. But I am sure I will get used to it. The only shoes that I really like are earth shoes, they are the only kind that are really good for my feet. Plus, if I don't HAVE to wear shoes, I won't (I am just a barefoot person). So my feet are not liking shoes at all. I love the looks of the second pair you linked too. They look like they would be perfect, I am going to have to check them out.

afishwithabike ~ Thanks for the offer of a foot massage! I am just glad that I am only going to be working two nights a week. My daughter, OTOH is hoping to get as many hours as she can. They even called her in tonight. So I think she is going to make a real good impression. She is a very responsible person, and I am glad that she is desiring to work.

I got my first full time job when I was 16. I applied and interviewed and everything without any help from my parents (I think they were out of town at the time). Then I worked for 2.5 years at that job, only missing one or two days. I think my children will have the same work ethic. In todays society, it is unusual to have a teenager WANT to work, much less, actually be dependable. They are usually so wrapped up in their "fun" that they only work to get a paycheck, and if it is inconvenient, they will just quit. At least that is the way it is here. So I am real glad that my children are learning the right way.

On a different note, my Mom has moved back to town. I don't know if I have mentioned her on this thread, but things have been real strained between us. Most of the tension has been because she has refused to follow our rules regarding my children. It was simple things like, she would take my daughters to see a movie without asking if we felt it was appropriate (which it wasn't), or she would ask my daughter to ask me if my daughter could spend the night or go some where, then if I said no, I became the "bad guy". When all she had to do was to ask ME or my DH. But these things have added up over the last three years, and became a wall between us.

She says she has moved back to reunite the family. And she even went to visit my MIL & FIL before moving back here (without us knowing). She has been doing a lot of soul searching, and I think things are changing. My Mom had to deal with a lifelong companion (my Dad) that suddenly walked away from her and insisted that it was her walking away, then suddenly before she could work things out, he died. That was two weeks before my Gabbie had her accident. So she never really had time to grieve, and once Gabbie's accident occurred, I was no longer able to be the close daughter I used to be to help her out. My priorities and responsibilities suddenly changed. It all went downhill from there.

But since she has been back (like a week and a half) she has actually called my DH and asked him if she could take all my older children to the movies (she did not even mention it to my daughters)! And she called my DH and asked HIM to meet her for dinner the other night while I was at work. They had a very long talk, and she felt like since he is the head of the house she should talk to him about things. It was a really good step.

Of course, now I have my DH and her conspiring against me! They are so worried that I am not getting enough sleep (which I am not, but it can't be helped). My Mom thinks that may be why I lost Zeph. So I don't know what all God has in store at this point, but I think it is really good. With my Mom and my In-Laws all talking (apparently they have been really talking for a while) and my Mom and my DH talking, I think doors are being opened. I am, too talking to her, but I am usually surrounded by children, so our conversations tend to be pretty superficial; how serious can you get with seven children buzzing around? But I am going to have to sit down and make some time to really talk to her. I do want to rebuild our relationship.

Well, this has been much longer than I expected. Sorry about that. I would really like prayer about my Mom and us, though. I know that as a family, we must stand together. So I am praying that God will open all the right doors to restore our relationship, and to strengthen our family bond.
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I hate to "bash" things here. I wish the other thread was still there so you could see what I wrote. I WILL say this. If it weren't for Mothering mag and MDC I would be vaxing, I wound't be GD/GBD (because I didn't know about it until here). I would have NEVER found GCM. I wouldn't be no-pooing and likely not CDing because all that I knew of were the nasty gerber flats that my sister bought me because SHE didn't know where else to buy them either. AND I wouldn't have started my own WAHM business. You ladies here are a wonderful source of support when I am feeling tired and whiny. I love you ALL and I LOVE MDC.
Afish, thats me all over. I mean I was always interested in these things but mdc has it all in one place thats why this place rocks. When I started here it was like information overload. I had to take a break but now Im ok and learning so much, spiritually as well.

And as far as covering is concerned.... I do think its spiritually powerful to practice this. I dont do it in public. My dh walked in on me with a blanket over my head once and he freaked out (almost). He found it very strange, I think, because it just isnt that common anymore for christian women to cover. I know the bible talks about women covering in church and during public prayer but for me I feel like it would draw undue attention to myself and I am very concious of that. I dont want to be seen to be behaving in a way that is 'holier than thou' so I dont do it in public. In fact its been a while since I prayed like that and I remember it being very powerful, humbling. Im going to revisit it today I think.

now... fasting. Do any of you do it regularly? I want to but Im feeling... well its hard. Not sure how to go about it. It sounds like it should be easy but, man its not!! not for the right reasons.
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Fasting...another thing that has been on my mind alot.... :

Except trying to figure out how to incoporate it with my believes of being quiverfull as I have been breastfeeding or pregnant almost straight since early 1999.
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Nodnod, bfing amd/or pregnabt since 02, tandem nursing two at the moment .
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Originally Posted by JenniferC View Post
Nodnod, bfing amd/or pregnabt since 02, tandem nursing two at the moment .
Good for you
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Aye Jenny!: I didnt know your mom moved back!!

As if you needed that kind of stress on top of everything else, and isnt she one who makes the "arent you going to get fixed comments??"


And no sleep...does Gabi not sleep at night ?? that is so exhausting...
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Yes, my Mom moved back. I didn't find out that she was even coming until my brother's wedding a couple of weeks ago. However, she does seem to be different now. (In a very good way.) When my father left her, she changed. She never saw it, but she became...I don't really know, maybe bitter or angry, probably both? But she seems more grounded now. Maybe at peace with how things turned out. She is actually following our "rules" that I had to lay down with my children. Like she called my DH up and asked HIM if she could take the children over for the day! Before, she would have called my second daughter and told her she wanted them to come over and for her to ask us. And when sitting in church yesterday (we go to the same church), my daughter asked her if she could do something, and Mom said "you have to ask your mom"!

So I have hope for our relationship now. We used to be best friends and with all that happened so suddenly (my father dying and then Gabbie's accident) things fell apart so fast. We got to where we did not speak to each other much at all. She felt unwelcome and I felt like I had to protect myself and my children from her constant "nit picking" on my life, my education style, and my house.

No, my Mom was not the one to say anything about our having more children (that was my in-laws) but she "oozed it out" through behavior and "snipit" remarks. But even that seems to have changed. So I am very happy!

No, Gabbie does not sleep much at night unless she is being held by me. We do cosleep, so sometimes I can get some sleep, but she can not communicate at all, except for her breathing patterns. So even when she is asleep, I have to sleep very lightly or not at all so that I can hear her when she is in need. She can not clear her airway very well, so I have to be ready to suction her out when needed. Which is quite often at night. So basically, I am the "third shift". I am awake most all night, almost every night. My only real sleep come in the few hours in the early morning when my DH gets up to get ready for work, and then he will wake one of my girls to watch her in the living room. And if my youngest does not come down and jump on my head while I sleep (which he loves to do ) I can get about four good hours before getting up and getting on with the day (around 10). I do catch a nap when I can, but that is not always easy. I am not an easy sleeper; meaning that once I am awake, it takes me a while to get back to sleep. I always "hear" all the little sounds from all the children and finding a restful sleep only comes when all the children are asleep in bed, or my DH is home with them.

But, God has created me specifically for this task, as I am very good at getting along with little sleep, and can multitask with the best of them on no sleep at all. My DH OTOH, can not function without proper sleep, and takes 5-10 minutes to wake up from a sound sleep, whereas I can be fully awake in 2 seconds if I "hear" something out of the ordinary, or a baby cry or even Gabbie's breathing change.

We are still waiting to see God's miracle manifested in Gabbie's life. When that time comes, I am sure I will get more sleep; until that time, I am just destined to be wake when all others sleep, and tired when all others are wake.
But one day........
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You are an amazing woman Jenny.
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