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What symptoms do you have this month??

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I remember Abylite started a thread like this last month....and she got that BFP...so maybe if I start it I will?? hehehe

Anyway, do you have any symptoms??

I'm only 4dpo so I don't think I "should" have any yet. BUT , I am feeling odd. Not crampy just not comfortable, kwim? I'm sure I'll come up with some later.....lol
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i'll help you out.

let's see, i'm cd 31 and breastfeeding so am looking for either pms or early pg signs (knowing that usually they are the same). if i have to go thru another 100+ day cycle i don't know what i will do

~ waking up for the 3am feed and not being able to get back to sleep
~ uncomfortableness
~ sore lower back
~ tiredness
~ feeling the blahs
~ irritablility

btw, these all started gradually two days ago. before then: nada
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I guess no one else is going to join in but us!! From reading the 2ww thread it doesn't look like a lot of people feel like they have a chance.......

I'm not feeling so swell. I don't know its from though. I'm trying not to even think about it but when I pick up my only 21lbs son and say...man that hurts...its hard not to notice my bbs are tender. Plus this weird crampy full uterine feeling I'm getting when I hold him, nurse him, or be his jungle gym. I'm only noticing cause I'm really uncomfortable when he does it.

I've also got a messed up tummy. My bowels are puking......tmi......that started last night. I just feel....not on earth....kwim?

I'm hoping I'm not getting the flu......5dpo.....we'll see what happens! (stll above coverline even though my times are not normal the past 2 days!)
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i suppose many are cooling off this month because of christmas.

i've got a messy tummy feeling too. is that an early pg or pms symptom? the dozen pg books i have are pretty vague about this.

it looks like we both have a fighting chance this month. i'm all for an escape out of these forums!!!

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If a screwed up tummy is a pg symptom.....I'm delivering tomorrow!! Seriously though, I have no idea what my deal is but I've got that I'm fine...NO I"M NOT run to the bathroom thing going on! Its getting real old!

I had another temp jump....not sure if it beginning a "triphasic" pattern though...I'll see what happens in the next couple days. I'm 6dpo so I have a while to wait!
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Hey y'all,
I'm still holding out hope of seeing a BFP!
I'm 12dpo and the only thing that has been constant since O is my sore/sensitive nipples. But I don't know if that is an early pregnancy sign. :
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Originally posted by NotAMamaYet
Hey y'all,
I'm still holding out hope of seeing a BFP!
I'm 12dpo and the only thing that has been constant since O is my sore/sensitive nipples. But I don't know if that is an early pregnancy sign. :
It is for some ppl...it was for me when I was pg with Tracy...sos sore it hurt to shower!

Good for you for holding out on the testing....I won't be able to wait that long...but I should FF says I should wait till 18dpo....that would be 2 weeks from this past saturday....my sons first birthday...I'm NOT waiting that long!
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Well that gives me some more hope!
Mine hurt when I shower too.
They are not as sore as before, but I could just be getting used to it.
When do you plan on testing?
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I'll probably test at 12 dpo....maybe later if I can wait! How about you??
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I'm going to hold out this time for 18dpo, that will be Sat.!
I know I could probably test at 15 or 16dpo, but I want to see a BFP!! By then the test should be positive, or I will have gotten AF.
I have my fingers crossed for you.
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I woke up engorged this morning...not sure why. Tracy only nursed 3 times instead of 5 but that normally doesn't make a difference at all. Plus I'm getting bloated.....not sure what thats about either.....who knows!
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Friendly Kitties!!

Well, I suspect that I'm just noticing it more since I'm in the 2ww, but it seems like my cats are having fights over who gets to sit in my lap.
The way I figure it, this is the best possible sign, since the kitties can console me if comes.
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Mine usually know before I do too!

The older kitty has been crawling all over me sniffing for the last couple days....maybe I just stink
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My cats have been acting a little different too. The older one woke me up one night at 4:00. She was next to me in bed talking and wanting me to pet her. She's never done that before. Both cats are hanging out with me more, but no sniffing or anything.

And speaking of waking up in the middle of the night, this is becoming a trend for me. I go to sleep fine, but only sleep maybe 3-4 hours and I am up and unable to go back to sleep. So I toss and turn till its time to get up.
*And I wonder why I am tired in the afternoon.: *
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i posted yesterday about my kitties....they have been seriously harassing me since last night!!

The oldest one keeps crying at me...then she gets in my lap...sniffs and massages...then sniffs some more...buries her head in my crotch and then lays down!!!

Plus, 2 weeks ago I woke up one morning and I had lost a cup size. I went out ad bought a new bra. Its a nursing bra...and now I can barely get myself through far neough to get to ds! they got bigger again. At first it was engorgement and now they are just heavier and thicker.....

Plus my temo jumped AGAIN...another .4 degrees!
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Jumping in with my symptoms (I am 4 dpo):

1. I have that "full" feeling way down low - almost like it's in my cervix or vagina even) - that I got with my 1st pg.

2. I have been nauseous on and off since yesterday afternoon (I never, ever feel nauseous pre-AF)

3. Today I am super-irritable . I usually get this way the day b/f and always know that she will be on my doorstep the next day. As I am 4 dpo, I don't think she's about to show.

4. I have dozed off around 8:00 or so the past two nights, while nursing DD. Could be tired in general...or could it mean something else???

5. At 2 dpo I had some "strange" pains in my lower abdomen (uterus?). They did not feel like the AF-like pains I had when pg w/ DD but I have myself convinced that they are still PS and it has to do with my c/s scarring(sp?).

I am totally convinced I am pg - lol! I even went and bought pg tests this afternoon for testing next weekend. It took all I had not to spend $20 on OPK strips so I could test earlier...and I still might go that route. I think I can test at 8 or 9 dpo with OPK strips

GOOD LUCK, everyone!!!
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You can use an opk as an hpt?? I didn't know that...how does it work?
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I don't know if I can link to another message board, so I will copy what I learned and if anyone wants the original address you can PM me!

"Chemically, LH and hCG are almost identical hormones. The difference is that hCG has an additional subunit called the beta chain. That's why you hear about quantitative hCG tests being called "betas"...because they are specifically testing for the beta subunit which is in hCG but not in LH. That's also why most pg tests will not turn + from LH. They react specifically to the beta subunit only. OPKs are a different matter. They are made to react to LH, which has the same chemical structure as hCG (the non-beta part). Therefore, if you are indeed pg you will get a +OPK. But it should be a true +OPK...like what you would see during your surge, not just 2 lines. If you are without a HPT but have some OPKs it will work if you are pg...

If you get a TRUE +OPK in the 2ww, there are basically 3 possibilities:

1) you are pg and the OPK is detecting hCG. 2) you are not pg--somehow, you have misjudged your O time and what you are detecting is the LH surge just before O. 3) you are not pg--you have a disorder (i.e. PCOS) which causes fluctuating levels of LH throughout your cycle. In this case, again you are detecting a "surge" of LH."

I HTH - the people I know of that have done this used an OPK around 9-10 dpo.
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Thanks for sharing that info.
Very interesting.
I have some OPK's that were donated to me by a very generous person. I'll try one Sat. and let you all know if it works.

I got a faint positive on an HPT last night!!(16dpo)
Do you think it matters if you take the OPK in the afternoon or the morning? I know they reccomend taking an OPK between 10am and 8pm, because LH is higher then.
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Today's (new) symptoms include AF-like cramping, mostly on my left side. I am convinced that - at 5 dpo - it is implantation! I don't know how I am going to make it another week to test!
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