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measuring smaller?

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I had a prenatal today with one of my midwives. At 31 weeks, my fundus was measuring on target at 31 cm. Today, at 33 weeks and 1 day, I was measuring at about 30cm. My midwife thinks that it is just because the baby has turned (head down), but wants to get an ultrasound soon just to be safe. I'm just not sure what to think... I keep getting all these extra tests (fetal echo, 3-hr glucose, etc) and fortunately everything has checked out okay. Will my "luck" hold out?
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Don't fret mama! I am 35 weeks with twins and today I measured 34cm just because of the way they are layin
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I'm 36W and measured 33...babe is back to back with me (posterier...trying everything to get the little bugger to turn!!!) so that causes a smaller measurement. I have always measured smaller in the third trimester than I was "supposed" to due to having three posterior babies. I'm very surprised that your MW wants an ultrasound...the cen per week thing is just a guideline!
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I was measuring ahead by quite a bit for a few weeks and then went down a few cm suddenly... (still 2-3 cm ahead though)the tummy looks smaller too...
I just think that the baby turned head down and has dropped a bit... I am not worried at all...
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I'm 34 wks 2 days. At my prenatal yesterday I first measured 35 cm. After chatting a bit with the MW she happened to measure again and this time I measured 33 cms!!!! She herself said the baby may have just shifted. The point is that measurement can change within one visit!!! :

I wouldn't worry if everything else is healthy and normal: weight gain, heart beat, movement, etc.
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I was measuring ahead at 28-29 weeks, then I measured right on at 33 weeks. Baby had changed position - he was facing straight back, and then he turned LOA. Position can really affect things! Also, when baby drops, your fundal height will drop too.
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Normally if your measuring within two centimeters there is no cause for alarm. I agree completely with the PP about baby's position and how it can affect your measurement. I don't understand why your MW is so alarmed at this... however, doing a sonogram will allow her to see if the placenta is calcifying. More than likely, your little one has just changed positions and is settling deeper into the pelvis.
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Yes, I agree that the ultrasound seems to be overkill. And I'm so tired of running in for so many tests. But since I switched practices late in the game, they are being quite cautious. The MW said she might not have recommended the ultrasound if she had felt my belly before, but this was my first visit with this MW in the practice.... At this point, I'm tired out and will just go along with just about anything! The main thing is that it is not something to truly be worried about - thanks mamas!!
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sounds like the babe just wants to curl up and sleep. I am sure everything is fine.
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