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Originally Posted by Naughty Dingo View Post
I have been listening to her with a fetoscope every day and she has a nice heart tone. I can also hear the placenta on the left.

Hey, I'm so glad the fetoscope is working for you! I remember you asking about using one a while back and saying you always had a hard time hearing the heartbeat.
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Originally Posted by riversong View Post
Midwives and some doctors will palpate your belly to feel the position of the baby. They usually can tell pretty easily if the head is up or down and where the baby's back is.
Thanks for answering my question. I see a new doctor on Tuesday so I will ask her about that.

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Had my 31 week appt last week-
measures 32 cm,B/P 117/64 I think.
I have gained 19 pounds ,baby is head down -heart rate 144.

I LOVE the midwife .
Feeling better about most things -(been a rough ,stressful pregnancy -job changes ,family changes,mom moving away from me ,etc)
Starting to get a few things together now -bought an Ultimate baby holder carrier .
Glad to hear others doing so well.
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Just got home from my 30 week appointment.

Fundal height is right on. Blood pressure is perfect. Weight gain is still good. Fetal heartrate 144, and got the added bonus of him kicking the doppler pretty hard.
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I will be 34 weeks tomorrow, and I had my most recent midwife appointment on Tuesday. Everything was fine. The heartbeat was strong and I think it was around 130. I had normal pee , and I have gained about 32 pounds. The baby is head down, with his back along my right side. My midwife would like to see his back be along the left side for optimal positioning, but he still has some time to move so I'm not too worried about it. I found out that my midwife won't do a homebirth until I am 37 full weeks, which means November 10 is my date to shoot for. I have a feeling the baby will be a little early, but hopefully not that early. We scheduled my home visit, and I really feel like we are in the last stretch! I cannot believe how fast time has gone!
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I had my 33 week appt yesterday. Everything is going fine. I didn't gain much weight though in the last two weeks which was disappointing for me. So I need to step that up. She said that the baby feels really low so that is probably the reason my fundal height hasn't gone much of anywhere. She wants to see me in three weeks. Since I would be 35 weeks if we did 2 she said to just come back in 3 then we could go straight to everyweek after that. Dh actually decided to come to an appt which was nice. I apparantely have begun nesting. I have been going through all the clothes trying to get things organized in a semi decent way. I need to go buy some boxes to help organize this basement. The upstairs is so irritating I don't even want to bother with it. It is obvious that I am the only one in the house that cares about cleanliness b/c everyone else just leaves their crap all over the place. It is disgusting. I'm not in a very good mood today. DD2 was up all night long and I didn't get any sleep. She was kicking and screaming and pinching me all night. I was getting really pissed off.
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I am 33 weeks today and had an appt yesterday. BP was in the hundred-teens (can't remember the exact measurement) over 60-something I think. Weight gain... 4.6 lbs in 2 weeks. :P Maybe it was the heavy shirt I was wearing....

I brought my birth plan to my dr (link in siggy to the first draft) and she pretty much just read through it and nodded the whole way. It was funny, too, right before she read my line on how I wanted to push, she mentioned "laboring down" and to push when you feel the urge. Then she started reading again where I wrote "I would like to push with my body's own urges..."

I asked her if she could tell the baby's position, and so while I was still lying down after being measured (measured 32 yesterday) and heart listened to, she felt the baby. I'm sure he/she has moved around again since then but at the appt baby was head down, facing my left side.

She also mentioned what would happen if I went late. She said that at 41 weeks she would want me to start having semiweekly non stress tests. Then she said something about induction in the same breath as 43 weeks. FORTY-THREE weeks??? I was SO excited to hear that number. I have never EVER heard of a doctor letting someone be pregnant for so long. That extra time will definitely give me a much better chance of going into labor on my own, when MY body and MY baby are ready for it.

Did I say yet that I love my dr?

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Almost 32 weeks. Had an appt. last week and another this week. I have gestational hypertension, which continues to get worse despite medication, so I'll be seen weekly for NSTs and fetal growth monitoring.

I had high blood pressure with the other two as well, so I'm familiar with this road. Seeing as how I never know which week might be the one they say, "Let's get this baby out" (we're monitoring for pre-eclampsia . . . but I'm obviously hoping to go into labor on my own), I'm starting to get a little stressed, especially with two other kids to make arrangements for. So I'm nesting pretty hard, trying to get everything ready and lists organized for caretakers if we need them and so forth.

I hit 35 pounds last week . . . so I expect to be in the 40-45 pound range. More than I wanted, but so be it. I haven't had the energy to work out in a while and I have to take it easy with the blood pressure, so I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym again in a few months. I miss my workouts!

Baby is measuring well, moving like a maniac, and has a good heartbeat.

The kids are getting more excited everyday, and there are just a couple more things we really need before the baby comes. I can't wait to have him here!
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I had my 32 week appointment on Thursday. I was 31 weeks 6 days, baby was measuring at 32. My BP was 115/64 and his heartrate was 140. We were also happy to find out he is head down, just hoping he stays that way now!

I originally had Kaiser in the beginning of this pregnancy and I just felt like I was being set up to fail. They tested me for GD at 9 weeks based on no other reason than, "well, you are too heavy". They even talked about going ahead and putting me in the high risk program simply because I got pregnant via IVF.

Things have been so great ever since I switched to a Midwife and birthing center! No problems, complications or anything "high risk".

I can't believe my next appt is in 2 weeks and we are so close to the end now!

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