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soft pack carrier other then the ergo..

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Ok can anyone recommend a soft pack carrier other then the Ergo?? I am not a fan and I am looking for one where the straps cross in the back.
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If you're looking for a front carrier that crosses in the back, many people recommend the Sutemi. http://sutemigear.com/ The only thing is when you switch to a back carry, the straps will be crossed in the front, too.

The Ergo is mostly liked for the back carry. It works for a front carry, but it's not the most comfortable.
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The Sutemi was already mentioned. There is also the Patapum.
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Also consider the following:
Portacara, Jackpack, Loveseat buckle mei tai and Tentoes Click.
FWIUS, Angelpack will be coming out with a buckle mei tai as well.
The Portacara can cross in the back and the others can be custom made to suit your needs.
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How about just a Mei Tai?

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There's also the Beco
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LOVE my Catbirdbaby mei tai
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I hope you are looking into the Sutemi. I really loved it for the front carries but switched to the ERGO for back carries.
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I use a Mei Tai and love it!
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I was going to suggest a mei tai.
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Mei Tai's are great!

I know the Sutemi was already mentioned twice, but nobody mentioned that it can also be used as a hip carrier (so can mei tais).

Ergo's cannot. I believe that the Patapums can be???

Just something to look at when comparing.

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I don't actually have one of these but it looks just like what you might want... less strappy than an ABC and not quite an Ergo. WAHM made as well.
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If you aren't familiar with the tying, the tentoes click is very user-friendly!
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