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October Pantry challenge?

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I know it's in the middle of the month-- but I saw an August thread, so I thought we could use an Oct. one.
This month is really tight for us-- but I have tons of venison in the freezer and it needs to be used anyway- as we'll be hunting again in a couple weeks!
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ooh, I would like to try this! What's our challenege?
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Ok-- challenge would be shop only for perishables and use as much in the pantry/freezer/fridge as possible.
I have to pick up some tortillas though today, but I have everything else for tacos...
My grocery budget is normally $250- so I want to get by w/ only spending half of it. That's my goal.
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I know it's late in the month, but I have actually been doing my own personal pantry challenge. I usually spend around $1200 a month on food, but I have been so good this month. I have only bought produce, some flours (we are GF, so I have to buy several flours to make things), and a few basics, like cereal and rice tortillas.
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Okay!! I so need in here with you gals!

And please let me know of the November thread too!

So basicly I am to only buy pershiables (milk, eggs, oj...) and all my meals must come from the pantry. Does that include no buying meats? Like chicken and ground beef?

Thanks fro the info ladies! I need to save some money and get rid of some food in the pantry.
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I'll join

I've been doing a modified version of this on my own, but I always love to have the support of a challenge thread.

Maybe we can just continue this thread into November, since there's only a week left in October?

(p.s. rachelagain, where in Montana are you?)
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Everyone hates tonight's dinner, so one of my daughters is cooking pasta for everyone instead. I get to get rid of two meals' worth of food in one night!
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Also, if I ever mention parsnips, remind me that we never like them, that they turn a family favorite (split pea soup) into garbage. : I wonder what the soup would do to the dog's tummy?
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Sure we can continue into November-- I still have a ton of stuff in the pantry... but maybe not as many complete meals.
I didn't meet my goal this month... but did save about $50 on groceries from not buying so much- so that's good.
I really don't think the split pea soup would bother the dog... but I wonder if he's picky too?
My mom used to cook oatmeal or cracked wheat for breakfast everyday... I hated it and so would feed it to the dog... pretty soon he got tired of it too and I got in trouble because it was still in his dish! lol...

Kathirynne- I'm in Billings- where are you? :-)
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Going to start a Nov thread....
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