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Raw Milk and Toddlers

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Ok...so we found a good source of raw milk through a share type program. Saw the cows and the farm today and picked up our first raw milk. Now the alarmist in me (the same one that agreed to my coerced c/s) is a little bit scared to give it to my 20 mo old. I've done lots of reading prior to even going the 1+hr to get our milk and was comfortable, but there's still this itsy bitsy little bit of me that is a little bit uncertain.

I know there are lots of you out there that give it to your children, so what helped convince you it was "safe" (at least as safe as anything is in this life)?
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can you list the things you are exactly worried about? sometimes it helps to break it down;;;it helps things to stay in perspective.
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I wish I could still afford raw milk... I actually hate letting my toddler have pasteurized milk (will only put a bit in oatmeal, etc.) I figure as long as the source is reliable, children that age have been drinking raw milk for thousands of years.
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The thing that let me know that it was safe, was I drank it for a little while first. I always have some of the new batch before I give it to my kids (3 and 15 months). I guess when I think about all the people who get sick off of supposedly safe pasteurized milk (most of them without even knowing it), I don't worry as much.
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The first time I had raw milk it was raw milk kefir and as soon as it hit my stomach I thought "wow, this is good milk." Drink it yourself for a while. If you still feel uneasy, then reassess -- maybe you shouldn't give it to them. If you have the experience I did, then you won't wonder any more. Not all raw milk is equal.
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e.coli - even though I logically know that it's largely an issue of cow's being fed grain instead of grass

Your basic foodborne illness stuff - even though I also know that it's largely an issue of industrial food which mine is not. AND, I've seen the farm and how clean it was...

I like the idea about trying it myself first before giving some to my son...

I'm a worry wort and tend to overthink things...
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What convinced me it was safe was knowing how many people get sick from pasteurized milk, lunch meat, and a whole slew of things versus raw milk. Raw milk has been around far longer and has "proven" itself, so to speak, as a safe food. Like Gale Force said, not all raw milk is created equal. But I would think that most available on the market and/or from "open" farms that allow you to come out, meet them, see how things work, are going to be safe sources for milk. They simply can't afford not to be safe, yk? My 5 year old loves it; my almost 3 year old drinks it mixed with things, and after one year old, we will introduce it to our littlest one (not that we plan to wean him ... the almost 3 year old is still nursing too). Know your source and you should have very safe milk.
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I was actually just thinking about all of the things that you had mentioned, MyLittleWonders, tonight as we were running errands. I definitely trust our source (and should know better as there were several families w/small children there today).

I had some milk tonight and have to say that it is THE BEST tasting milk that I have had in a VERY long time (and I'm super picky about that). Anyways, thanks for all the thoughts on the issue - it certainly helps. We're just going to take the plunge!
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The thing that always puts my mind at ease -- I can leave raw milk sitting on the counter for 4 days, then eat both curds and whey without any problem. Try the same thing with some pasteurized milk -- you won't be able to walk into your house without smelling the awful putrescense. You never have to worry about your raw milk spoiling...if it sours, it just doesn't taste sweet -- it won't do you or your kids any harm.
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