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I'm so glad your numbers look good and that you're feeling better!

I'm 11dpo, so I'm just waiting....my lp is usually 12 days, so I should know by Wed. Unless Clomid screws with your lp, too? I hate this waiting! I wish I could get excited about it, but I've grown so accustomed to being disappointed that I can't let myself think about it too much.

So, does anyone know, does Clomid and Estrogen mess with your luteal phase?

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Yeah, it can make your lp longer. In fact, that is one of its uses.

Even with a 14-day lp, I remember my period being late on my clomid cycles.

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Hey All -

Dena congrats on the GREAT numbers I know the wait was torture. Now you know all is "normal"

Kristen hang in there with the wait! I'm with ya on that one.

I'm actually doing just fine. I don't really feel like I'm on the roller coaster any more. It seemed like once I O'd all was good - or at least better. We're either 7 dpo or 6 dpo based on what chart you're looking at. Regardles we're in the waiting phase. My LP has been right around 14 days, so we've got at least another week to go. The good thing is my temps have been so much better the last 2 months that even if we don't get pg this month I feel like everything we are doing is working.

I actually wasn't going to do clomid again next month simply b/c the pre O side effects were pretty bad - I was pretty hyper-stimulated and I swear my ovaries were the size of tennis balls! But my acupuncturist said she'd like to see me do it again with the IUI, so I'm gonna try it one more month.

Hang in there! Go have some halloween fun! This is one of those days I'm glad I work in the public school setting, all my kids are dressed up and having such a good time. Hopin for freebies all around this month!

take care,
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Hi everyone

Hi to all...
I haven't posted since June of this year. I got so obsessed with my cycles and posting that I couldn't function. : I am back now and on my first round of clomid.

I do believe that I O'd twice this month... My gyn said for me to start opk's at day 11. Well I started them on day 8 since Af was only for three days. My Opk was positive the first one that i used... To make sure it wasn't just b/c of my PCOS I used another one the next day and the test line was faded. Well... on day 14 I saw massive amounts of CM so i tested again and got another postive opk.: DH and I have just been really busy this cycle. :

I have yelled at my husband several times this month since I started taking clomid. I haven't been sure if my mood swings were due to the MEDS or my quitting smoking. I go to the Dr. This Friday to get a blood preg test done. By my Dr's calcualtions, I should be prego... if we did everything right. We will see...:

I hope i didnt seem to selfish on this post... I just wanted to share my clomid story...

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Hey Brenda - not selfish at all. We all seem to be going through this clomid thing. FWIW, if you do an opk too close to the last dose of your clomid it may give you a false positive due to the weird hormone shifts. If you took your last pill on day 7 and then tested on day 8 (which is what I'm assuming) then had great EWCM and a postive on day 14, it sounds like you O'd on day 14.

Join us for the lovely 2ww that most of us are on.

Speaking of 2ww Kristen how are you doing? what day are you on now?

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Originally Posted by foxey13 View Post
Speaking of 2ww Kristen how are you doing? what day are you on now?
I'm 13dpo....my luteal phase is usually 12 days, but I had some light carmel spotting this morning. I don't think that's a good sign. :

How are you doing? Keeping my fingers crossed for you! :

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I'm either 7 or 8 dpo, based on what you look at. I got a peak on the fertility monitor on Tuesday along with a positive opk. Fertility friend says I O'd on wednesday, so take your pick. Frankly with this month of 100 mg of clomid I'm really not sure what day to even be looking at.

I'm so sorry to hear that your spotting! Hang in there it could just be the weirdness of this "magical drug" I'll definitely let ya'll know if I get something positive this month.

The hardest thing about clomid is trying to take my temps - man were they wacky! I know it elevated when I was taking the drugs, but I only had 3 days lower than 97.7. My acupuncturist is happy. I jumped another .2 today so who knows.

I don't have any symptoms, except that I'm exhausted. But I'm a middle school counselor and halloween was yesterday, so ummm that doesn't say much.

Dena how're ya doing?

hang in there and let me know how things go Kristen!

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Wow, Shannon, a middle school counselor? Boy, are you brave! IF treatments should be a snap after your day job! :

I am doing good. I had a really good acupuncture appt. today, and my acupuncturist said things seem to be moving in the right direction. I think I am set to O today or tomorrow, so we are trying to time ourselves accordingly!

Fingers crossed for all of us!!
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Well, my temp dropped along with the spotting, so it's cd1 for me. I'm assuming the dr will increase the clomid dose since I didn't o until cd27. I hope everyone else has better luck!:

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I'm so sorry Kristen.

I hope next cycle brings better news for you.
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Oh Kristen, my heart goes out to you! I hope that next month is the month! Take good care of yourself, go do something really nice for you.

My very dear friend who I was going through the baby making thing with (and now has a 3 month old!) added something new to the fertility plan each month (buying a onesie and sleeping with it under the pillow, knitting a baby sweater, reading a pg book, etc) and did something nice for herself each month - dinner out, wine of the month club, "menstrual" earrings, etc. I started that about 9 months ago and it's nice. It changes things up and I get some great new clothes or a good dinner!

Hang in there and let me know how the next month of clomid goes.

Dena how're ya doin?

Me.... still no period, but I've still got about a week or so....
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I too just took clomid this past cycle and had artificial insemination yesterday. The 2ww is going to be awful for sure! Our first dd was conceived with the same method. It worked the first time around...I'm hoping the same is true this time around.

Good luck to everyone!
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Good luck, mom2olivia!
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Good luck mom2olivia! Keep us posted with how things are going. I know the 2ww is a bear - I'm 11 dpo and waiting patiently!

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post-clomid AF

I have been feeling like my uterus and cervix are bruised and battered. If I've been sitting, it's hard to stand, and if I've been standing, it's excruciating to sit. I use a Keeper, and it's never been this painful before. Today is cd3, and I usually don't have cramps by this point, but I'm still having some. Is this all the after-effects of clomid, or is it something I should be concerned about? Of course it happens on a weekend when I can't just call the office! Does anyone have any thoughts?


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You're right

Thanks Foxey13...

I went to my Dr apt on 11/3. He told me that cd8 was a false positive : and i did O on 10/27 .... He told me that it was too early for a blood test.: How long do I have to wait to take a blood test? If I wait to POAS what is the earliest I can test... I know the 1st missed Af thing, I mean like how many days past ovulation do i need to count. : My AF is so unpredicitable... My cycles usually lasts 32-35 days.

who esle is on clomid that is waiting.... I am on cd25 right now.
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I'm still awaitin'. I'm in cd 28 and 13 dpo. My temps have started to drop, but not spotting yet so who the heck knows.... Officially I'm late, and I O'd late so I'm not counting on anything. I figure if nothing shows up by friday and my temps hold I'll pee on a stick. I'm sure I could do it earlier but I am so sick of the BFN that I can't bring myself to do it.

Kristen I did't have the soreness after I O'd, but the time before that I felt like my guts were 10 times their normal size! I think if I was feeling that sore I'd give my practitioner a call and let them know. My thoughts are if I'm too sore for a keeper I'd call and let them know. It's been a few days so how're ya doin?

Oh the waiting game, it's a bear!

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Few more days

Just a few more days Foxey... I wish you all the luck this time!!!! You are three days ahead of me on your cycle... I guess we are sortof cycle buddies... good luck to you....

Are you on any fertility drugs this cycle??? If so how long have you been on them.

I am on metformin and clomid.... this is my first cycle with clomid. I have been on Metformin for 6months now, but i was on ovulation supression to stimulate my ovaries when the right time came.. which is now. So i am prying that all this waiting and the drugs works... LOL
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And the pg answer for this month is... a BFN! I think I actually knew. I felt so different last month when I had the chemical pregnancy that I pretty much knew nothing stuck last month.

So back to the drawing board. We'll be doing clomid (only 50 mg this time!) and adding in IUI this month, so we'll see. I'm actually okay - most likely because intuitively I knew. Of course I'm a bit grumpy because the clomid made things so rough this month. Oh well.

The bright side is at least we get to try again this month. That's one of the things I really love about this process, if it doesn't work this month, we get to try again next month!

let me know how you all are doing.
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I'm sorry, Shannon.

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