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I'm so sorry, Shannon. I was really hoping we would all be celebrating your bfp this month. Hoping and praying the IUI does the trick for you next month!

I FINALLY o'd on Friday or Saturday (not sure which, as I am not temping, since it just makes me crazy... or should that be crazier? : ) Anywhoo, I figure I am just a few days post-o, so nothing to obsess about yet in the twinges/symptoms dept.! I do have a strong feeling that we are getting close to our bfp, though. Not sure how, or when, but it is coming...

If this month doesn't work we are going to give next month our "all" with extra energy healing/acupuncture, as it is our last month before starting bcps in preparation for IVF.
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Sorry to hear about the BFN.

I am feeling like nothing is going on down there just yet, but I still have 10 more days before I get too worked up. Its so hard to try and not think about it, the waiting sure does drive you nuts! If there is one positive thing to come out of the BFN is that you actually have an answer, even if it isn't the one you were hoping for. And then there is next month......

Good luck everyone waiting to O and in the 2ww.
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Kristin- I feel your pain. This is my first round of clomid and i am in so much pain. I am on cd27 and 12dpo. I called my dr's nurse and told her i think i have a kidney infection. That is what it feels like. But the pain isn't just in the back. It goes all the way around to the front but in the same lower area. This has been going on for a week and a half, almost two weeks. The pain started out mild, but its getting worse. Well, I really did think it was a kidney infection so that is what they prescribed for me, but the kind for preg women, just incase.

Kristin, I work in an office that requires me to sit all day. I dread break time, because i have to get up.. therefore I dont take a break. I hate getting up to go to the bathroom because it hurts to get up and walk. But i also hurt if i sit down too long... LOL i cant win. I also have been feeling dizzy and neasuaous the past two days. I actually just left the computer 10min ago to :Puke . I don't want to get my hopes up so I am blaming it on the clomid...lol
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11yrsNoKid, how are you feeling? Still awful? I was crampy and uncomfortable during the 2ww, but didn't get hit with the awful "my uterus is falling out!" pains until af started.

How's everyone else doing? I'm on cd10, and on 100mg this time, so I'm hoping that I'll o sooner than last cycle! I don't think the nurse wanted to believe me when I told her I o'd on cd27....but I told her I had +opks followed by the temp rise, so why wouldn't I have o'd?

Lots of good bfp vibes for everyone!!

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Well, I am about six dpo, not feeling much, but then not expecting to. I only knew I was pg with dd by the pg test.

I am sorta bloated, though - either that or I have been eating entirely too much! Though DH says he doesn't think so. Good man...

Also a couple of dizzy spells.

Can clomid do that?

Kristen, hoping for a big, quick O this month, followed by a bfp!

11YearsNoKid - any news yet? Hoping you are feeling better!
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Dena it looks like we are close in our cycles. I'm 7 dpo and also didn't know with dd until the pg test. I'm tempted to test early, but chicken at the same time.

How long do the side affects of clomid typically last? I've also had a couple of dizzy spells in the last day or so. It hadn't occured to me it might be from the clomid...is that possible? I've never noticed anything "off" while taking clomid previously.

Fingers crossed for everyone!
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I had lots and lots of dizzy spells last cycle (my 1st on clomid). I assumed it was from the clomid and all the extra hormones my body was producing. I'm sorry you're both suffering from them, but I have to admit I'm glad to know it's not just me! And I was SO bloated from the clomid during the 2ww, in addition to the extra pounds I gained. I thought I had gained 10, but I think 3 or 4 of those pounds must have been from the bloating, since they disappeared a few days after af arrived. I'm hoping it was just my body's inital reaction to the drugs and that I won't gain that much with each cycle!

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Well guys it seems that we are all experiancing the same symptoms weither we get a bfp or a bfn... Its gotta be the drugs... LOL

My lower back pain is starting to cease. It is still there, but it doesnt hurt to walk anymore. Abdominal pain, yep still there and still going strong. I have also had dizzy spells... this is when I go throw up... It feels like a bad hangover and your not thru releaving your body of the alcohol... ( I quit drinking and smoking durring this valuable clomid experiance)... Just describing the feeling...

Well I am on cd30. I normally have 35day cycles so I am still waiting. Dr said i shouldnt get a positive home test untill 11/16/06... I did cave yesterday and got a bfn. It is now only early enough to get a positive blood test for me. I did hear on this site from a woman that is preg now got a bfn on 16dpo, but a bfp on 18dpo... she has 35 day cycles too, so i still have a little hope. And AF isn't here yet.
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Hi All -

I sort of disappeared for a few days - I needed to regroup. I'm now on cd 5 and day 3 of another round of clomid. At least I'm only on 50 mg this month. My dr feels that since I was so easily stimulated, and had great challenge test results that we'll go to 50 mg.

This is our first month of IUI. I'm a bit stressed. We have to have at least 48 hours before husband gives his swimmers, so we are trying to plan out everything with timing. I don't not want to bd and only rely on the IUI, and I don't want to bd too close and not have him supply a healthy dose.

Good lord when did baby making become so technical?

Kristen how're ya feeling this month? I know you were pretty sore last week.

Dena and 11years are you still in the wait? I'm thinking about ya!

Hang in there everyone!

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Hi Shannon,

Good luck to you this cycle. I just wanted to say what we've done when we do the IUI. I'm like clockwork with my cycles so on the night before I test for O (cd 12) we BD and then on cd 13 I get a + to ovulate within next 12-48hours so on cd 14 I go in for the IUI and then that night we BD again. And you can always BD again the following day just for good measure

It worked for us with dd1 and this month we just did our first round of clomid + the IUI hoping for number 2....tune in a week from now for the results
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Yes I am still waiting... I am thinking about testing tuesday morning tho. I will have to get my test tomorrow when I go to town. I don't want a negative and I am scared to test. I am already on cd31.... I was trying to wait till cd35 this would be when AF usually arrives.

Good luck to you and everyone else : : : :
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So for those of you doing IUI, is it pretty easy/painless/non-humiliating? Dh's dr recommended IUI, but didn't tell us (I found this out when I chatted with the phone nurse when she looked up his file). I'm guessing that's what is next. How does that work if you o on a Sunday? I never know when I'm going to o, but maybe the stronger dose of clomid will make it happen sooner/more regularly.

I hate all this stuff. Saw a couple this morning with their 3mo, and was fine I thought, until BLAM, out of nowhere, I just started tearing up. Of course, I also bawled through the story of John Henry that ds was watching this afternoon, too. Maybe it's just a weepy day! :
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Clomid will do it to you... I am not an emotional person, but since I have started 100mg of clomid, I have been a basket case. I have yelled at dh for no reason. Made my stepson cry by hollaring at him he is 14 by the way. I have cried watching tv and I also got all emotional at work in front my boss. I never do that...

Blame it on the clomid!!!! lol
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The IUI is not anything to be uncomfortable about. To me its just like going in for a PAP. And remember they do this much more than we do, so I'm sure its very routine. And at my Drs if you O on Sat or Sun you just call and someone will meet you at the office. The only down fall is that it takes an hour for the speciman to process (at least we I go...not sure if this is standard or not). Last time we did it DH dropped it off on his way to work (he works 2nd shift) and I just went in about 45 mins later. The first time we did it (and got dd) I dropped it off and had to kill an hour, that was kind of a pain...but totally worth it considering what we got in return
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Hey -

Kristen, at my clinic I have a beeper number and when I get a postive OPK I call the number and they put me in the next morning. The only day they don't do IUI's is Christmas.

Mom2olivia thanks for the IUI timing information. I've been feeling a bit confused : trying to figure out how to time everything so we get the maximum coverage! Your advice was the "blueprint" I needed to make sense of everything.

Okay gals here hopin' for a month full of BFP's!
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Well 12 dpo and I got a BFN : I'm so sad because DH said he wanted to take a "break" if it didn't work. I'm going to try begging and pleading in time for next cycle, but I don't want to take the clomid if we aren't going to do the IUI along with it.

Maybe a slim chance it was just too early....but I don't think so

Good luck everyone else!
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I'm so sorry, Kerri.
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dang it Kerri! Make sure you take care of yourself and do someting really good for yourself this month.
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Oh how those BFN's can ruin a person's day! I swore I wouldn't test and I couldn't not! As long is there is one in the house, I'm going to use it!

Anyway, I'm getting a remote car starter installed this month. Its something I've been wanting for a couple of years. So that is my little "pamper" for the month. Its such a drag at work when its freezing rain/cold/snow etc and our parking lot is across the street. It'll be so nice to just sit at my desk and push that little button!

I'm going to try and smooze DH the next couple of days and see if I can convince him to try "one more time" before taking a few months "off". I think he really dislikes the idea of having to do things this way, even though he knows its what we need to do. If it happened naturally for us I'd probably be pregnant by now and he has no problems trying it the old fashioned way!
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Well I had every intention of testing tuesday morning. I went monday night and bought a test from wal'mart. I woke up tuesday in a small pool of **. (TMI) I passed two things in the bathroom. I was able to save one so I can bring to dr's office. It has a small white bubble on the end of it, so I am thinking it might be the implanted egg. ??? My sister told me that my lower back pain could have been me haveing an early misscarriage.

Or it might be nothing, I dont know?

All I know is that the pain isn't as strong as it was. It was so bad a few nights ago that I couldn't sleep... I had to use a heating pad to help ease the pain. ( I though it was a kidney infection and got a rx for it )
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