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what side effects did you experience on zoloft?

Poll Results: did you have side effects, and was zoloft helpful to you?

  • 38% (14)
    no side effects at all, and yes, it helped me alot
  • 30% (11)
    very few side effects (please list), worth it for the benefits
  • 2% (1)
    a number of side effects/annoying side effects (please list), but still better than depression
  • 2% (1)
    annoying side effects (please list), not sure that it was worth it for me
  • 8% (3)
    way too many side effects (please list)
  • 16% (6)
    didn't work/wasn't for me (please explain)
36 Total Votes  
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i am considering beginning antidepressants, but am a little reluctant and nervous, especially in light of potential side effects and the chance that they may alter my personality (??) and not just my mood..

so i'm just wondering, those of you who have or are taking it, what were the side effects you experienced, your dosage, and their intensity? and did it really work for you? what i feel i need is the ability to feel better about life in general, not just some of the time, but most of the time, stop crying ( i cry most days at least once lately), deal with stress a little more smoothly, yet retain my self-identity and free will 100%. i also have fibromyalgia, so if anyone knows of any instances of pain relief associated with zoloft, that would help too.

and any other info you may have..

thanks in advance!
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Fatigue, and insomnia...but it does take the edge off of my violent temper, a little.
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what was your dosage, and did you experience fatigue and insomnia (odd combination!) every day, or just sometimes?
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Remember that everyones brain chemistry is different and an antidepressant that works wonderfully for one person may not work at all for another. I am on 10mg of Lexapro and I think it is a miracle, but there are other people who don't feel it does anything for them and they find another that works for them. As far as altering my personality goes, I have never felt that. I feel that I am able to be myself again because of it. I did have several months where I had a memory recall issue. I would be saying something like "I'm going to take the boys to the ....." and I couldn't think of the work "park." I could picture it, but it would take a few (three or four) seconds for me to get the word out. Talked to my shrink about it and found out that is common. I don't even notice it anymore so it must not happen often now. Funny thing, it never happened when I typed, only when I was talking.

If you read my story in CKmama's post, you will see that for me, there was no other alternative. I am thankful that there are meds available to help those suffering from depression.
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I am currently on 75 mgs of zoloft a day. I have a little weight gain and repressed libido. It is still way worth it. Without Zoloft I am depressed and suicidal. After all of these years on Zoloft (6 so far) I hardly notice any side effects. I have also been on Paxil and Luvox and ZOloft is the best so far.

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thanks for replying... i'm glad to hear that it didn't effect your sense of self (maybe even helped you uncover more of it?) jbcjmom, i remember reading your story on another thread i started (called "i'm depressed" back in october or something).

a little bit of weight gain doesn't really scare me (unless we're talking more than 15 pounds or so), and i have no need for a libido at this time, so that's okay too!

i'm curious, the doctor i spoke with (who recommended elavil for me, but i've been scared away from that one) said that zoloft could cause irritiability (because it's an upper).. has anyone experienced that? i already feel irritiable often because of fibromyalgia.. alot of noise and stuff actually makes my muscles hurt more, so that's something i want to avoid.
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The fatique is during the day, and the insomnia at night, especially trying to fall asleep. I had no trouble being able to sleep last night. (Except for the fact that Abigail wanted to nurse constantly, but that isn't the Zoloft's fault)
Oh, and 50mg so far...I used to be on 75
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I'm on 100mg and notice that I have little side effects if any. In fact as I was transitioning off of Paxil to Zoloft, I had increased libido for awhile (or maybe it was something in the water... ), I am a much kinder and friendlier person on Zoloft--had a awful temper and other issues. For me, Zoloft is the drug of choice, although I wish I didn't have to take it, it's worth every penny.
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oh my..

well.. all the confidence that you built up in me that perhaps zoloft is where i should set my sights was burst by finding this page:


i realize it's not balanced with positive stories, but i must say, i'm really scared now..
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Just try it! What have you got to lose? I have tried at least 6 different antidepressants, and have had the best luck with Zoloft! By the way...I had just started back up on mine about a week ago. The insomnia is gone now. I still feel a little tired in the daytime, but not from the Zoloft now that I get some sleep. I actually had enough energy to clean, and got lots done the other day!! I am in much better spirits since starting back up on the Zoloft. The worse that can happen if you try it, is that it won't work, and you will have to try something else. Good luck
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I took it a number of years ago and had relatively good luck with it. It didn't change my personality, but I think for a time I was unable to feel the lows, only the highs. Life seemed a little boyant IYKWIM.
They really mean it when they tell you not to drink while taking the medication. Please don't test that one like I did. You'll only do it once, but once is too much. I made such an ass out of myself.
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note to self: no drinking (not really a big deal. i'm not much of a drinker).

hmm. bladestar5, you're probably right, what have i got to lose? but you know what i'm scared of? i'm scared that i'll get weird side effects (i've surfed around and see that most people get annoying side effects like major anxiety, sweating, insomnia in the first couple of weeks) but i'll keep taking them, cuz i'll expect them to disappear, then they'll just get worse, and then trying to get off will be awful (withdrawal symptoms). that's worse case scenario, but i really am freaked.

do most people's yucky first-weeks symptoms usually dissapear?

no one experienced hightened irritability?

as you can see, i am a real 'fraidy cat.. i'm just struggling with the concept of putting something foreign in my body to change me. but it might be worth it..

edit: took the test and scored 72. oh dear.
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I am not sure about the heightened irritability...I have bipolar, and a bad temper, and anger issues, so it is hard to tell. It has only made me better
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I had trouble sleeping at night. They put me on Trazodone at night & all was solved. Trazodone is a "sister" drug to Zoloft and also and antidepressant.

I remember being a little hyper, too, but it didn't bother me--it felt good to be happy!
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I have to make this quick.. I have to work soon... I started taking 25mg a day and within 48 hours I felt like I was vibrating, for the first 2 days I felt a little better, but then I would wake up in the morning and would be shaking. I have looked at checks that I wrote while on Z and it looks like someone elses handwriting. I had episodes where I was confused and unsure of my surroundings, felt paranoid, heart racing, anxiety, loss of appetite. FORGET EATING DAIRY!!!!! OMG!!! My anxiety attacks were the worst after I ate dairy... I have no clue why.. I have a slight intolerence to dairy, maybe this increased it? I would never go on it again.
On the other hand I know people that have had outstanding results taking it. I really think it is a trial and error thing. I would recommend having someone around while trying out the medication. I hope you find something that works for you.
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I took Zoloft quite a few years ago when I was clinically depressed and suicidal, and I can honestly say it made it worse for me. I was feeling so out of control already that when my body started shaking and wouldn't stop no matter what I did, it made me feel like I had lost control of everything. I guess I felt at that time that this was the last thing I needed to do, I couldn't concentrate, on top of already having horrible concentration, I felt wired and anxious, and couldn't keep a thought still for a moment. I remember at one point just trying to hold my body still from shaking, and I just cracked. It was too much. I did give it some time, I can't remember how long now, but the side effects did not wane. It just got worse. So I stopped taking them. I tried Paxil as well, side effects also, not as bad, but I still reacted pretty violently.

Have you tried seeing a naturopath? Have you tried St. John's Wort? I know this has helped many people.

Depression is a horrible thing to experience, and I can understand wanting to try anything that might make you feel better. Just be aware, which you seem to be, that these are powerful drugs and they do alter other chemicals in your body as well. But, they work marvelously for some, so you have to do what feels right to you, and listen to your gut, which is hard to do when you're depressed I know, but if you aren't comfortable with the idea of putting a drug in your body to help treat your depression, perhaps looking into alternatives might be a good place to try? I felt the same way, it made me very uncomfortable, and with good reason.

If you ever need some suggestions or assistance with this don't hesitate to pm me.
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I've been on Zoloft for almost a week now.

I've found that it gives me a dry mouth - which is great because it helps me to get my water intake up! It has also caused a lack of appetite - another wonderful side effect, IMO, since part of my depression is weight-related.

Surprisingly, it seems to have increased my sex drive, which has been nil since about three years ago!!! Paxil decreased it even further and made me feel awful.

Zoloft is a stimulant, I'm told, and is to be taken in the morning in order to have more energy and be more alert. I find this very much to be true and feel great and far more energized already!

I was SOOOOOOO apprehensive. I hated myself for even considering ADs, but now I feel a TON better and can tell I'm on the road to wellness.
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I tried Zoloft, 75 mg a day. I hated it. It felt like I was a live wire, but not in a good way, kwim? My apartment was clean, my car spotless, etc, but my mind was a racecar!! I'm now taking 150 mg of effexor a day. It works. I still have down days, but not so down I can't function, kwim? It's like I can still have my feelings, but they're not so out of control. I see a therapist or counselor, I always forget what he's called, once a week. I try for twice a week but always end up missing an appointment.
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I was on Zoloft in 1999

for 8 months and during that time I gained 80 pounds without even changing my diet or anything. I also got more and more depressed. IT did not work and only amplified my problems. I am now taking celexa and it is way better and I actually have a stable gradual weight loss each week since my son was born in February.
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