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Severe vaginal bleeding...went to ER

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Well, yesterday while I was at work, I was talking to a client when I felt a gush of warmth from my vagina. I calmly excused myself from the conversation to use the restroom. As I pulled down my pants, I prayed that it wouldn't be blood, and sure enough it was. I just went numb. Blood didn't just drip out, it poured out. I cleaned myself up and put a huge wad of TP to soak up the blood until I got home. I continued to gush as I finished up with my client. DH took me to the ER and thankfully I got into a bed right away. All the while, my only comfort was that I was experiencing no pain or dizziness. I layed in the hospital bed crying and praying. After 3 hours of waiting for the u/s, my blood tests all came back normal and I was wheeled into the u/s room. I patiently kept quiet as the u/s tech did her thing, and I just couldn't keep quiet any longer. I asked about the baby, and she turned the monitor for me to see my precious little peanut kicking and flipping away. I just began to weep with relief. All the images showed no cause for bleeding. My placenta is attached in the ideal spot, no previa.....it's a mystery...just random vaginal bleeding.
After all day in bed today, the bleeding has finally stopped. After eating my lunch today, I rolled over to take a nap. While laying there with my full belly pressed up against a pillow, I could feel squirming in the lower part of my abdomen. It wasn't gas...it was that familiar feeling you get when you first feel movement. It made me smile so big.
The Dr. said this was common, and that most of the time women go on to have no complications in their pregnancies....but that I am at higher risk for a miscarriage. Has anybody else experienced this?

ETA: It was my 9 year wedding anniversary yesterday!
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The same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago. I was just 13 weeks at the time so it was really scary.
I went to my OB and he did an exam that showed my cervix closed. Then he did the U/S and thank god there was my little peanut squirming away.
He attributed mine to a previa though. He said my placenta is right over my cervix. He did say that 90 percent of the time it will move as the uterus grows. THat was great to hear. I am going to keep a close eye on it though.
I was just so relieved to see my little one alive and well.
Hopefully it wont happen again.
Good luck to you!
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It's never happened to me, but I know TONS of women who had bleeding in the first trimester and they've gone on to have healthy babies! It's possible that you have a placental tear or bleed and they just can't see it on ultrasound due to the position. Those will usually repair themselves.

I'm so glad your baby is looking so healthy!!!
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I had the same thing happen when pregnant with my son, only it was late in my pregnancy. It was after a cervical exam. There was so much blood I almost passed out - yet everything was fine. Did you have sex recently or do a cervical check on yourself? Some people just have touchy cervixes. And other people just bleed for no reason during pregnancy.

It made me smile to hear that your baby kicked. Its almost as if he/she is telling you "I'm ok".
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Wow...what a scary ordeal, frenchie! But I'm glad you and your baby are ok. Just take it easy, lady. Think of this as a free pass to stay in bed more often! lol

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Something similar happened to me early in my pregnancy. I believe it was probably a blood vessel on my cervix that was aggravated. At first I thought it was my period because I had no idea that I was pregnant. I kept having bleeding on and off through out the first trimester with intercourse or with a bowel movement. I had a u/s at 9 weeks that showed everything was great despite the bleeding. It finally stopped then one day in my second trimester, after I had already been feeling baby move for quite a while, I had old blood gush out along with an old blood clot. I rushed to the OB just to make sure everything was fine and it was. I hope my next pregnancy goes better. I hated all the worrying!

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same thing happened to me at 11 weeks. No cause ever discovered. I had some spotting for about two more weeks then it stopped. No bleeding at all since then and I am 27 weeks along.. My midwife said this is more common then people think and that, often, the cause will never be known.. I am so glad to hear all is well with your little one!
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Thank you so much for the encouragement ladies. It's been so frustrating. I started bleeding again last night, though no where near as bad as I had been bleeding on Thursday. It has stopped again as of now....and I hope it stays that way.
I'm on Crinone 8% gel, which is a vaginal supplement for progesterone. Based on my u/s, I was 12 weeks on 10/11, so I stopped the Crinone. The next day is when I started bleeding. The u/s that was done in the ER said I was 11 weeks and 4 days. I can't help but think that is why I started bleeding...maybe just coincidence. I now have to take the Crinone for an extra week....which bites! I hate this stuff. I wish I would've just got the 3x a day suppositories like I had with my first pregnancy. I thought the 1x a day stuff would be less of a hassle. I'm so fraid that when I stop the gel, I'll start bleeding again...I hate not being in control!!!!!!
At any rate.....thanks again for sharing your stories, I feel so much better knowing I'm not alone.
...and for the PP who asked...I never do self exams while pregnant, and I haven't had intercourse since I got the pos pregnancy test. Vaginal progesterone supplements are not only terribly messy (the discharge actually makes me gag hard...chunky and stinky) but it dries out the vagina and makes it very tight....sex would be way too painful.
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I just want to share my story with you. I had bleeding, just like you described, on and off from about week 12 to week 16 of my pregnancy. It was so much blood I would soak through a super big pad, my clothes, and my bed sheets. My water broke at 20 weeks and my OB and peri suspect that all that bleeding was the cause. They think that the bleeding weekened my amniotic bag and when it got under a certain amount of pressure: POP. They won't ever be able to know for sure, but I would say that most women who have PPROM experience some bleeding. Just something to watch out for.
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