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Help me come up with a Name!!!!

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We cannot think of names for this baby! I am getting pretty stressed out about it. We have No boys names and only one girls.]

Our other children are Owen Harley, Zoey Ella, and Zeke Evan. I like Delaney for a girl, but am worried that it is becoming too popular. I would like a name that is unique, but isn't so far out there (DH is a bit conservative about names). I really love Zeke's name and would like to find a name that is similar in it's unique-ness.

Any help????


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A girl's name that I love is Tovah. There are two reasons we aren't using it...I heard it because one of the girls in dd daycare has that name and the Swedish word for toilet is toa. Tovah sounds quite like toa-especially when dd says it.

It's a name that probably won't be popular. Another girl's name that is nice but a bit too popular here is Tindra. There's also Sänna and Sagha.

Good luck finding something.
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How about just Laney?
I like Lane for a boy too...
I really liked Dane Julian for a boy and Sunny Renae for a girl, but dh veto'ed them...
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oh mama I wish I could help...
We have a girls name picked out but NO BOYS either... Its really frusterating!! In fact really starting to annoy me
I'm secretly praying for a girl so I just don't have to deal with it.
Nothing is feeling right for this babe. (maybe it is a girl??)
I LOVE the name Zeke though!
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We just barely came up with a boy's name a couple of days ago...but we aren't sure if we really like it or not so I guess you could say we don't have a name yet either...

I wish I could help but it just seems that boys names are sooo much harder than girls to find one that is unique but not too far out there-we have a problem b/c all the names that we come up with everyone says sounds too femine!! Good luck.
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boy's names are/were really hard for us too... but we came up with a small list, and were able to choose one... we are doing Kadin, the other names on our list being: Quinn, Joaquin, Aidan, Rohan, Rowan (might be too close to Owen though), and I think that might be it...
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I love Dylan (boy or girl) but it is always in the top 20 on the SSA site.

I think Reid is such a handsome boy's name and it's out for us... or Reid is a girl?!! I like that also.

And I LOVE Delaney. I don't think you'd have to worry about that one becoming too popular.

Lane is also a good name; I know a male Lane and a female Lane. I like it.

William?! I like Rowan, but that rhymes with Owen!!

We're in the same boat you are; girls names I have two I like and dh agrees with, boys I think we'll be a little :- and dh is SURE we're having a boy. I'm secretly hoping like heck for a girl.
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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!

Why is it that boy's names are so difficult?

I like Rohan, but I do think it is too close to Owen. Dylan has always been one of my favorite names (I grew up in listening to Bob Dylan every day of my life!), and I love it for a girl, but DH nixed it.

I loved Adele, but DH said, "How about a Gateway?" So annoying, and he thinks he's so funny!
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Yeah, people make the most inane comments about a name you've picked out. I asked my sister what she thought of the name Amira and she said "Amira? Like a Bostonian saying a mirror" Then nearly peed herself laughing. She also said we couldn't use Vincent because all she hears is "Vinnie Bobarino" (sp?) from Welcome Back Kotter. :

We had the problem with boys names last pregnancy and now it is the opposite. We have decided on either Cole or Lennon. Cole because the doctor that saved my life after my car accident is Dr Cole (dh came up with that!) and I love John Lennon. My sister (smartass she is) said I can only use Lennon if I spell it Lennin.
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Originally Posted by zen-ozz View Post

I loved Adele, but DH said, "How about a Gateway?" So annoying, and he thinks he's so funny!

Don't you love Dylan for a girl?! I think it's so lovely. : Dh nixed it for us after about .2 seconds of thought.

Today he likes Lee or Elliott.... so say this with me Ce-ce-le-a and El-lee-ot. Or Ce-ce-le-a and lee... Why can't we come up with something not quite so filled with l's and vowels?

We both do like Gabriel, but that one is gaining in popularity.
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My Bf's sister named her little boy Koa and I think it is a darling name for a boy. My brothers name is Schuyler, pronounced sky-ler and is dutch for scholar.
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