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I just wanted to say that I wish some of you ladies were my neighbors. I think we could all have a really good (albeit crazy, chaotic, kid-filled) time IRL.
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Originally Posted by Ilovelife View Post
I just wanted to say that I wish some of you ladies were my neighbors. I think we could all have a really good (albeit crazy, chaotic, kid-filled) time IRL.
me too!
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so here's how my early afternoon went: left a playdate when 3yo DD had become an exhausted non-functioning heap of tears. got home, asked my live-in sis to watch the babes while i settled the eldest who can't/doesn't go to sleep w/o someone to lay down w/ her. go upstairs to settle her (still crying b/c she doesn't want to nap) and 2 minutes later hear DS hungry crying, so i tell DD1 that i'll go nurse him & then i'll be back. sent my sis to take her a cup of water to help her calm down. nurse DS to sleep, put him in the crib. DD1 still crying in her bed. by this time DD2 is hungry crying, so i get her & take her in to DD1's room. the 3 of us lay down and DD1 falls asleep while i'm nursing DD2 who also falls asleep but stays latched on. i fall asleep too thinking wow this is good everybody gets a nap. about 30 minutes later DS wakes up crying in crib. my sis is in the basement & doesn't hear him. i'm now stuck- do i get up to get him and wake the sleeping girls who will then be fussy and undernapped? or do i let him cry? ended up untangling myself from the girls and getting him when he started to sound hysterical. sat down in the easy chair in my room to nurse him and 5 minutes later DD2 starts crying which wakes up DD1 who starts crying making DS freak out at all the noise and also cry.

my favorite.

the trifecta of tears!

how do i get my totally sleep deprived toddler a much needed nap amidst the chaos of the twins????
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Originally Posted by 1stTimeMummytoLore View Post
how do i get my totally sleep deprived toddler a much needed nap amidst the chaos of the twins????
Honestly, I just gave up for several months. My dd decided she was done napping exactly a week before I had the twins. Lovely. On days when she was REALLY hysterically in need of sleep, I'd let her watch Dora (yeah, I know...) & usually she'd doze off. Or at least she'd relax & have a bit of down time (again, I know . Amazingly....fast forward a few months. She now climbs up on the couch with pillow & blanket or sets up her pop up tent & crawl inside with pillow & blanket ON HER OWN to take a nap on the days when she needs one.
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I also just gave up on sleeping for a few months. It did help my attitude and I felt better all around to just accept that I wouldn't get any real sleep.

We are at almost 18 months, so I won't say anything more.
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Originally Posted by 1stTimeMummytoLore View Post

how do i get my totally sleep deprived toddler a much needed nap amidst the chaos of the twins????
Ummmm, her own apartment??? My little girl has also had more than her fair share of days with little circles under her eyes!
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Kate-sounds like an afternoon at my house!

Ilovelife-I hope my older two get to that point! My 3 yr old is deciding now to wean is nap (ok fine) and my 2 yr old thinks she should too-NOT. 2 cranky toddlers at dinner time is not what I need right now!

Courtney-ITA that once you decide that sleep just isn't gonna happen, things seem alittle better-lol.

Cindi-I forgot to mention earlier that I think it is awesome that you are pumping and keeping up so nicely. I am totally jealous of the 80 oz per day. My body never has responded well to the pump.

What are your favorite slings right now? Who is double slinging (I know Kate does) and what do you use?
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We don't double sling, but I would love to see some ideas from people that do so AND have the need to chase/pick-up a 30-pound toddler. I always feel a bit jittery with both twins in carriers and trying to lean over, stoop down, etc.

Generally, I wear one baby in a mei tai or moby wrap and the other baby and my toddler ride in the stroller. My toddler also still fits very well in our Kozy, but she much prefers to walk or ride. I know it's money well spent on the Kozy, it's made it this long with many a wash in the past two years!

We also have a mei tai from meitaicarriers.com and I love it from about 6 months to a year... I like the higher head coverage on the Kozy but love having less bulk as they get squirmy. The model I have was made before she changed her strap padding, so wearing my chunky toddler was too rough on my back. My Kozy seems to be more padded.
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I am loving my mai tei best too-I have a babyhawk. I have the reg one. I would like the XT or new one with a headrest for sleeping easier. I love my hotsling, but I think I could use a size up right now even though I am just about at pre-preg weight. It just feels smaller right now.
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I've mostly been using the Hotsling lately w/just one baby. The other is either carried by dh, in a stroller, or if at home, in a swing. The times I've tried wearing both (2 pouches, 2 ring slings or combo), it became a freak-out festival for both boys. Too squished, I think. I'm waiting on an MT w/minkee from Canada that looks an awful lot like a BabyHawk--wondering if it will EVER get here! (Wish they had a smiley of me tapping my foot impatiently next to the mailbox!) I hope to be able to use the MT on the back and pouch or Ergo on the front, or some such combo.
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Cindi-my babyhawk has minkee and it is AWESOME! So soft. Yeah, I have an ergo too, so I will probably start using it soon too when they are big enough for my back. I like it more for back carrying.
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early on i almost solely used my pouch slings, cradle carry with one on the front and one in the back or on the side. this was after trying to stack one the in the front w/ one in a pouch and one in a ring sling. then at around 2-2 1/2 months i went to crossed pouches w/ both of them kangaroo'd in the front. totally NOT hands free, but they stayed calm and happy for a while that way. it was fun to carry them around the grocerey store like that and watch people stare. if i was by myself, i'd put my toddler in the cart. otherwise, DH would chase her for me. lately i've been experimenting with more and different ways to double wear them. so far i've figured out how to put both of them in the ring sling together (maya wrap) tummy-to-tummy with me. they really like this squished together thing and "talk" to each other or suck on each other's fingers. i can do this for short periods of time as it gets tiring after about 20-30 minutes. i also can't see very well over them so again, still not as hands free go about your life as slinging one kiddo. they fell alseep the other day with one hip carried in the ring sling and one on my front in a mei tai. that was actually pretty comfy for me too. wish i had taken pictures... i've also done one kangaroo'd off to the side in a pouch and one in the mei tai or ergo on the front. this usually gives me one hand free to hold my DD1's hand and go for a walk to the playground. once and only once in a desperate act to get all three screaming children calmed down by myself sis i manage to get both babies in cross pouches kangaroo'd and my toddler on my back in the ergo-- this isn't really practical as it is about 50lbs. of kid but it stoped the crying for a few minutes.

currently i have just discovered wraps and i am thrilled with the twin wearing possibilities that might actually make it possible for me to wear them and get things done. i got hug-a-bub wraps and i spent yesterday afternoon playing with them as much as the babes would let me. i got one wrapped on my back and then one on my front and it was pretty darn comfy. this was good b/c they don't seem old enough to go on my back in a mei tai or the ergo, but with the wrap they are nice and secure back there. i also figured out a front-and-hip or hip-and-hip way to wrap them that works pretty well too. they felt secure, seemed happy and i was able to do some laundry and cook dinner.

have you guys seen this article yet? http://www.thebabywearer.com/articles/HowToO/Twins.htm

and here's a forum just for babywearing multiples

i'll try to post some more photos on my blog soon. i think the biggest advantage to multiple moms of babwearing isn't the go-about-your-life thing, like it is with one baby, but the keeping them calm and happy part.

ps- i've been able to buy almost all my slings/carriers discounted or second hand which has allowed me to be able to experiment this much!
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I'm in. I have 6 month old b/g twins and a toddler. I only get to the site about once a week though so will often be quiet.
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I'm in too!

My b/g twins will be 3mo. on the 26th, I would love, love, love a monthly chat. My biggest challenge right now is trying to get some sort of a schedule going during the day. But, they are doing so well at night that I try to count my blessings and make do with them taking turns napping during the day. Anyway, how do chats like this work?
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it's nothing formal. we'll just start a thread once a month with maybe a particular question/concern and let the conversation/support flow from there.

we have no good regular daytime routine either. i am thryinmg to figure out how to start some sort of bedtime routine though. mostly for the benefit of the 3yo vs. the twins.

and by the way-- wraps are the way to go!!! one baby in a pocket wrap cross carry and one baby in a hip cross carry and away i go!
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Why tonight, of all nights...

do we have to have a big, friggin' blizzard!?!?!?! As my only request for a birthday present, I asked my dh for a couple of hours 'off' to go get my first haircut in 7 months and have lunch with a friend. Tomorrow from 11 to 2 was supposed to be MY DAY!!!! Now I'll be holed up like a hermit with my boys and 2-year old dd, whom I'm nearly ready to sell to the gypsies (One more chorus of "NO, MOMMY, NO, NO, NO!!! I DO IT MYSELF!!!" while flinging herself to the floor, and while the boys are howling and I'm trying to get dinner on the table and not on the floor and I'm gonna hang myself in the garage.) I've been looking forward to this little, tiny break for weeks now....: Of course, Friday, when I can't get away is supposed to be beee-yooouuu-tiful! Woe is me...
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I so feel you.

My MIL is visiting for a month and I'm lucky to get two showers a week around HER demands, my DD's commands (3) and the girls' need to nurse. I haven't had time to myself in days. I haven't been out of the house in more than two weeks! I want to enjoy the world outside, but I'm stuck here, playing nursemaid to a 60 year old woman.

I hate being married sometimes.
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Cinid- try to get out and get that haircut as soon as possible!! I just went and got mine cut the other day and the time away and the new do were just what i needed.

my current frustrations are unfortunately my DH. we really need to move to a less expensive, less stressful area. i know he's exhausted and stressed and working way more hours than he's salaried for-- but dude, get a clue! i cannot physically get a 3yo and two babies to bed at night without some help. two days ago, i nursed both babies, checked for dry butts, got one to sleep and then took the 3yo for pajamas, teeth brushing and a story before settling her down. all i left him with was 1 baby. baby starts to cry. he comes up and interrupts DD's story and says- he's hungry (which is code for "i don't feel like doing this anymore and i don't have boobs, so i'll tell you he's hungry so you have to deal with him") i try to nurse him, he wont latch on, i give him back to DH and say no he's not, i'm going to finish settling DD now. 3 minutes later he's back upstairs with crying son pacing around while i'm trying to get DD to sleep. could you fall asleep with that racket? i finally explain to DD that i have to take DS and DH will cuddle her. she starts crying (DID HE REALLY GAIN ANYTHING BY TRADING ONE CRYING CHILD FOR ANOTHER????) i feel terrible for her b/c i feel like she gets screwed all the time! i think things would be better if DH and i could just find some time to talk about what we can do to handle things, but we can't even find that lately! :sigh
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Ugh, Rainbow and Kate...we need a group hug (or a big bottle of wine), I think! =) You gotta love "guests" like that, eh? And, yeah, it seems whenever I leave any combo of the kids with my husband to tend to another one (or dinner or something) SOMEONE always ends up in tears and it's "he must be hungry still...can you take him?" or "I don't know why he's so fussy with me..." It always seems to be at dinner-prep time (a.k.a. combined melt-down time) that he asks, "Um, do you mind if I go downstairs and do some more work?" Uh, yeah, I do... At least in our case, he admits that he's much more comfortable dealing with Hannah than the boys--this is good, because my patience with her has become terribly short these days (and I really wish it weren't).
This will get somewhat easier, right?
Anyway, we have 2-3 foot drifts of snow in our driveway, all the highways and many of the roads around here are closed. But, here's what I've been doing with all this indoors time...
playing with my new Mei Tai that came in the mail yesterday, finally!!! Eli haaated being in it on my back, but I think he was also overtired, so he fell asleep almost immediately. Hopefully one or the both of them will warm up to the idea, since it was soooo handy to be able to carry both at once and still have my hands semi-free. They are both still on me, fast asleep, as I sit on the exercise ball and type.
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Synagis shots?

Anyone here doing the Synagis shots for this winter season? I am trying to decide what to do, we are not shots kind of people but the ped (Who also is generally no-vax) has me freaked out about RSV and the babies going back to the hospital. So I guess I was kind of leaning towards getting the shots but my DH is very oppossed (I've created a monster- from the info I made him read he is SO ANTI-VAX now that he thinks the dr. is inventing the numbers about how many babies get RSV.... ARGH!) If we don't get the shots I know I am going to be afraid to take the babies anywhere all winter which does not sounds fun. What to do, what to do.... any advice?
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