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What's wrong with dairy?

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Don't pull any punches, gross me out. Why shouldn't my family have dairy? What are other simple sources of calcium? (This country is BIG on dairy, so soy or rice milk might not be available) My dh has diabetes and eczema (or dandruff, I don't know). Does dairy contribute to that? I think I remember reading something about that...
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One person's food is another person's poison

I've gone back and forth on the dairy debate, myself.
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Yes, I have also read that diabetes and eczema can be caused by too early/too much dairy.

I am a pretty "anti-dairy" person, but Ieven I wonder about these websites which seem to sensationalize the issue:


However, even if they have a rude in-your-face style some of the info is good in my opinion.

However even "legitimate" respectable authorities like Dr. Frank Oski, who was the head of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University,
say dairy causes a lot of people a lot of health problems (See his book DON'T DRINK YOUR MILK.)

And while I go back and forth over whether cow's milk is bad for EVERYBODY, and I imagine certain cultures/ethnic groups/families can tolerate it better and others worse,

I also agree with those authors who say the American dairy industry influences the governmental recommendations of calcium.....why is it that we Americans need SO much more calcium than other nations? The answer is money and political influence of the dairy industry in my opinion.

And the problems cause by replacing breast milk with cow's milk in small people is well documented.

I don't know much about the culture you are living in, whether breastfeeding is still the norm or is being influenced by people wanting to imitate Western trends and drink more dairy or formula (and if not imitating Western trends, then influenced by aggressive formula marketing?)

Is it true that even when Muslim women cover up in the Middle East, they don't care if their lactating breasts are covered? I have read that in more than one Western (British and American) breastfeeding book.
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My personal feeling on dairy is that small amounts used to enhance a diet are good but should not be a large part.

First of all, I heartily recommend organic because of the hormones, antibotics, pesticides etc. found in commercial milk.

I recommend unhomogenized yogurt like Black Cow. THe yogurt contains cultures and beneficial bacteria that make the dairy more digestible.

Personally, we don't drink milk. We eat occasional cheese - just a little to give meals flavor but not too much because cheese is high in saturated fat and sodium.

If you are concerned about calcium, we use almonds and almond butter, sesames seeds and tahini, leafy greens like kale, legumes ,and sea vegetables to get that mineral.

Dairy products are a known aggravator of eczema , , ,
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Dairy is a very strong aggravator of eczema-- unfortunately soy can be as well, so a straight up substitution with soy can be a problem if you have eczema in the family...
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Besides the health reasons not to drink dairy, there are the ethical reasons.

Cows produce milk because they produce babies. Just like us. Only, at birth, their babies are taken away from them before they can even suckle, causing the mommy cows great distress (not to mention the stress caused in the baby).

To keep a cow producing milk, their udders are attached to machines that pump their milk from them. It is a painful process. A cow must be impregnated often to keep producing high amounts of milk. Often, they are so worn out from child-bearing that their uterus' just fall out of their vaginas. The cattle rancher will often simply shove it back in and sew up the hole rather than bother with an expensive veterianarian.

A good book on this is Mad Cowboy, written by Howard Lyman. He was a 4th generation cattle rancher who went vegan. What he says is right from his own experience. It's a great book, a fascinating read.

Another good book is Diet for a New America which will explain in great detail why dairy is bad for health and bad for the mommy cows.

I hope I didn't gross anyone else out, but she did ask us not to pull any punches and I just thought the ethical side should be addressed as well.
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I grew up on a dairy farm and my folks still farm and I agree with you. Back when I was a kid it was more humane- we had few cows and big open pastures and a century-old barn. Many of our cows were over 20 years old and each cow knew their name and came when called- they got a long rest in another pasture for half the year before giving birth and the calves stayed awhile with the cows.

That is not the case any more. Even then, it wrenched my heart to hear the cows call for their calves on day four when they were separated- and almost all male calves were sold for veal or steers.

Now the farms are huge and cows and bred for production, not longevity, often living a mere three or four years until they are "used up." Not to mention the hormones and antiobotics.

I still eat dairy- not a lot- but buy organic. I think if you do eat dairy, organic is the way to go. Still not perfect, though...
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Thanks everybody, for the info. I'm so grossed out by the pus in milk idea, I haven't touched it yet. They need a gray, shuddering smiley.
Re: women in the mideast, they uncover around other women, but a women would never uncover around a strange man. In my in-laws' family, they BF infront of the father, brothers, guests. Shocked me! I NIP, but everything is covered. Mostly nobody cares, but I've caught men trying to catch a peek. (pervs)
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pus in milk = :Puke

I am so involved in this debate elsewhere, so I only want to interject that mammals are supposed to stop drinking milk at weaning age, which in primates is the onset of puberty, between 5-10 years in humans.

And I want to second Erin who is very well spoken and educated.
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veganmamma- please tell me your sig line is a political statement. I always have a horrible feeling it's not... Or maybe I should just stay out of TAO.
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Yes, it is, lol. :LOL
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