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The Home Maintenance Challenge

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I've started this as a declutter and cleaning challenge on another board I frequent, and posted it on my blog. I thought the mamas here might enjoy a bit of motivation to get more done at your house! Each week I can post the challenges, if people are interested, and there will be four smaller challenges and two bigger challenges in one area of your home. The inventory part is for anyone wanting to keep track of what they are keeping for insurance purposes or as a motivating tool to keep less. Let me know what you think!

Each Week:
• Before each decluttering project, without looking, sit down and write down what is SUPPOSED to be in that drawer/cabinet/shelf.
• Add items that you’re keeping and new things you’ve bought to your inventory
• Get rid of at least one box of STUFF (toss, recycle, or donate) - this could be your seven things if you do that
• Post before and after pictures!

Week 3: Closet – Oct. 15-21
4 Small Challenges
1. Go through your jewelry box. Get rid of what no longer appeals to you or no longer goes with your clothes and organize what is left.
2. Clean the doorknobs, switchplates and outlets throughout your home.
3. Round up errant shoes. Return to proper shoe resting place.
4. Clean out your purse. Only put back what you really need to carry around with you.

Just One Big Challenges
1. Go through your closet and try everything on. Toss or donate anything that isn't flattering, is stained, torn, too short, too baggy, or just unappealing. Re-hang all of your clothes (the ones you actually wear!) on matching hangers FACING BACKWARD. Take inventory of the gaps in your wardrobe. Admire your clean, organized, well fitting clothes. (As you use and wash your clothes, replace them facing forward. At the end of 6 months, you’ll be able to see what you haven’t touched because it won’t be facing forward; then you can reevaluate whether that item should remain in your closet.)
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Sounds interesting! I think I'll give it a shot.
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really love some of these ideas!
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we are moving in two days.... so won`t be doing the challenges this go around... but LOVE the idea. this is my first *house* so I need to get a system going to keep track of things... and not get cluttered... etc..
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AWESOME IDEAS! Thanks mama!!!!
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I love the list of whats supose to be there. I think I will try it on our phone book, note pad, pencil drawer. I just noticed this morning it is busting full of misc. stuff.

Just had to share that my DH is an electrician and is always coming home with extra random stuff in his pockets. Usually I just set an empty coffe container for him to dump everything into. But I realized how unattractive that is and I would much rather look at something pretty. So I am getting old glass canning jars, probably 4, and sticking them in the laundry room so before I do laundry I can sort out wire nuts and so on. Just trying to decide if I want to jars on the counter where it can look cluttered and harder to dust or up on a shelf above the washer. I really love a blank counter without stuff on it so I can actually use it.
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I will add those things to my to-do list for the week
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I've started on my closet and it's a ton of stuff in there i don't wear any more that is to small, to old, ect... talk about a lot of stuff to take to good will this weekend! LOL now if only i could get dh to do the same thing i think i'll just start taking things i haven't seen him wear in the past 6 months or so!!! I've never met a man that had so many clothes!!
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moms3kids, my husband has more clothes than me. It's funny because he basically wears "his uniform" every day - khaki shorts, blue T-shirt. But he has a closet full of nice, dress up clothes. I've gotten him to pare down his tie collection to two, since he's worn one ONCE in the past year! He went through his belts, too. I'm pushing this week for a more agressive attack on dress up shirts.

So far, I've rounded up my shoes and put them in the shoe cabinet. Just that makes a difference in our entry way.
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I totall needed to read this thread today! My house needs to be decluttered so bad. I am all for the challenges, bring it on mama!
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Originally Posted by momaste View Post
moms3kids, my husband has more clothes than me. It's funny because he basically wears "his uniform" every day - khaki shorts, blue T-shirt. But he has a closet full of nice, dress up clothes.
I think our husbands must be related. Not only does he have more dress clothes, he has the six-drawer dresser and I have the four-drawer one. And when all the clothes are clean I can hardly close his up. Fortunately, that never happens.

I love the idea of writing down what's supposed to be in the storage area, by the way.
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: Sounds like a great idea, please keep updating week by week.

Thanks, Amanda
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I love the system for weeding out clothes not worn! Very clever
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How is everyone doing? Sunday is the start of a new challenge. Have you gotten through this week's?

I have to dust the alarm clock and go through DH's clothes in the closet tomorrow. Otherwise, I'm good to go.
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I've got a few more shoes to round up, and to wipe down the upstairs knobs and plates, but as soon as the rest of the family is up, I should be able to do all that in a jiffy. Then I'm off to goodwill to drop off a carload...

And I can't believe I'm actually excited to see our challenges for Sunday!!! Any chance you'd ever post them early? I try to get more done on Sat then Sun...

Either way, Thanks for doing this! Amanda
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Excellent---I'm going to start now--on last weeks.
This seems do-able to me.
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Bathroom Week
4 Small Challenges
1. Windex all the mirrors in your home
2. Clean your scale.
3. Toss the shower curtain and bath mats into the washer.
4. Clean the soap dish and toothbrush holder. Replace your toothbrush if you haven’t done so in 3 months or more.

2 Big Challenges
1. Go through your products, makeup, medicine cabinet and first aid kit, tossing anything that is expired or that you don’t use. Wipe out the cabinet and replace items neatly, making a note of what needs replaced.
2. Do a thorough bathroom cleaning. Scour the sink, scrub the tub, and clean the toilet front to back, inside and out. If you still have energy, mop.
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Hurray! I'm one step ahead on the big challenges! I cleaned out all my cabinets and make up/creams etc. I tossed some and gave some away. It has however been awhile since wearing some of this make up and the other night I accidently put lip gloss on my eyelids Needless to say I couldn't figure out why it was so greasy until this AM when I looked at it and read the label "lip gloss".
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oh well i've done all but one step of the tasks, i just delcuttered/ deep cleaned my bathroom about 1.5 weeks ago, but will give it a little touch up, we even bought all new tooth brushes! LOL
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