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More TMI......

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Anyone feeling a lot of pressure in their butt? I feel like I have to go poo all the time, but I really don't have to.
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um YES!
I feel like the baby is going to come out its really uncomfortable!!!
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Yep, me too but it isn't as bad this time as it was with my ds (I swear he was going to come out my butt ).
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Erm, yea, sometimes it feels like a baby's head is trying to come out down there!

But it's not like that all the time, sometimes it's just the '300 pound man' standing on your crotch kind of pressure that makes me think, OMG, this is like labor pressure, RIGHT NOW!! Then it goes away if baby shifts.

I don't think the baby is dropped enough yet for that kind of pressure, but folks say they think I'm carrying lower now...(week 34, going on 35 in a few days).

I'm not sure which is worse..haha...but sitting with feet up and making DH wait on me (make me ice water/snacks) does help

Now if I could only get him to do a foot massage....
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I've been getting this for a few months. It even wakes me up. It feels like pain just shooting up my rectum, and lots of presssure, and no matter what I do it won't go away. It sucks....I've been told the baby is compressing a nerve when that happens. Who knows?
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