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Just had to share, this week I've been doing the decluttering and simplifying thanks to "delights" wonderful sharing and wonderful post. I will have to post pictures and a blog then on our progress and success... my little girl, she is getting this so much! I was cleaning out magazines to give away/pitch and she took one of those free baby ones you get from walmart in the BABY section...she is now in love with that magazine, she carries it around everywhere. She's been doing this for days now and everytime she looks at it she gets so excited... It was free, cheap, simple pleasure...who would of thought! She loves babies and the magazine is all on babies...but it didn't cost a dime! She had a birthday on Saturday and got some toys and actually was frustrated with them because they didn't do what she wanted (it was a play vaccum but because it didn't suck up dirt she said it was no good! ha ha) and wanted to take it back to the store! Go figure!

I would love for us all to start a blog with our progress on how we are all doing!