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30 weeks--spotting....

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Is spotting (brown) at 30 weeks really a major cause for alarm?
This is pregnancy #2 for me, and I've never spotted before during this one or the last one. Any web search I've just done has me totally freaked out. I don't feel weird in any other way. Like I said, this is just brown. Hmmm...
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i'd call your OB or midwife, or whoever you are seeing to let them know.. Of course i call my OB for everything little thing.. Well not really, but i do talk with her nurse alot to make sure everything is normal.. The one time i don't call she says i should, so ...Better to be on the safe side...

Warm Squishy Feelings...

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Did you have sex or have an internal exam recently? Sometimes that can cause a slight irritation to the cervix, resulting in spotting. OR, it could be blood from your mucous plug breaking down.

If it continues, or if it becomes red blood, or if you start having pains or if you just feel unsure, call your OB or midwife. And don't feel silly about it-- they hear all sorts of things. I went in last week because I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid. It turns out it was just tons of very watery cervical fluid. Yeah, I felt silly. But it's what they are there for. You have questions, hopefully, they have answers.
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I bleed like that (brown spotting) with ds #2 at around 7 1/2 months and then bright red blood at around 8 months. I did call my mw for each occasion and they did an ultrasound. They could never figure out why it happened and told me that sometimes women bleed during pregnancy for no reason at all. Everything was fine with the pregnancy and I had a very normal, healthy baby.

If it worries you call and have it checked out. It's always nice to hear everything is fine!
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Thanks all...

No, I didn't have sex recently, or any internal exams, as that would have been my first guess too.

I called the midwives--who were in the office Sat. afternoon--gotta love that! The one I spoke to, after asking the requisite questions determined that I shouldn't worry. She suggested I take it easy and drink enough--I'll take it!

Thanks for your responses.
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