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Contagious and proud....eek

Well as expected I got a call before a half day at school from the front office...My son told them he had a contagious rash...Great...so I as A Parent had to try and explain why and what the condition is,... they were reacting probably as I would if I was an outsider looking in but I also didn't want my son to be singled out like they used to do with leprosi..which in fact they were doing....
Ultimately I had them call the Dermatologist who explained that while it was contagious to anyone who might have direct contact with a mature open lesion ( which by the was are not only covered by long sleeves and pants but by a bandage on all lesions as well) it is not "HARMFUL" to pregnant women and cannot be transmitted through blood contact , in case he needs a band aid on a unrelated boo boo....They still said they would wear gloves when treating him in the nursing office...Probably a good idea whether a child has molluscum or not... . He made them feel better about the situation...
Welcome to BACK TO SCHOOL Trauma...:

I wonder how many unreported cases there are, as the school had never heard of it but my dermatologist said it was fairly common...
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oh bless your heart...you know what i noticed..i have not given my ds a bath in like 4 days and his "bumps" are drying out and the white core comes to the surface and dries out...and goes away....i do not see any new ones appearing..it seems that the more he is submersed in water the more they spread....so i've decided to use a wet wash cloth to wash him off...i spray california baby detangler in his hair to keep it smelling good...and i'm gonna wait and see if they just dont go away with me doing anything to them...oh i hope this works...i will keep you all posted. Good Luck with the school.
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I would SERIOUSLY give Emprizone a try.

It is not a drug,It is a skin gel that i have used for infected skin,
vaginitis, sun burn, steam burns,rashes, and poison oak successfully.
In my experience it not only soothes the sores and takes away itch it
rapidly heals the skin. This gel is made with Glyconutrient technology
and i have nothing but good things to say about it.

In the meantime give your children high vitamin whole
foods like raw colostrum, clo, and bone stocks.
Other great things to kill viruses is Olive leaf extract and
grape seed extract.
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I'd rather not buy it online. Do you know if they would sell it at a pharmacy or should I go to Whole Foods/health food store? We're trying the thuja pellets. Its only been 2 days. I know it only works if it compliments (for lack of a better word) a person but I haven't been able to find out if it would compliment my ds. I am obviously new to homeopathy. Any thoughts girls? Interesting idea about the baths. I know that it has been tough healing this summer with all the swimming. We'll see what the fall brings. :

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what i usually do is find someone who sells Mannatech
supplements in my area , have them order it and
then buy from them directly. It sounds like lot of work
to get it but its good stuff! At least in my experience.

I have an associate who orders it online for me all
the time, since i think you can only get it online.

Where are you located?
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I found a salve at the health food store. It contains some of the same ingredients as Emprizone (I looked it up online) as well as some colloidal silver. I'll give this a shot. It does not seem as if the thuja is doing anything. The bumps look exactly the same. :

: :
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Molluscum Update

Hi All,
Just wanted to give a update on the treatment we have been using for the last 3 weeks....I can see an amazing reduction in inflammation and no new lesions appear to be erupting. Most all the lesions appear to be "drying out or dissapearing"I started using the silvercure products approximately 3 weeks ago with twice daily treatments on all lesions., there were over 200 on arms, legs, trunk and groin and it was just starting to appear as a heat rash appearance on face...

I also am keeping him covered in long sleeves and pants at all times so no infected body parts came in contact with any other skin. So even at night full pajamas, new underwear, change towels and sheets daily.

I have also increased foods to boost immunity, omega 3's, dan-active mixed with a little goji juice, and Sea Buddies immunity booster..

School has been fine as all his lesions were out of sight and I had him stay inside at recess the 2 days it was really hot outside so he wouldn't sweat and then feel itchy.

Now the weather has been cooler and he has been enjoying recess.

Anyway , I just wanted to say the silver cure has been working very well based on trying other methods, but I have been very diligent with keeping him adequately covered with the product. It is not completely gone but it certainly looks like it is on the way out....We won't stop until he is completely lesion free and his skin looks normal again...Just glad I didn't give up on the treatment after a couple of weeks, this week has shown vast improvements.

We have been dealing with the virus for about 3.5 months, so I feel with researching how long this has the potential to last, especially with his eczema issues, plus trying aldara with zero success for 2 of those months that I am quite happy with appears to be happening now. At least I am not totally beside myself with frustration anymore. Oddly his eczema seems completely absent. I know the additional products I use from Silvercure help with dry itchy skin issues. So at least he is not scratching.
I will give an update when he is lesion free.
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Count us in

Boy this is fustrating - We are currently dealing with my daughter's which have spread under her arm like wildfire. We are assuming she picked it up from our public swimming pool or from a friend. We saw the dermatoligst last week and he suggested freezing them off and then using Aldara (which boosts her immune system and help fight the virus) on the lesions. Which we have tried and now we wait........

I was wondering if anyone has tried any other remedies. I have read about a product online called Molluscum No More.

I have done tons of research and I from what I have read they can go away by themselves but this can take up to 2 years.

I just wish I could do more - poor thing is feeling awful and super self conscience about it and having anybody see the scabs.
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Our 3rd son (unvaxed, btw) had them for about 6 months, they peaked and went away. We left them totally alone. He had hundreds all over his torso.

Our 4th son has them now, and we're following the course and just not touching them. It's been about 6 months, though they show no sign of slowing. We are leaving them alone.

It's not a dangerous issue, and they resolved without any scarring for our son.
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jacquih26, I tried zymaderm, another online product that had rave reviews, but didn't work for us. It was expensive and very difficult to apply on a two year old. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a super cooperative child. My ds just wiggled and screamed so I ended up getting frustrated, spilling some, missing the bumps, etc. Apple cider vinegar seems to work on the ones ready to pop. The silver cure sounds really promising. I may try that soon.:

: :
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I scrambledup some homeade herbal salve, and we rotated Silvercure, Aldara, and the herbal stuff.

They actually are almost gone it appears. A few dried up ones on her torso (which stays covered all the time cept shower time) and I did another round of aldara today to kick those final few out.

4 months ago she broke out with her first few clear ones, so that's how long its taken to clear them up.
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Questions for those of you who have used thuja or are knowledgeable in homeopathy:

How long can it be taken? Should we keep using it until we see a difference or should we stop using it because we don't see a difference?

I'm new to homeopathy as well as parenting and MC! :

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm so pleased to have finally found some real people dealing with molluscum contagiosum! I'm from NZ and my daughter has had MC for 2 years with no sign of it going away. I've tried so many treatments; homeopathic remedy, immune building powders, different types of creams, thuja wart paint, soaking in a bath with lavender oil and so on! I've learnt heaps reading through this thread, we are now showering her every second day (used to soak in warm bath every night!) and already they seem to be drying out a bit. I think the thuja paint has helped a bit, but now we are trying straight tea tree oil with hope it will work. I was about to order either Zymaderm or Silvercure off the web, but after browsing the thread have put it on hold, it didn't seem that many people had great success with either and with converting NZ dollars to US it was going to work out very expensive. I just want rid of the MC. She also has eczema and of courses itches the area they are in (between thighs and buttocks). My son has also caught them, I was bathing them together not realizing it loves to spread in the water, his aren't so bad, but hopefully the tea tree oil will get rid of his as well. Thanks for reading this long thread! Any more help would be fantastic.
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There is hope...ds has had mc for 18 months and it's going away..no new ones for about 2-3 weeks..they have dried up and are not coming back....yipeeeeee...i'm so excited...he says....mommy no more bumps..bless his heart...he had them so bad over the summer and we have stayed out of the pool for the last month or so and i really think that has helped along with vinegar baths....they are gone...
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I think I'll try the vinegar baths, how often to you give him a vinegar bath and how much and what sort of vinegar? I've noticed that not bathing her has made her white cores come up to the surface and then drying up after a day or so - but she won't let me try and squeeze them out! A couple are looking a bit infected today so putting antibiotic ointment on them, hopefully that will work otherwise it will be a trip to the doctor! Hopefully we are on our way out with them.
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I use white vinegar and put about 3/4 cup to 1 cup in his bath...i did that for about a week..one bath a day and then didnt give a bath for about 4-5 days and did that for a few weeks..of course if he got really dirty i would bath him..but not every night....i would pull the cores out while he was sleeping..if they looked like they were about to pop or if the core was sticking out..i used a pair of tweezers and wiped them down real good with peroxide before and after i pulled out the core...no more m/c they are gone..he does have some scars from the m/c hopefully those will go away....they do stop..it's so hard i know...but they will go away.
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Okay, 18 months. I hope these go away sooner than that. I don't think I can take another year of this! Funny thing though...About a week ago ds got his first one under the diaper. I totally freaked but I have left it alone aside from putting a little calendula on it every few days. It is gone now. I remember reading on another thread that urine is good for skin conditions. I actually thought about rubbing his wet diaper on the others but just couldn't bring myself to do it. :

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My 2 year has had this for months on his upper arm and back and it drives me crazy. I tried the silver cure too and it did nothing (except give them $70.00). Pediatrician said it will eventually disappear but it took her daughter two years before it went away. :
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Argh! My son's are spreading like crazy. They are now all over his belly and creeping towards his back. He has gotten some red rash type ones on his face but the Waleda calendula cream clears those up overnight but seems to do nothing on the big wart ones. He keeps getting one at a time inside his diaper but those go away so quick which is weird considering the warm, moist area. Perhaps this is what everyone means when they say with MC they get worse before they get better. I hope so!:

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What a pain for you that his MC is spreading. I've been using straight tea tree oil on my DS, they seem to be drying out slowly, but we still have a long way to go! After having them for 2 years I guess I can't expect an overnight cure. I just hope new ones don't keep popping up. There's no way she'll let me pull the cores out of the ripe ones, so I just have to wait for them to dry up. I've also stopped bathing her every night, we are showering every second night which has made a big difference also. :
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