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I was using straight tto at the beginning of this ordeal but it really dried out the surrounding skin. It became pink and kind of raw so that when I would put the tto on he would scream bloody murder. I use it now only periodically although I believe it would be helpful if I did it more often. Id do think the thuja is starting to do something. Although ds has alot more bumps, he has many that are getting red and looking like the core is ready to come out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :

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I've found the same with the tea tree drying out surrounding skin so have cut back on the amount of times putting it on. Heaps of hers are looking quite red and angry, I am so sick of this MC, wish it would pack up and leave! Thought I'd try doing nothing for the next week and see what happens, so far no new ones have popped up, so once again fingers crossed!:
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Silvercure worked for us

I have had very good success with the silver cure program and will note that it did not work for at least one person on this site that tried it but I can't say enough about it...

My son had them for approximately 4 1/2 months and i know that at the rate they were spreading they would have been around for much much longer had we not stumbled upon this treatment. He has eczema which also seemed to be reduced while using this treatment.

All my sons active lesions have dried up ..he had over 200 lesions less than a month and a half ago and with diligent twice and sometimes three times a day treatment. I was adamant about treatment and made sure no part of his body that had lesions on them touched any other part of his body..we went through lots of paper tape and changed pajamas and sheets every night.

I will have to say that you must follow the directions specifically to get results as quick as we did. We did put small pieces of duck tape over the mature lesions to open them up and help them come to the surface. His skin now has the faint appearance of where the old lesions were but those seem to be fading daily. The product wasn't inexpensive but neither were the rounds of Aldara which did absolutely nothing for our problem. We bought the family sized kit, which had soaps, shampoo, spray, a sealer and an ointment. It probably had more than we needed but I wasn't going to be caught without the right thing and have to reorder and pay shipping on additional product.
This costs the same as 2 and a half rounds of treatment of Aldara

I just wanted to share this as I was at my wits end and other methods had not worked for me. I have no ties to silvercure or their products, just a mom seeking out the quickest way to remedy this awful virus. Good luck with whatever method you choose and I hope you have quick relief.

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New to the Forum

Hello there,
I'm new and trying to catch up with all that has been going on in this thread. My son is 3 and Dr. has been telling us all this time that the "bumps" were excema. Only now has another Dr. told us it is M/C. Trying the TTO and all the bumps are looking enlarged & red, are they supposed to get worse before they get better? Am I supposed to pick the "whitehead" out? Please help as I am quite lost. Thanks.:
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My ds's are also looking red and swollen. Many have popped overnight leaving blood on his jammies. I know it's the inside that is so contagious so I got those little round bandaids and started covering the ones that look ready to pop. In our experience once they pop that one is gone for good the surrounding area is a different story which is why I am now on the band aid kick. I am alternating tto, vinegar, and zymaderm. Ds is also taking thuja orally. I am also waiting for some australian lemon myrtle to be delivered. Apparently that too is very helpful. Wow, mc is expensive when you add up all the oils, cream, vinegar, bandaids, loads of laundry, etc.!!!!!:

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I had my DD at the doctor last week as a few of her MC's were looking like they were getting infected. It was a locum doc and he said there was new research out that said fusidic acid cream/ointment was supposed to be good at getting rid of MC! So we are now trying this and it seems to be working!! I had been using TTO but found it was burning the surrounding skin. I got the ointment and it sticks to the bumps, they do go red first, the white core comes up which I try to wipe away as she won't let me squeeze them and then they dry up and hopefully disappear for good! Its been a long process for us, over 2.5 years now but I'm hopeful a complete disappearance is in sight! Unfortunately my DS has now caught them and he has them all over his body, but the fusidic acid ointment seems to be helping his also! It's worth a try and here in NZ is free on prescription (I've spent a small fortune on trying to find a cure over the last 2.5 years)!. :
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It"s Working!

I'm almost afraid to write this lest I jinx us but... You guys the Australian lemon myrtle is clearing those suckers up finally. The oil is stronger than tto so I mixed it with olive oil in a 3:1 ratio and apply it 3 times a day with a q-tip. DS smells delicious, it doesn't hurt, the lemon myrtle dries them out and the olive oil moisturizes I guess. I am less stressed about the whole situation too which is really great! I am pleased so far. It's been less than a week. I'll keep you guys posted. I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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So pleased for you!

I'm so pleased for you that you've had a good result! Ours are drying up and going away too with the fusidic acid ointment - yah! I'm off to get another tube each at the doctor and that should hopefully do it! Have you noticed any new ones since you've been treated with the Australian Lemon stuff? I have noticed a few newies on my DS and DD, but when the ointment goes on it must kick in pretty fast, as they dry up fairly rapidly. I've also noticed the cores coming out quickly and my DS easily picks them out himself, this wasn't happening before! :
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No new ones. Thank goodness. The cores are coming out really fast. I have to change ds's undershirt three times a day because there are little spots of blood and of course MC germs all over it. Good for you guys too. Whatever works for you is what I think! I've tried everything under the sun.
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did you order the Australian lemon myrtle from somewhere or is it available at the hfs?
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we are 14 months into this now and some of the 'spots' are still hanging around but the ones that have left us are leaving a small freckle like scar on her tummy. suggestions on what might help the scarring?
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My son was diagnosed with this mid August and it was gone by mid Oct with the use of Derma Smoothe and a carribean vacation. We have 3 kids and we know this is not eczema. His bumps started on his thighs, then, butt, tummy, and it spread everywhere except for face and head. From reading this thread we tried epsom salt bath and then Zymaderm. 1st Doctor said it should go a way with time. By 4th week, still no luck, we went to see 2nd docter who prescribed Derma Smooth DIN00873292 made by Hill Dermaceuticals. It is an oil to be applied with water several times a day. We used this for 2 wks and then we were to be on vacation to the carribeans mid Oct. His bumps were still there but not as severe as the 1st 4 wks. We read on this thread that for some salt water worked, so when we arrived on the beach we rubbed the sand and soaked him for 4 hrs a day. It got worst before it got better. The first day, his skin was swollen and red, but by the 3rd day it was looking much better. By the end of the 7 day vacation we stopped using the Derma Smooth.
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Originally Posted by wantingagirl2b#4 View Post
My 3 yr. old has Molluscum contagiosum and we have been unsuccessful at getting rid of this. Does anyone out there have any experience with this. All info on web says highly contagious but yet no one in family of five doesn't have it except our 3 yr. old. However two different dr.'s said it is Molluscum Contagiosum. We have tried the silver sure from the molluscum.com site but nothing has worked. He has had this for about 6 good months and I am preg. with twins and I am trying to get rid of it as quick as possible because now we were advised that my eight yr. old that did take baths with him is to not do that anymore. And absolutely not to share towels, washcloths etc. Any one out there with a cure that worked for them?

Thanks in advance for any and all input.

please forgive me for not reading through this whole post, so i'm not sure if this has been mentioned. liquid bandaid will get rid of them. my kids caught it from their cousins - this worked really well and it doesn't hurt my kids when i applied it. hope that helps.
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molluscum around eyes

Our son has had molluscum for 1-1/2 years now, he is 4-1/2. The kids in his preschool are starting to talk about the bumps and dots around his face. He has them around his eyes, on his eyelids and some on his eyelash area. I've done so much research about this, taken him to derm and ped, both won't touch them because of where they are located. They seem to get better then get worse again. I've read on this board about lemon myrtle oil, apple cider vinegar, and regular vinegar. I prefer to try something natural because of the area they're located. For those that have tried the vinegars or lemon myrtle oil is it OK to put around the eye area? Which one seemed to work the best. He's going to be starting kindergarten soon and the thought of the kids teasing him is so depressing to me, his preschool kids are already asking what they are. What do I do if they won't let him go to kindergarten because of where they are located? I can't put bandages on them. Thanks for any advice.
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I'm so sorry you've been dealing with Molluscum as well, and on your son's face. That's really hard. When we were in the states we were advised to let our son's molluscum rash be & run its course. Then it multiplied and spread over several different parts of his body. He has had it for 1 1/2 years, contracted it at 1 1/2yrs in the middle of winter. We went to one pool that winter, he never touched any towels or public surfaces, was in our arms the whole time. He also got a DPT shot that winter, he had a big bruise-like reaction on his thigh, but molluscum first appeared on his trunk. He was not in daycare or any situation where clothing was shared & he didn't have skin to skin contact with anyone on the playground.

After 8 months of these things spreading, he broke out in what looked like a hundred tiny ones on his chest all in one red patch (wasn't molluscum, just eczema). We are in a rural part of Europe, and I freaked out & forced my husband to help us get a doctor's appointment. She diagnosed molluscum and eczema and said the only way to get rid of it was to scrape the white-heads out with a curette & apply antibiotic (neosporin) to the scabs, because they spread by scratching & you can't keep toddlers from scratching. She also prescribed hydrocortisone cream for the eczema, which I successfully used on several areas that looked like underground molluscum.

The problem is that a few are still emerging from underneath the skin where they spread over the course of the first 8 months when we didn't know how to handle it. They are emerging REALLY slowly. I wash everything that he wears/uses on his body, keep his nails trimmed short, and keep him dry now. We don't use soap when bathing him(except on his feet & butt), just in case the eczema will reappear & provide a path for the molluscum. We also avoid lotion because I read that it holds in moisture & provides a good environment for it to grow.

We made a second trip to the dermatologist here 4 weeks after the first removal & will return before we return to the states. The scraping is difficult since he is 2 1/2. However the quantity is substantially reduced & they are not re-emerging from the original sites. He has some scarring from the ones that grew large (1.5mm), and the whole thing causes me a lot of stress daily.

I tried vinegar, tea tree (poked in the middle of the warts with a sterile needle), salt water baths, and band aids to no avail. I think removal is the only way to go for us, after reading this whole thread. No single formula seems to work consistently, except removal. It seems like people have seen improvement over time, but none of the topical treatments seem to work for more than one person. If I'm wrong, please let me know, as I would do just about anything to avoid another removal.

If your ped won't order a removal I would consider trying a second opinion. This just seems like a really insidious virus that should be researched more fully by the medical establishment. I think that doc's care more about possible scarring and thus lawsuits, more than they care about what will help a child. I don't think it's spiritually healthy to not be able to look at my son without analyzing his skin in anticipation of a possible breakout.
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just another mother on breakdown.

Originally Posted by honeysuckle1 View Post
t. I don't think it's spiritually healthy to not be able to look at my son without analyzing his skin in anticipation of a possible breakout.
You said it sister.

I am virtually suicidal over this effing MC problem. My 17 month old son has them on his face and torso. We've been following doctor's orders for the past 7 months and leaving them be, hoping for them to "go away on their own." It has not happened and I think I see more coming on his face. Finally, this morning, I popped one his upper arm. It was very near the surface and looked like it needed a little help. A gentle squeeze later, I very carefully (alcohol, antiseptic, q-tips) extracted a tiny solid round kernel/nodule. There was some blood but toddler didnt seem to notice a single thing about it. I sterilized the area and covered with band aid so he couldnt touch it. Let's see what happens.

My son didnt go to any public pools or share towels. I have no idea where they might've come from. It's very frustrating how non-chalant my pediatrician is about it. I admit I am sort of relieved that she thinks its such a non-issue, but as we can see in this thread, it's not exactly "nothing."
My pediatrician doesnt even think I should see a derma, at his age. So I am continuing to wait it out.

Anyone else think there is strong link between MC and pox vaccines? That seems to be such a strong link I wonder why it's not more discussed. I suspect if you were told that there's a chance you child might inherit a life long wart problem or temporary wart problem all over his body for a few years... you would probably refuse the vaccine. Anyone heard anything on this?

I send out bonding mother vibes to all the other mothers dealing with this horrifying problem that needs more attention cause as far as I am concerned, it's serious enough.

p/s beach hasnt worked for me yet. But I guess its the best possible remedy! I'll report back when I can take him 7 days in a row. After all, I live in Miami, I should take advantage of the beach already.
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It took just about a year and ours did go away by themselves. When they went away they looked really infected but that is how they resolved themselves. (the doc that told us to wait it out did not know that this is what was going on but after the third part of his body they went through the red swollen stage I realized that was just the working themselves out)

I have no idea how ds actually got these, all I could come up with was our lives were very stressfull as we were moving from Germany to the US and he probably caught them on the airplane trip home.
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Dss had this around his eyes when he was 4/5. Dh had been picking at them, thinking they were pimples. I took him to a derm. and he said to just let them be and not pick (dss is a picker). They would get red and swollen then pop or just fade away. He is 13 now and they haven't come back, but it was a painful preschool year with a big one on his eyelid.
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It really is great to hear that they go away. It's just incredible to think that one day, this stress is going to be gone.

If they were only on his torso, it wouldn't be so bad but the face thing... that really is upsetting because it makes molluscum a potential topic of conversation no matter where you go.

I don't need to tell you, we really are going nowhere enclosed these days.
It's all outdoor and far from others...I just shudder in horror to think that I/my ds would pass this onto someone else.
The contagious thing is such a quagmire too. When I asked my pedi if he should be taken out of his play class, her response was "good god no! if we kept all these kids indoors, there would be nary a kid..."
But there's all this rhetoric about how sterile the baby's environment needs to be. This seems contradictory to me!

I took him out of the play class anyway though.

Yes, I guess you've all guessed by now that I am the nervous one.

A a weird aside: I am getting pimples in the areas on MY face that my kid has MC on his face. Amazing ! My dh thinks this some deep maternal energy at work to try and "sympathize" with him. I've somehow willed bumps on my face, wow the power of the mind.
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