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treating the tiniest spots of molluscum?

First of all, thank you to everyone who takes the time to post here about what works or what doesn't. I agree with those who say the doctors seem to know so little about this ... telling us to not worry!

My daughter has molluscum. When the ped diagnosed it, he said take her to the dermatologist since it has already spread from the back of one knee to the other. The dermatologist used the blistering agent (beetlejuice) and it was horrible.

After those blisters finally scabbed over and went away (while she screamed in pain and missed almost 2 weeks of school), she now has about 10 new spots, but they are teeny tiny. They don't bother her one bit. Two are a little bigger (still very small compared to some photos I've seen) and look like they might erupt eventually.

Some of her original ones were this tiny, but they put the blistering agent on anyway.

When the molluscum are that small, does that mean the body is successfully fighting the virus? If I had to guess, she has had this for 9 months before the doctor properly diagnosed it.

I can't stand the thoughts of taking her back to the dermatologist, but worse, I can't stand the thought of this spreading to other parts.

I am currently putting vinegar or tea tree oil on the spots. So far no change. I plan to order lemon myrtle today.

I'm not sure if I should treat the teeny spots or if they will (possibly) just go away w/o erupting.

I've heard some say they squeeze out the center, but I don't know how to do that without the fluid getting on the nearby skin. Plus I don't know how I would ever get her to be still. She is 5, but very squeemish.

I have read about molluscum in forum after forum, but couldn't find any mention of the very tiny spots. Thank you for anyone who can enlighten me about my question.
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I noticed that when my dd took pro-biotics this summer when we were in Mexico...for 7weeks....her Molluscums got smaller and eventually went away. We also were not at the neighborhood pool every day either. I swear our molluscums came from the pool. Also TTO helps them dry up too.
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Originally Posted by petalutha View Post
I have read about molluscum in forum after forum, but couldn't find any mention of the very tiny spots. Thank you for anyone who can enlighten me about my question.

All of my dd's spots are very small. I'll take a pic and post tonight. I think it would be helpful since so many of the pics on the internet are te worst-case-scenario type of pictures. I have successfully popped even tiny bumps....but they keep...coming...back. I'm tired of trying to control them, so we're just letting them run their course. I ocassionally pop bumps on her neck and other visible areas.
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For a brief recap, my 6yo got them last winter (definitely not the pool, and none of my children have ever had varivax) on his legs and my 3yo got them late spring (I think) on his belly. The 9 & 1yo have not had them. My children regularly eat plain whole yogurt and other lacto-fermented (naturally probiotic) foods (although the latter are only about once/wk). The two that have the bumps are also the two that have (from my diagnosis, not a doc's!) sugar addiction and likely yeast overgrowth, like me.

I tried LMO twice a day for a week and nothing happened. At all. But over the next 6 weeks or so (w/ me only bothering with LMO about once a week, if that), my 6yo's bumps started to go away, and the replacements were few, and lasted very short. His are now completely gone. I never could bring myself to pop any.

My 3yo's are almost gone. I've been trying to do LMO again, since I think that's probably what started the first successful resistance effort! I remember about twice a week now.

They've had bumps of many different sizes from the start. I haven't seen any difference between the sizes of the bumps, except that maybe at the start they were smaller? and maybe again at the end? Although currently my 3yo has bumps of all sizes, including an enormous one on his belly.
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My 5YO DD has had them for about 8 months now. Yep, a summer full of lesson's at our local pool.

I've popped two over the pst month's. The ones that are ready to pop look obviously diff (on my kid anyway) in that the white head is very visible and looks almost isolated from the surrounding skin. but it hurts like the devil and it bleeds far more than you'd expect, because of the virus. a reg cut would never bleed this much.

We're on holiday in Hawaii right now so I plan to pop some and then have her out in the salt water and sun, and cover them up at night until they heal.

fingers crossed.

I think I'll use TTO on the un-poppable ones.

So glad this thread exists. oh and my kids are all unvax'd and BF for 4 years.

now if only our family's ketosis pilaris had a cure. argh.
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Originally Posted by WCM View Post
now if only our family's ketosis pilaris had a cure. argh.
You might find this thread helpful with ketosis pilaris. I think if you search the allergy forum there are also some good threads about it
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We have been mc free for about 10 months now but the ones that I popped have all scarred. the scars are on dd's tummy and are hardly noticable but there are about 12. I used a sterilized pin and only punctured the top so I was gentle and didn't mess with them much. please remember this when you are popping that they may leave a scar.
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Originally Posted by supermuma View Post
I would be very interested in hearing any info on the yeast theory.... My dd has had some yeast related stuff going on basically since birth.

There may be a connection to yeast here. I had a yeast infection on my breast when my son was a couple months old. It cleared up when I started taking probiotics and reduced the sugar in my diet.

About 4 months ago my son started showing signs of Molluscum Contagiosum, but we didn't know what it was until yesterday.

I'm still breastfeeding so I think that as a result his case of MC is very subtle compared to what we've seen on the web. We are going to overcome this by boosting his immune system and treating the spots with tea tree oil. Just after 1 day of doing so we're seeing a huge improvement. I may also want to try something like SilverCare. I would really like to try a colloidal silver on this. I just feel it's something we need to look into for our family.

Thank goodness for forums like this!
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just wanted to post a little update! Maddie started getting bumps last summer...maybe May? It is now 9 months later and the bumps are miraculously disappearing! I am so happy. About a month ago, the 4 bumps on her left side got big and pimple-like. They were red and angry looking. I feared they were infected for some reason and Maddie let me pop them and apply Neosporin. In retrospect I think it was actually an attack by her immune system. They healed nicely and I started to notice that all her bumps (and she had LOTS) were just disappearing. I am sad to say that she does have very small pit-looking scars on her torso I hope they go away over time. She has maybe 3 very tiny bumps right now, and I am hopeful they will disappear soon.

Now that we are at the end of this journey, I think there was really nothing we could do to get them to go away faster. Her body just needed to take care of them over time. Nobody else in the family got any spots, but I did stop letting her bathe with her sister and brother.
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Originally Posted by Jeanne D'Arc View Post
I would SERIOUSLY give Emprizone a try.
This is fantastic stuff. I'm using it on my ds's MC now.
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I was reading this thread a few months ago when my LO's were at their worst on her arm and torso. I was relieved to see they were common and decided to leave them alone. Sure enough, after having them for about a year, they started to go away. It seemed that her body just suddenly recognized them. Then one by one they got really red and angry looking, as others have mentioned. And they started to scab over. They haven't disappeared completely yet, but I think everything will be all clear in a couple months.
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My dd had this when she was 4 and it lasted a year. No one else got it and she bathed with her brother almost daily. Hers were mainly on her torso and she did not have any scarring.
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My DS who is 16 months has this and it began when he was about 3 months old. I was told by the ped to leave it along and it would go away but nothing is happening. It has spread (mostly under the arms and chest) and DS has 2 really bad places on his neck that I have popped and now they are getting bigger. I need to stop but they get all pussy and pimple-like and it just looks really bad. I am going to start treating them with some of the things suggested here.
I am really concerned and have a question for some mamas out there.
I have DS signed up for swim lessons in April but now am wondering if this is a bad idea. I know they make the "rash guard" swim suits but do these really work? I don't want his MC getting worse and I don't want him to give it to other kids. It's a parent-tot class so he will be with me the whole time of course but I don't know if this is spead through a pool or not. I would never let share towels or floats or anything like that. Anyone out there have some input?
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I don't know if it can spread in water, but I wanted to mention that if they are red and pussy that means they are getting ready to heal. Once my LOs started to look like that it took a week or so for them to quiet down, then start scabbing over. But they took turns, one by one, getting pussy and red, then going away. It has been two or three months since the first one started, and the last ones are just now going away.

So if they look red I think your LO is on the way to healing! If not then I'm not sure what to do about the swimming.
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I just spent the last hour reading this thread. My dd has had these for at least 3 months, if not longer. She has about 50 on her eyelids (30 on one and 20 on the other), they are starting to creep along her nose and on her forehead. There doesn't seem to be much we can do about this nasty virus. I've done collidial silver sprayed directly on her eyelids, purchased the lemon myrtle, TTO etc, but I can't use them on her eyes. Ped Optimologist has suggest using the "curette" to scrape them out, I can't imagine doing that to dd, who is not quite 4...even though they said they would "put her out for it" and "it could possibly leave scarring". Aaarrrgghh! It just feels good to talk to others who understand what I'm going through, it is such a personal hell. I also have an 8 month old baby that I'm constantly trying to keep away from touchy feely hands of a 3 yr old! Not to mention making sure my child keeps her distance from other kids during play dates.
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I think my daughter has this virus too! Ugh

The daycare is freaked out by it. She started with a couple on her neck and now she has a bunch on her chin. I guess I feel motivated to "do something" because of what other people think. I would prefer to just let them be but the spreading is somewhat concerning, especially since it is on her face :-(

I am going to read back through the thread to come up with some ideas to treat it. I really don't want to do anything harsh to her. Sucks!
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do this - it works!!!!

my 17 yr old daughter had this for 6 months - 5 of which she never told me - it was on her leg - only 1 leg - and it was winter in wisconsin...soooo. - I found out by accident by seeing her leg....

anyway - went to the doctor - dermotologist - and there were just to many to burn - tons of red - white dots everywhere - big & small......

so...he gave us the cream everyone talked about - USELESS - 7 days later and nothing -

then, the health food store helped me and googling.....
natural cures for molluscum contagiosum...
this is what you need:
organic apple cider vinegar
spray silver
tea tree oil
tea tree body soap

this is what we did:
6 days and nights straight.

night - use bandages (we had to use large ones (really large) - soaked the cloth area in organic apple cider vinegar - covered the bumps....

morning - showered/washed body in the tea tree oil body wash - then
dabbed the sores with the straight tea tree and re-bandaged. spray with silver any areas that are not covered with bandages.

that evening - showered again - and started over with the bandages and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

did this routine - faithfully for 6 days...
now all we have left is 1 or 2 lingering - and some sores that we are still putting tea tree oil on. and we are spraying with the silver.

now, as a BOOST - we also made her drink 2 TB organic apple cider vinegar / 2 TBL honey and some water mixed together 1 X a day.... this cleanses the liver...... to get rid of this nasty virus....
we are continuing this for a while... we want to make sure this virus goes away!!!!! it grows under the skin.....yes it is contagious on the top - but once on you - it is in your body - and you have to get rid of this.... we were persistent - and I was very obsessed with killing this virus!!!

The doctor - off the record - told me that this was what he "heard" works....but again - it was off the record...

and it really seems to have worked thus far - 7 days only - after having for 6 months..... and for 1 month we worked with the doctor (officially) and the dermatologist - and that was useless!!!!!

if you want to talk to me off line - you can leave your e-mail here - and I will check back and talk individually - I just know how frustrating this virus is - and I feel so bad that no one told us sooner - and thankful that we did find an answer!!!

write back and tell how it works!!!!:
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My 3 yr old daughter had this and it is horrible. It started with 3 on the bottom of her chin and then moved everywhere and she ended up having almost 70 bumps. I took her to the Dr. 4 times and then went to see the dermatologist and they finally told us to pop them. The only options that we had were extreme including acid and they said it was extremely painful. It spread down to her stomach and up on her face around her mouth. We tried this cream it didn't work, then tried vinegar didn't work.

What did work was...

Went to Walmart bought tea tree oil band aids and alcohol. Any of the bumps that have a white head on them like a zit they are ready to pop. I bought this numbing spray for waxing and sprayed the top of them. Dermatologist said to take duck tape and lay it over the bump and then take it off to remove the top layer of the white and then squeeze the stuff out and then clean with alcohol and then we put tea tree oil on then band aids. There are finally going away. There are only like 15 left. They told me to wait and they would go away but they were spreading so fast they were everywhere even starting going down by her privates and in her hair. There is a hole looking scar but they will go away.

The hardest part of this is that it does hurt and they do scream, a treat afterwords always makes it better. Not only was my daughter crying but so was I and my husband who popped them was sweating like crazy. We started this a month ago, and had a lot of luck. Try it it may work for you too.
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Ds started getting the warts in February. I just let them go and didn't do any treatment, as I know it typically runs it's course over time. However, I did notice it spreading on his chest and belly. I bought some of this oil. I used it for about a week, and the bumps disappeared and started getting scabby. No more bumps now, just some scabbiness left. Applying the oil didn't hurt him at all, and he says the scabby areas aren't sore either. I realize that it did seem to work very quickly, and I think its because he had the warts for 4 months already and they were probably on their way out anyway.
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