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Great thread!

Dd has had these for some time now (my best estimate is probably 6-9 months) and I'm reasdy to be done with them! Her ped actually said they weren't *that* contagious and so I didn't think too much of them until the started spreading a lot. Then I did some research and found out they're quite contagious! I think our family would have had them by now if we were going to get them.

The first one she got is now kind of big and angry looking...like it's going to pop. I think we may get some TTO and band-aids tonight and squeeze out the center. Ew.

Since they are starting to pop on their own I'm thinking (hoping..lol!) we are on our way to being done with it anyway, but just in case I'm going to try to hurry things along with some lemon myrtle oil. I'll update when we start it.

BTW, these started out on the left side of her mid-back and have crept around to her stomach and there are some in the elbow crease of her left arm. Some are so tiny I can't really tell if they are molluscum or just some other blemish.

I'm so glad I thought to look this up on MDC. Great info in this thread!
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Ahhhhh! The MC has spread like crazy over DD's chin and neck. I have apple cider vinegar at home, I am going to try applying it as often as I can.

My 3 yr old DD won't even let me look at her bumps! As soon as I get near her she freaks. I don't think I can do some of the treatments b/c she will not tolerate me touching her face/ neck. After she let me pop one a while ago and it hurt she absolutely will not let me get near her again.

As some get red and go away, more appear in other places. So frustrating!

I think I am going to try researching more on zinc and yeast too. :
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we were so excited when dd's MC cleared up after almost a year. Hers appeared very shortly after her first swim in a public pool. Well, just a few weeks after ds had his first swim in the same pool he now has MC on his bottom one on his nose, and one on the side of his torso. It breaks my heart, but having done this with one kid already I've decided I will not do anything but let them run their course and try to keep them from spreading (covering them when they open). In less than a year this will all be behind us, and it doesn't cause them any pain unless I try to mess with them...so this time I won't. But it kills me to see them
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ok I am on page 5 and if I have to read about people popping these things one more time ,I am going to puke.


My 6 yr old has them and they are spreading moderatly over the last few months....my 3 yr old has a little cluster too and they have hardly moved in the same amount of time.

I am not really doing anything for them although now that I read this thread I may.

Our doc just told us to leave them alone.

I may look for a homeopathic - I dont know yet.

Just curious at why you all want to intervene with them?
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I think I felt like I needed to intervene because they scared me and i didn't know how bad they would get if I just left them alone. Looking back I wish I had just let them run their course. Its not that bad. Of course my daughter never had them on her face, and ds does. That makes me the most sad, but I'll get over it.
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ok. whew. done reading. what an awesome resource you all have made here! :

Ds just woke up to pee and I wrangled a band aid on him with ACV on his large red ugly bump.

He is proud of them for some reason so, whatever. LOL.

I told him its a science experiment.
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I thought I'd just mention our experience with this. Dd's started when she was 15 months old (after a swim at a public pool). Hers started on her neck and moved to her face. She had it quite badly. We saw a dermatologist and tried a couple of creams, but it just continued to get worse and spread. (Dd, btw never has had the chicken pox vaccine and AFAIK has never had it either.)

A few years later and it was getting worse... dd was being teased at school about it and she was positively distraught because her friends wouldn't play with her. One little boy whacked her across the face to get her away from him because he didn't want "to catch it".

We were on a trip back to Turkey to visit family when dd was about 4. A friend of the family's is THE BEST dermatologist in the entire country. His accolades were very impressive and I was desperate for any solution after trying everything over the previous 3 years an the virus continuing to spread. He told us that there is NOTHING you can do for MC except to literally scrape the "warts" off and use vitamin E oil to help the healing. He said that it would kickstart her immune system to battle the virus. Using lidocane to numb her skin, he popped the large ones off and within a few months they were all gone. The others simply disappeared (they didn't pop). It was not traumatic at all and dd was happy as a clam to have them gone. She doesn't have scars except for a small pock mark on her upper lip that is almost invisible. That one popped when the little boy whacked her across the face. She's 7 now and we've not seen any for over 3 years now.
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Originally Posted by transformed View Post
Just curious at why you all want to intervene with them?
Molluscum Contagiosum can be itchy and can spread with a simple scratch. And, it can leave scars. So, when there were only a couple and on the face, getting rid of them was, IMO, prudent. Puncturing when "ripe" was easy enough to do with a sterile needle (it didn't hurt - I've done it to myself when I caught MC from a relative's LO), a sterile gauze pad and two fingers' pressure pushed out the viral content easily and a little tea tree oil dabbed on top afterwards helped prevent infection.

If the pox were elsewhere on the body and not itching, I'd have left them alone. Certainly, it's not dangerous and, eventually, heals on its own.
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yeah I have just learned aout the itch. for 3 months the kids swore they didnt ith and all of a sudden - they do.
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molloscum contagiosum

My son also suffered from this - can't tell how contagious it really is as no one else in our family (4 other kids) ever got it and as he is 3 yrs old he is touched by everyone quite a bit. The dr told us nothing wd work and it would run it's course in 2-3 years! My father-in-law has an entire closet of homeopathic remedies and especially swears by colloidal silver for many ailments. So he gave me some Silva Solution to try. It is a greenish gel like substance that contains colloidal silver. By now, 3 months had gone by and the bumps were spreading, breaking open, hurting/itching and multiplying, showing up in different places, etc. They totally gave me the heebie jeebies...I began using the Silva Solution daily. I had already tried several things i had read on the internet and nothing was making a difference. And now 6 weeks later they are all completely gone. No scars, no new bumps, all gone! I hope this helps some people out there struggling with this ailment and thinking they have to endure it for months and years. It is definitely worth trying for your child as it causes no harm, no stinging, and clears them away quickly. He doesn't remember where he got it but I imagine it can be found pretty easily online.
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I'm pretty sure I'm dealing with this with DD. They started back in April on the back of her left thigh. Now they have become red & itching. It does seem like once they pop they go away but they are spreading! All down her leg, her underarm & I'm scared 2 are starting on her face! It's so frustrating!
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My DD had these on her back, legs and hands. I popped them - made sure to get all the stuff out - and they never came back.
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9 month old - one double bumb, MC question, HELP!

Hi mamas! After angsting over MC all weekend, I am so relieved to have found this thread.

My almost 9 month old has what we originally thought was some sort of insect bite on the inside of his left calf. It looks like two small bites right next to each other. Sometimes it looks like there is a small dimple/indentation and sometimes not (I guess depending on the light and how squirmy he's being at the time).

It had been there for about ten days and - when we went for his 9 month check-up last week - the ped said it looked like MC. She gave me Black ointment for it - an herbal ointment with a "smoked fish" sort of smell, made by Nature's Way. We are applying this 3x/day and covering with a bandaid during waking hours.

After reading up on MC on the net, I am really anxious about how much it may have spread before we knew what it was. Its in a spot that he doesn't mess with - but I notice that his hands rest on the area near the bump when he is in his car seat. I am worried that a whole new crop will show up on his face and other parts of his body as his hands are always in his mouth. I am also afraid that my four-year old may have contracted it from him, but the waiting to find out is killing me.

My question is: is MC contagious even before it starts to open/ooze? His is still intact and not at all irritated. I know that he hasn't scratched it - but I am sure that many of us came in contact with the bump before we found out about MC and covered it up with a bandaid.

Also - what does MC look like at the very, very beginning stages? My four year old has a tendency towards dry skin and right now has some tiny dry bumps on the backs of his upper arms. I am pretty sure they have been there before, but - now - every little bump is suspect.

I am trying to be calm about this and have a "wait and see" attitude - but it's really thrown me for a loop. I am having a total fear of the unknown here.

I think I might call the ped tomorrow for a ped derm referral, although she had said she wanted me to wait to see if another popped up and - if it did - she would remove them.

Any answers about the early contagious-ness and the early visible signs? By the way - we went to the public pool a few times, starting about six weeks ago.

Thanks for any advice in advance.
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Without rechecking my sources, I think the pox needs to ooze or be scratched to allow for spread. Certainly, that has been my experience.

Bumps on the back of the arms is a common condition and not likely to be MC.

Breathe. Hugs.
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My daughter DEFINITELY got the virus from our condo pool. it showed up a few days after our first visit to the pool on memorial day weekend.

Ever since they showed up, they have itched and been painful. from day one, she has cried, scratched, been uncomfortable, etc.They have been spreading from under her arm to across her breast, down her side, up her arm, and now around her back.

we saw the ped. derm. and they gave her the blistering treatment-blisters only formed on 3 of 30 spots! that was 2 weeks ago and it has now spread even more. we are going back to the ped derm this friday, so i will be asking about cutting them off-im less worried about scarring-because my daughter is just miserable with this! she cries all the time, and is in so much pain and discomfort with it.
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I'm visiting my thread I started 3yrs later!

I can't believe this thread has lasted this long..... wow! Well I now have twins that are 2 1/2 and they both have this agrevating MC that I have never experienced except for the last 3 kiddo's! Looked at my daughter this morning and her's is all cleared up gone! I popped an ugly one on her bottom and now they just all are gone. She had this a couple of months. I have 5 kiddo's in the house. It seems maybe while I had my 3 yr. old with it and pregnant with the twins maybe there is a correlation there I don't know. Maybe they lay dorment for awhile, because he was 3 yrs old when he had this and the twins are 2 1/2. now he is 6 now so only 3 yrs in between ergggg... Idk... Can't think it's late. lol I will read all the post to play catch up to see what has worked for everyone else. We are at the later stages as they have had this for at least 5 months now and clearing up with no red irritated looking one's. So maybe we are on the road to recovery!!! I looked this morning she is clear but her twin brother has four tiny ones. Going to try good ole Castor Oil since someone mentioned this being a wart. Maybe ;0) Wish us luck! Check back in later.
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Originally Posted by petalutha View Post
First of all, thank you to everyone who takes the time to post here about what works or what doesn't. I agree with those who say the doctors seem to know so little about this ... telling us to not worry!

My daughter has molluscum. When the ped diagnosed it, he said take her to the dermatologist since it has already spread from the back of one knee to the other. The dermatologist used the blistering agent (beetlejuice) and it was horrible.

After those blisters finally scabbed over and went away (while she screamed in pain and missed almost 2 weeks of school), she now has about 10 new spots, but they are teeny tiny. They don't bother her one bit. Two are a little bigger (still very small compared to some photos I've seen) and look like they might erupt eventually.

Some of her original ones were this tiny, but they put the blistering agent on anyway.

When the molluscum are that small, does that mean the body is successfully fighting the virus? If I had to guess, she has had this for 9 months before the doctor properly diagnosed it.

I can't stand the thoughts of taking her back to the dermatologist, but worse, I can't stand the thought of this spreading to other parts.

I am currently putting vinegar or tea tree oil on the spots. So far no change. I plan to order lemon myrtle today.

I'm not sure if I should treat the teeny spots or if they will (possibly) just go away w/o erupting.

I've heard some say they squeeze out the center, but I don't know how to do that without the fluid getting on the nearby skin. Plus I don't know how I would ever get her to be still. She is 5, but very squeemish.

I have read about molluscum in forum after forum, but couldn't find any mention of the very tiny spots. Thank you for anyone who can enlighten me about my question.

My twins have the tiny spots you are referring too and they seem to be clearing up now on the road of recovery we hope. My daughter had one red nasty one on her bum and I just squeezed it and wiped it away. I think as long as you us a sterile needle or a gently squeeze if it is ready to burst kind of look and you wash and wipe the area good she will be fine. I did this with my 3 yr. old 3 yrs ago and that's how we finally rid of it then. So I did that with both the twins this time and it does seem to be going away with only 2 tiny spots on the back of my sons leg and one faint looking one near his eye with a red blemish where one was so looking lots better with the pop method and one on his chin! My daughters that I popped on her bum is gone I think but I am going to check in the morning but I just popped it wiped it all clean and that's it. The one on her bum check if I pulled apart her checks the other side had one there so I took care of that one and just popped it and as I said it all seems to be going away. I'll check in tommorrow with everyone after I have had some time to read all these pages bound to be lots of valuable info in here mama's. Thanks for keeping this thread alive although I hate I had to come back for the reason of return!
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QUOTE=amcal;14446530]My DD had these on her back, legs and hands. I popped them - made sure to get all the stuff out - and they never came back.[/QUOTE]

Another one for the pop method! I think that is what is working here to and that is what worked three years ago with my then 3 yr. old. Glad she didn't have to go through all that. Seems we may need to poll this one

pop method or no pop method What do you say anyone know how to do a poll? LOL
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We would pop them too! Both my older two struggled with this about 6 months apart and it seems like they're finally gone!!! Pop them, make sure not to touch other parts of the skin and wash your hands well. But it does work!!
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Originally Posted by Gitti View Post
I am just asking a question so please don't flame me:

Could the varicella vaccine be the culprit for Molluscum contagiosum?

If your child did NOT have the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine and also was NOT in contact with anyone who's had it or who had shingles, but does have the Molluscum virus, then ok, I am wrong.

I am just curious. I've read that there might be a connection. ?
I would like to rule out this idea because my 2 non vaxed kids now the twins have this stuff and they have never been vaxed except one had the vit k shot but no others. So not a vax issue here I don't think so for us anyway.
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