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Originally Posted by mirlee View Post
There have been many threads on this. DO NOT POP THEM!!! DO NOT FREEZE THEM! I say this because our dermatologist said this is not the correct course of action. I realize that others have had different experiences.

Find a good pediatric dermatologist. Our son had these and we insisted on the dermatology recommendation. Extract of Blister Beetle was used. It is painful. It will cause some blisters on the skin. But it keeps them from spreading and reocurring. It requires several treatments. I look at this this way. He got rid of them. He has had none come back.
Well we all have different experiences as you stated and there are others that are saying Pop THEM and some that saying FREEZING worked for them and others that say Freezing worked but they come back so it seems this is really hard to figure this one out, but I wanted to reply to this particularly because POPPING Did Work for Us and Others that have posted!
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Originally Posted by wantingagirl2b#4 View Post
Well we all have different experiences as you stated and there are others that are saying Pop THEM and some that saying FREEZING worked for them and others that say Freezing worked but they come back so it seems this is really hard to figure this one out, but I wanted to reply to this particularly because POPPING Did Work for Us and Others that have posted!
We saw a pediatric dermatologist and he said popping was fine if it worked!
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QUOTE( How can I boost DS's immune system? He does have eczema and has had the chicken pox vaccine (fwiw my only child who has had it and the only one with MC).

I just wanted to say this was in question for my now 6 yr old when he had it 3 yrs ago as he was vaxed but my twins that are now 2 1/2 are non vaxed with the exception one was given Vit K at birth and both of them got this annoying MC. My daughter is cleared up now. She had it several months but it was only on her bum, but gone now! yeah! We still are dealing with her twin brother's MC but he only has like 2 spots on his leg one on his chin and one faint one close to his eye but on the side of his face so dealing with 4 spots I hope we rid of it soon! We did the popping method with our then 3 yr old and my daughter we really left them alone but did pop one that got big red and nasty bursting like appearance so I could not resist as I did not want this to spread all over so to keep it from going all over I did pop it and now she is all cleared up. Some red areas but is fading that is old places where the MC was. So in hopes now to rid her twin brother with 4 spots. Crossing all fingers his is soon to disappear as well. After reading 8 pages of this thread several have mentioned this being a wart. It came to my mind that we rid our son who was 16 at the time he had a couple of warts we used castor oil and within a week or so it was completely gone. Worth a try for us battling MC. I will keep you all posted as how this goes.
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Originally Posted by hacomommy View Post
OK, well thank you so much, I ordered the lemon myrtle oil today I hope it gets here soon but i have a questions about it. once I put the oil on, do I still cover each one with a bandaid or do I leave it open? Any suggestions will help. also my daughter did let me pop one (the biggest one) it did not hurt her at all and it just bleed, there was absolutly NO white stuff??? is this normal? thanks so much !!

I think this is normal. When I popped my daughters her's was just like a big huge pimple and bleed also. I am trying the Castrol Oil as it is cheap only $4.99 for 8 fl. oz bottle at my whole food store. We did Silver Cure 3 yrs ago on our other son and it didn't seem to work. So this is cheap compared to other online remedies for MC! Hope this rids our son who has 4 spots all clear looking not red and oozing yet we hope for that real soon so we can be free again of this MC!!!
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Originally Posted by wantingagirl2b#4 View Post
My twins have the tiny spots you are referring too and they seem to be clearing up now on the road of recovery we hope. My daughter had one red nasty one on her bum and I just squeezed it and wiped it away. I think as long as you us a sterile needle or a gently squeeze if it is ready to burst kind of look and you wash and wipe the area good she will be fine. I did this with my 3 yr. old 3 yrs ago and that's how we finally rid of it then. So I did that with both the twins this time and it does seem to be going away with only 2 tiny spots on the back of my sons leg and one faint looking one near his eye with a red blemish where one was so looking lots better with the pop method and one on his chin! My daughters that I popped on her bum is gone I think but I am going to check in the morning but I just popped it wiped it all clean and that's it. The one on her bum check if I pulled apart her checks the other side had one there so I took care of that one and just popped it and as I said it all seems to be going away. I'll check in tommorrow with everyone after I have had some time to read all these pages bound to be lots of valuable info in here mama's. Thanks for keeping this thread alive although I hate I had to come back for the reason of return!
Well checking in I checked my daughter and yep all gone!! She had about 5 or 6 on her bum and private area but at the site of the one angry looking one I popped a few days ago and she is now all clear! Just hope to get her brother who has 4 spots on him all better. Going to try Castor Oil since one mentioned (after reading all 11 pages today) that this is a wart or in the wart family. I used this Castor oil on my sons wart and my 9 or 10 yr old at the time and it rided both of them of warts so it's worth a try. I'll check in later good luck to all you mama's and babies out there with this MC. I hope all will be healing soon!
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Originally Posted by wantingagirl2b#4 View Post
Going to try Castor Oil since one mentioned (after reading all 11 pages today) that this is a wart or in the wart family. I used this Castor oil on my sons wart and my 9 or 10 yr old at the time and it rided both of them of warts so it's worth a try.
A wart is caused by a strain of the human papilloma virus (also known as HPV). Molluscum contagiosum is cased by a pox virus. A wart's only relation to molluscum contagiosum is that people often confuse the two.
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I haven't read this thread b/c I'm about to turn into a pumpkin... but I wanted to contribute. Please forgive me if this has been discussed before.

I have a friend IRL who tried literally everything for her kids and they just kept spreading. High doses of sodium ascorbate vitamin C was the only thing that worked and it worked fast.

I would do a sodium ascorbate vitamin C IV if possible in addition to bowel tolerance by mouth, see Andy Saul's website "Doctor Yourself" for great info on C:

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Thanks Naturalysts for clarifying the wart issue! Well it seems good ole Castrol isn't working any way he has a couple newbies! ;0( His sister is still clear and noone else in the family has it but just can't get him cleared up. Someone mentioned yeast and maybe a connection maybe I should read more into that because he does have crusty ears.

I will be checking out the site you recommended JaneS thanks for any ideas that work at this point!!!!
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Medorrhinnum will take away Molluscum

I just wanted to share with you all, that I have four children and three of the four had molluscum. Our doctor believes in homeopathic medicine and prescribed medorrhinum for them. They were each supposed to take ten little pellets and let them dissolve under their tongue. My three year old had them the worst, I had to give him two treatments about a month or two apart. He is completely cleared up except for the last one, which was very big on his side, it is scabbing over now and going away. Thanks to my wonderful doctor who is open to homeopathic ideas!! Good luck to you!! Homepathic is definately the route to take!
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Is there a certain brand you used? Thanks so much for your contribution to this long thread we have going maybe it will end soon with this remedy for all!!!!! YEEEPEEEE!!! Off to get some really soon.
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My son has had this for several months. He is nine years old and I think he probably got it at a pool. He is on a swim team. Last year it was planters warts on his toe! He has had two of the beetle juice treatments, and two freezings all three weeks apart. We are also using aldara. It seems this is taking forever to get rid of! He has it on one side of his chest, under his arm and inside his elbow. It seems that the freezing "finds" more. Has anyone tried ZymaDerm? I found it while googling and looked at a lot of reviews on Amazon, but it sounds too good to be true and why isn't the dermatalogist using it? I asked the dermatologist about swimming. She said he probably got it at the pool he swims at and he can't really give it to anyone else who is swimming in the same pool. In other words, they probably have already gotten it. Most kids just have an immunity to it. I found know this thread is old, but thought I would see if anything new has come up.
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I just wanted to share our experience now that I have had two kids go through this. My daughter had it for about a year, the last month or two the bumps looked irritated and red and then they just disappeared. We did everything, vinegar, popping, lemon oil.

My son got MC a few months after dd finally cleared up. It felt like a punch in the face. His bumps were primarily in his diaper area, but spread to his legs and behind his knees. I decided to not do anything to his bumps. I did pick a bump that was between his eyes. I could not handle the thought of him having bumps on his face and around his eyes. I think it was the right thing to do. His bumps got irritated looking and then started disappearing 1-2 months later. He had MC bumps for just under a year.

I think there's a balance to be had. I think MC needs to run its course in its own time. I do think you can sometimes control spreading of bumps to new areas by popping the bump and cleaning the area. You will know you've popped one when it bleeds, a lot! Those suckers are deep. Both of my kids have scars from bumps that were never popped, but were allowed to do their own thing.

Anyway, in a nutshell....one kid I did everything, one kid I did nothing, they both had MC the same length of time. They both got bumps shortly after swimming in a public pool.
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I guess I'm out of the woods enough that I can give the final story for my two guys here. They definitely did not get it swimming. It was the dead of winter and hadn't been swimming in at least four months, nor had they shared a bathtub with anyone, or even each other. Their cousin did have it at that time, though, although they had not played "contact" play with him.

Anyway, the older of the two got it first, and his never left his legs and lasted about six months. The younger one got it a few months later and it lasted at least a year. I used lemon myrtle oil on them (but not consistently - I'd get fed up with the bumps and use LMO daily for two weeks and then forget about it again), and I do think that helped, but can't be totally sure since I wasn't meticulous or scientific about it, lol.

I never could figure out how to pop them - I only once or twice saw any at the "angry red" stage (but I wasn't checking regularly) and when I did, it wasn't at a time I could do anything about it (containing the goo, etc.), and I'd forget about it by the time I could. So no popping, no scarring, now they're gone. The one who had them longer is definitely one who has a weaker immune system.

Neither has ever had measles or the MMR or chicken pox vaccine. I think the older had a few vaxes before I stopped by his first birthday. He was 5 or 6 when he got the molloscum. The younger had no vaxes at all.

My other children (one older than these two, one younger) did not ever get MC.
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I am amazed at how common this seems to be. I have never heard of it and I have taught for 21 years. The pediatrician and dermatologist both said it is very common. They make it sound like kids either have an immunity to it and never get it, or they don't have an immunity and will get it because it is so contagious. When I asked the dermatologist if I shoud keep my son off the swim team she said no because kids are going to get it if they don't have an immunity to it no matter what they do.
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Maybe a light at the end?

We started trying to get rid of this in Feb. My 10 yr. old had the blistering agent twice, then freezing twice 2-3 weeks apart. The blistering agent made huge blisters that were painful afterwards. We also used Aldera at night. It caused huge sores, probably because he wasn't washing it off like he should have. Then I only put Aldera on the ones that weren't red. I ordered Zymaderm and started it 3 days ago. I'm not currently using Aldera. They seem to be drying up. There is some discoloration in the skin where the bumps were, hopefully that will go away in time.
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My youngest dd has had these since May 09. Hers showed up on two spots that were tick bites. She had 4 largish ones on her side, and two have healed. But, now she has two on her thigh near her groin, and a cluster of teeny, tiny ones lower on her thigh and on her panty line. Our doctor just told me that there was nothing to do about them expect freeze them off, and she didn't recommend that. I had no idea it was so contagious until researching it today. I only researched because i noticed it had recently spread. She also has excema and gets a secondary excema rash around each mc bump. So, I popped one this evening and covered it with a bandaid. We shall see....
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Zymaderm seems to be working.

We have used Zymaderm for almost 2 weeks and the mc looks so much better! I noticed that some were popping in the night and then they would spread, so I started putting bandaids on the ones that look like they were ready to pop. He wouldn't let me pop them. I don't know if this is working or if it would have gotten better, but I'm definitely going to keep doing what I have been doing the last couple of weeks.
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Originally Posted by Gitti View Post
I am just asking a question so please don't flame me:

Could the varicella vaccine be the culprit for Molluscum contagiosum?

If your child did NOT have the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine and also was NOT in contact with anyone who's had it or who had shingles, but does have the Molluscum virus, then ok, I am wrong.

I am just curious. I've read that there might be a connection. ?
I know this is an old thread but just saying the answer could be yes and no - my bub has not been vaccinated for anything. He is 1 yr and has had molloscum for a few months quite mildly on his back, however the vax could have weakened immune system responses for some others to let the virus in. but not in our case.
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My daughter hasn't had the cp vax, but caught cp from a child who came to daycare freshly vaccinated. But, her mc didn't show up for 3 more years.
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Well, I can't say that I have advice about what works, but I can tell you what doesn't. My 3-year-old has had MC for almost a year and we have tried everything the dermatologist has told us, but nothing has worked. We have tried two different prescriptions — Aldara and Retin-A. We also have had them chemically removed in the doctor's office, but they continue to spread. She now has them on her chest, belly, arms and legs. It is the most heartbreaking thing to see on such a little body. After our last treatment, which creates painful sores, I decided to stop all treatment, so I'm just waiting to see what will happen next. All of the powerful prescriptions, toxic chemical treatments and pain has done nothing to stop the progression and now I'm afraid she's going to have scars from the treatments. I keep hearing they will go away on their own, so I think that's the route we're going to take now. My gut instinct tells me the side effects from the treatment are much worse than the actual bumps. Good luck!

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