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Panic mood struck tonight. My kids were having a sleep over and this child had them all on his chest. I tried to not panic because poor little guys is only 5 but after 3 kids with this and nearly 2 years with it I think anyone would panic!!! Guess I better get everyone on some zinc, multi vitamins and green leafy veg and fresh fruits! Worried ;(
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Doesn't the body build up immunity? Is it possible your kids won't be reinfected?
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I myself had the virus on my lower stomach. The doctor froze the infected regions, and it only took one treatment. Although painful, and tedious with keeping the infected area clean and free from any kind of irritant, it was worth it. Maybe inquire about this as a possible treatment option.
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My son 6 has had about 60 spots spreading first from his arm and then onto his torso. We tried apple cider vinegar, bath salts, special creams, diluted tea tree oil which all had no effect and each day there seemed to be more, spreading down his leg. At that point he started to find them getting very itchy and took to scratching them, despite my telling him not to. He then one day showed me that he was systematically picking the core out of each one and the ones he had done had bled a little and were healing. I realised then that they were actually clearing up and some of the smaller ones on his legs had gone by themselves. It is as if the act of attacking them had lead to his immune systrm kicking in. Just also of interest is that during the time he continued to share a bath daily with his sister and never caught them.
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Does anyone have any information on TDaP (tetanus,diphtheria and pertussis) vaccine and molluscum contagiosum.


I went to see a doctor, who gave me a TDaP inoculation. I must note that the vial seemed unusual looking-yellowish and....lumpy? I didn't look long, because I don't like shots. The interesting thing is that this doctor was said to be on leave....INDEFINITELY after I received this shot. I must also say, that I was given another shot for blood tests, and that vial looked similar, but with a lesser amount. The person who gave me this shot kept twisting the needle in my arm...don't know why. Again, I didn't ask about the shot....don't know why. So, this person and I began chatting and she gave me her e-mail address to contact her for business reasons I won't go into. I tried multiple times to contact her (verified e-mail address multiple times) with the e-mail address she gave to me....NOTHING. Now I have itchy, bumpy skin....my skin used to be so clear. I know that there are different factors for skin problems, but my intuition is leading me to believe that something nefarious has happened to me....can't prove it, but I strongly feel it. BTW, the doctor whom I visited has very bumpy and strange looking skin, similar to what I have.


Currently, I am using Terrail, (2nd day) but it feels too oily and itchy. I ordered another product, "Conzerol". We'll see. BTW, I seem to be affected by foods which produce histamine, which there are an abundant. I take vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, B-complex and I am on hydrochlorothiazide and atenolol (12 years).

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I forgot to mention that after I received the TDaP shot, I had this HUGE red mark on my side....it covered most of my side.  It dissapeared a few days later and my other conditions/symptoms began.

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My 7yo had some spots on his face that I thought would go away, I had a feeling it was MC, since I am a new Nurse Practitioner, but I sent him to his Ped, no help, didn't diagnose it as MC, though I am positive it is now. Trying tea tree oil and iodine twice daily (just started yesterday). I believe having them removed by a derm will get rid of them, but don't want to put my child through that (yet). I believe in evidenced based practice, and came across this article: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22395586
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Please help my 7 years old dd has molluscum on her chin for about 4 months now and is spreading I am so worried because she has one growing near her eye, I will be grateful if any one can recommend me how to treat them special in such a sensitive area.
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