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Oh and by the way. I was a competitive swimmer for twelve years and never heard of molluscum or for that matter the coxakie (sp?) virus which is spreading like wildfire this summer. What's the deal with that? Are the pools not as clean? Are they using something different to clean them? I am all for a chlorine alternative but I hope these pools are not as dirty as I am staring to think they are...Eeeew. :

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Originally Posted by bamamom View Post
The dermatologist thinks the Silver Cure is actually working, plus she wants us to use the Alderra (Aldara?) 3x a week on top of that. She said she could not physically remove them b/c it would absolutely scar her. And she wasnt willing to scar her. So we're still treating it, but it looks better!
What positive news about the silver cure! I wonder why she thinks it will scar her - I guess hers are different than Henry's, he had about 200 of them and there is not one scar on his body from the curettage, yay! Of course, I did slather him in the healing cream I make twice a day, so I wonder if that had something to do with it.

Anyway, I'm going to PM you with some info....
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Hey bamamom - your PM box is full! I wanna send you a pm!
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Dom did not scar at all. But Abby has tiny holes all over her trunk I think it just depends on the person.
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Originally Posted by tommom View Post
Maybe i should get silver cure! My ds's are slowly clearing up with apple cider vinegar but as i mentioned earlier I can only treat a couple at a time as it stings. Is the silver cure a pain to apply? The zymaderm required only applying to the bumps which was next to impossible on an active two year old who is sick to death of me rubbing various potions under his arms. Can the silver cure be applied to a wide area? I looked it up on their website. I liked the idea of their liquid bandage style stuff that you apply after a bump has opened. i would guess that prevents spreading. :

Silvercure is quite easy. The actual Silvercure cream is nice and goopey and spreads easy. The Silverskin actually burns for a second, then it dries into a seal over the open lesion. the Silverspray is a big bottle you squirt on linens, toilets, etc...I spray it in her pj's . She thinks its funny.
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Originally Posted by daniedb View Post
Hey bamamom - your PM box is full! I wanna send you a pm!
I cleaned it out!~:
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Anyone exp. Molluscum becoming infected? ds has about 4 infected ones, it almost looks like a little boil. It looks so painful and i've tried to get the white core out and i did on one and put anti bacterial cream on it. But they look so scarry. I even tried Zymaderm with tea tree oil and it seems to be making them all really red and inflamed. I'm not sure what to do at this point. i think i'm trying the vinegar this week. I/m using California baby tea tree and lavendar body wash...lets see what the vinegar does.
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Hey daniedb. Would you mind sharing the recipe for your healing cream?

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Hi I'm new here. I have been desperately looking for a cure for MS. I have been debating on the dermo or buy the silver cure stuff. Is silver cure really working?? My daughter is 5 and she has had MS for about 6 months and so far they are staying confined on her but cheeks, one side worse. I've taught her to put toilet paper on the seat or whatever to keep from spreading or getting anything else. They flare up or stay mild, some will disappear and more will come. I want them gone and so does she. Will you please let me know if silver cure is worth it? Thanks a bunch
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I also am considering the silver cure but am concerned about its safety as it isn't regulated or recommended by a doctor. In fact my doc said to leave them alone which is hard to do after 4 months and spreading. I went online the only bad ingredient I found was 8-hydroxyquinoline which is in the silver skin and was found to cause cancer in mice. Who knows how much they were given though. I don't know. I also read that you can have problems (argyria, a condition in which silver salts deposit in the skin, eyes, and internal organs, and the skin turns ashen-gray) after long term use but all of the cases seemed to be people ingesting it. It's such a tough call because the silvercure website and bamamom have great things to say. I think I might call my doc and see what she says. I am just so over this and want a quick fix at this point. I don't want my ds to have these for years as some kids do! His case seems to still be mild enough that if the silvercure works we'll be in good shape but if they continue to spread then we could be in for the long haul. Anyone have thoughts on the safety issue? :

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Personally, I would leave them alone. The problem with trying to 'get rid of them' is that it interrupts the body's natural immune response. However long it takes the body to fight the virus off is just the body mounting its own defense. If I interrupt that, I would be afraid that real immunity had not developed. My ped agreed about this (not that it really matters ) and said that if you let it run its course the child will be immune for life thereafter. It makes sense.
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You're right. I completely agree. It's just so hard to not do anything! I'll continue to be vigilant about hand washing. We'll be at the ocean this weekend. Hopefully that will be healing.:

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Actually my ped recommended silver cure to me as one of my options. They gave me three, I guess four options. Leave thema lone, aldara, dermatologist or silver cure. But I called my personal derma. and they have never heard of silver cure. I started apple cider vinegar yesterday and it looks a little better. I have left alone for a while and now it is becoming very bothersome and I feel sorry for my daughter.
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One thing my dermatologist said was that as soon as they were gone, they'd never get molluscum again. It made it easier to think of it as a common childhood disease. Supposedly, the immune system will recognize it once it kicks it, and you wont have to deal with it again.

I have actually realized that dd is having other issues like eczema on top of what is supposed to be molluscullum (sp?) . I've been rotating between Silvercure, Aldarra (only once or twice, that stuff is AWFUL!) and some homeade herbal stuff I cooked up. It seems to be working. The biggest ones have come off and the smaller ones appear to be going away. I dont know if its just time that's helping or what.
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I'm happy to share the recipe, I'll have to drag it out of my desktop, though, and I'm on my laptop. If I forget to come back and post, PM me and remind me, if you don't mind.
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bamamom, My guy has some excema now too. I think it's from all the stuff we're doing to their skin. I've been putting some vitamin E oil on the irritated areas. I'm a little nervous because I read that kids with excema are more likely to get MC because it enters the body through a weakness in the body like a cut or something. My ds is covered in bug bites. I really hope he doesn't spread his MC through them! :

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Originally Posted by tommom View Post
bamamom, My guy has some excema now too. I think it's from all the stuff we're doing to their skin. I've been putting some vitamin E oil on the irritated areas. I'm a little nervous because I read that kids with excema are more likely to get MC because it enters the body through a weakness in the body like a cut or something. My ds is covered in bug bites. I really hope he doesn't spread his MC through them! :

The dermatologist told us that kids who have any eczema are just more prone to get the MC. It gives the MC an avenue to get in.

*knock on wood* I think ours are finally going away. I think. Ugh.
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Going Bonkers With Frustration

My Seven year old son contracted this virus about 3 weeks before school got out, he had about 30 on his left side. We were told by our PED to just let them run their course...I though that was crazy ..she said it could take up to 2 years or more to go away..so I went to my Dermatologist the same day. She applied a blistering agent...it really hurt when we removed the tape and showered him hours later....She also prescribed Aldara...every other day for 2 hours at a time then a shower...this did not work as the virus spread...maybe it spread because the areas had already been effected and were just coming to the surface but we did this for 2 months...
I started silver cure friday before last....the virus is still spreading but some of it actually seems to be improving...: he now has it on his inner left arm, groin, both inner legs and now it appears it may be surfacing on his cheeks near his eyes: but i will stick with Silver cure for at least several weeks as they said it is a long process....he does have Eczema...prior to getting MC, we also think he may have gotten it from a local public pool...

With School starting tomorrow I don't know what I'll do if he gets a full eruption on his face, I would just die if children tormented him and he ended up with emotional as well as physical scars...
Any comments on how you all are handling the school issues??

I will keep you updated on his progress with the silver cure....how do you use Aldera and the silver cure together????

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My dd has a few on her arm and her teacher last year sent her to the school nurse and my dd said they are bites..and she didn't look into it further..tell him to say they are bites..bites of MC..lol...it sounds like your son is really struggling with them..i would let them alone..the more i tried to rid them the more they came....so i have let them go..it's so hard to not do anything..i see the white core comeing out and i want to pull it out and i stop my self and just let it go..and to tell you the truth...they have gotten better...he now only has 2-3..they are going away...i think that..also staying out of the pool and not taking long baths has helped. Can your son take a quick shower rather than being submersed in the tub? I think that has helped us. Good luck and really letting them run it's course is truely the best way...
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Thanks for school advise

Thanks Mamato3wild....My son only takes showers..thank goodness, so at least he's not soaking in them.
My son has an overwhelming desire to advertise this virus to anyone who will listen, he's not the least bit shy and enjoys the novelty of it(it sounds like a Harry Potter Ailment)....I will be working vigilantly today to stress that he should literally keep them underwraps, both by restraining from talking about it as well as definitely not showing them to his friends...luckily the bulk are on his inner arm and inner legs and rib cage on one side. So long sleeve shirts and long pants are a must...his school has a uniform and dress code, so that works out great.
I am placing a small piece of paper tape an each lesion to minimize the ooze spread to a small area if one should open while at school and then I'll change it as soon as he gets home...

My biggest concern these first few weeks is recess because it is still hot and muggy here, I'm concerned he'll run wild and get overheated then the little bumps will itch , making him want to scratch them more...so I may see if he can do alternate activities on days when it is exceptionally hot and sticky outside...

I agree that messing with the bumps seems to aggravate the condition, so I am refraining from trying to physically remove the core although I am putting a dab of silvercure on top of each before covering with a small piece of papertape...when I called them today the rep did tell me the ones that look like a heat rash appering on his face do tend to go away quicker and that the silver cure ointment is safe to use on them::
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