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need recipes for homemade tomato sauce

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I would like to make homemade sauce, from scratch, I need to know how to do this, I would like to make enough to be able to freeze for future meals

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When you say from scratch, are you talking about take regular tomatoes and making tomato sauce that will later be used to make spagetti sauce, etc. or are you talking about using canned tomato products to make a spagetti sauce?

I can tell you how to make both but I'm not sure which you want. . .
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From tomatos please, We have been having a hard time with jar sauces lately, and thought I would try from scratch..
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After washing the tomatoes, I put them in boiling water for a minute and then transfer them into a bowl of cold water. This makes the skins very easy to peel off. At this point you can freeze them in bags, can them, or continue on to make a sauce. Some people also remove the seeds, but I don't do this.

You can either throw them in the blender for a smooth sauce or you can chop them up and throw them into a pot to cook down into a chunky sauce. I add garlic, olive oil, rosemary, salt, and pepper early on in the cooking process and closer to the end I add some basil and oregano, sometimes some thyme as well. I think the amounts are a matter of taste, but I am not a real recipe follower, so Cathe's advice might prove more helpful for you.

NOTE: I find it is often easier to start from whole peeled tomatoes, either from a can or ones that a prepared at an earlier time.

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I was going to give my thoughts, but I really can't put it any better myself, so I second that notion!
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I found this tip for making a thick tomato sauce from tomatoes without cooking down the tomatoes for hours in The Encyclopedia for Country Living. I do this every summer when my tomatoes are ripe and I have tomato sauce all year round. (You can can it or freeze it.)

Place washed stemmed tomatoes in steamer basket in a pot with just a little water in the bottom. Cover and steam until tomatoes are cooked. About 30 minutes or so. The tomatoes give off the liquid which will be mostly clear cause it's water. Remove the skins if you want (they'll slide right off). Then puree the cooked tomatoes.

The watery liquid that came out makes a great soup base!
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Thank you so much !!!!

I cant wait to try making some,
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