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Passion Parties is the premier sensual products company in the United States and Canada. We are celebrating 12 years of bringing quality sensual products to men and women throughout North America. Our exclusive line of products is designed to encourage intimacy between partners.

Sensual aids and toys are more popular than ever. Yet many people need or want to be discreet about purchasing such products. Through in-home parties, we bring the value of product knowledge, education, and confidentiality simply not found in the retail environment.
  • Whether you want to order product, host a party, or join the fastest growing Million Dollar Team in Passion Parties history, I can help you.

Ordering Product: Our products help couples to develop more passion in relationships and increase intimate time with their partners or help individuals to satisfy their own sensual desires. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have on our products and I will give you honest advice on what will best serve your needs. You may order online at - all orders are completely confidential.

Becoming a Consultant: I am so excited to be a part of the fastest growing Million Dollar Team in Passion Parties history. The training on this team is exceptional. You will receive hundreds of pages of original written material on such topics as Booking Parties, Recruiting, Hostess Coaching, and how to have vision and get more out of your life in general. We have a chat group, a website, conference calls to train, and one-on-one support.
My enthusiasm for Passion Parties and for helping people to increase passion in their lives in general is barely containable!

My Story
As a newly single mom of 2, I had to find a way to pay my mortgage, put groceries on the table, and provide for my daughters. I began to look for opportunities that would allow me to earn an income while being home to raise my children.

After all the searching on the internet, I was completely overwhelmed with all the Work At Home possibilities. I stumbled across someone sharing how wonderful Passion Parties has been for her and how she was making “real” money.

Passion Parties made perfect sense to me! Women love to attend them. They usually bring a friend. Most husbands sent their wives with blank checks and encouraged them to "buy what ever you want!" On the other hand, I was a mom; a newly single mom, a mom with a degree in Youth Ministry, a play date mom, my house was princess and dress up central. "What would people think of me?"

Through Passion Parties, I now have the opportunity to empower women; by teaching them to fully embrace and enjoy their sexuality, by helping them grow stronger and more intimate in their relationships with their partners and themselves, and by giving them the opportunity to be financially free. And the best part about all of this is that I am making my dreams come true.

If you have ever thought of taking control of your life, now is the time! Passion Parties is about to explode and by being in the right place at the right time, we will all be very successful and acheive all of our dreams! Thank you for letting me share my personal success story. I would love to offer you the gift of this exciting business! Please feel free to contact me for more information on the business opportunity or to host a fabulously fun party!