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Five months posrt-partum with pelvic pain and pressure?

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x-posting to Health and Healing.

DD was born at home in May. I had a slow recovery in part bc of a pretty long labor and in part because I had to go back to classes and do lots of other running around very shortly after birthing her, but my mid to late July I was mostly back to normal.

Now something is going on. I got my period back 8 weeks PP (darn law school classes--three hours long and no time to pump). I should have had a period a week ago but only had spotting. I've been really irritable and a bit nauseated and tired, so I tested for pregnancy, but it has been negative.

Yesterday I started getting soreness, especially at the site where I got a small large-ish skidmark birthing DD (pretty small, but large enought the midwife offered a stitch, which I declined). Now today I am again having really intense pelvic pressure, especially when I squat at all. The feeling is almost exactly like that achy, stretched-out pressure I had immediately post-partum.

I'm really confused by all these things going on. I haven't really been charting or anything, and I don't know how, if at all, these symptoms might tie in with breastfeeding, with returning fertility, or with the recent pregnancy.

Last week I was sure I was pg again, now I'm just frustrated with feeling like I'm newly post-partum again.

Anyone have any idea what all this could mean?
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I think it would be a wise idea to discuss this with your midwife that doesn't sound comfy or healthy and I have extra concerns becaus I retained placent a with my second one that they thought they got out with the first DNC until a month later when I hemmoraged at a grocery store (and couldn't produce breast milk to feed my daughter who ended up getting really ill in her third week of life and was hospitalized) Pain and presure are bad words and i think you should really be cautious
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I wonder if you have varicosities in your vagina/vulva region.

Seriously, around the time of a period, it seems that it gets very 'heavy' down there, kind of a 'dragging' feeling.

what you are describing sounds just like vulva varicosities. doing some knee chest with your bum in the air and kegeling while you do it could help. so can homeopathic sepia.
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That sooo makes sense Pam, thanks.

I *hate* knee-chest though. My posterior baby wouldn't turn in labor and the midwife suggested it and it sucked. It worked, but I freakin' hate that position. I may try it anyway though--the pressure is very disturbing.
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