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Good detox for nursing mothers

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I'm not sure if this in the right forum, but I am in search of a detox I can do while I am breastfeeding. Does anyone know of a good one? TIA.

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The only fairly safe thing I know of during breastfeeding, especially if you are 100% exclusive BFing still, would be to add in Kombucha Tea and or 'green' drinks to your diet.

Kombucha will 'bind to toxins' and eliminate them via your kidneys/urine, but it's not a chelator, so to speak.... If you have previous issues with things like mercury or other heavy metals, you might want to go at it slowly, like a few ounces, a few times a day, and build up to a 12 ounce a day drink...

Green drinks have 'chlorophil' (chlorella) and that is said to bind and carry toxins out of the body also. Do not do any chelation protocols while BFing, it can pull more toxins out of storage and into your circulatory system, and then you might have harse symptoms and the baby could get some of that via BM...though the BM has some protective functions to help offset that..

As with anything, it's best to do stuff in moderation and with caution while Pregnant or BFing.

I'm currently pregnant and drink Kombucha with no problems, and will continue while BFing, even the early months...but I've had it in my system for a while now..so I should be fairly 'detoxed'....
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i've been wanting to know too! already doing the kombucha....

if you have an older nursling, could you do a veggie fast for a couple of days? i'm wanting to do this at the beginning of the new year but haven't looked into it any yet...
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Thanks xenabyte. I am exclusively nursing DS so I am wanting to be very careful. I just feel like I have been indulging in too much "garbage" food lately and I can feel its effects. I feel sluggish, heavy, I have headaches and my skin looks terrible. I will try the Kombucha Tea.

Good luck desertpenguin!
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As far as older nurslings, like going on 2 years, and it's just 'supplimental' to a regular diet...you can use a bit more leeway.

I did a master cleanse, and several 'juice' fasts with veggies and fruits towards the end of my second childs nurse time (he was at the end of our second year nursing). I was 'protective' by making sure most of that veggie juice was green mixed with whatever I juiced and did 'sun chlorella' tablets, to ensure anything my body stirred up toxin wise, would be 'bound' and excreted, rather than circulated and end up in BM.

I did a few body wraps to help pull stuff out via my skin (a great eliminatory organ most forget about), did 'dry brushing' daily for my skin, and deep breathing (to help pull stuff out of the lungs).

I was also using water kefir (in moderation, like one small glass a day) and kombucha (1-2 small glasses a day). Other drinks were just plain water or the 'master cleanse' lemonaid. I also was doing salt water flushes via the master cleanse occasionally (even when not on the MC) and so my 'bowels were moving' fast and that helps prevent toxin re-absorbtion too!

So, if you are careful, listen to your body and watch your nursling for signs of toxins, (Breaking out, tummy irritation, irritability, etc), I think you should be fine.
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Good luck desertpenguin!
thanks lisap! you too!!!!
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