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i *like* my hotsling b/c it folds up small and i can pop ds in and out so quickly. it's good for short periods (and is unfortunately out of use today b/c ds filled it with a lake of poopoo this morning), but i don't find it comfortable for long walks or lots of activity. i also love the fabric choices, maybe the poopoo lake is a sign that i should get a second . also unfortunately, i don't really nurse discreetly--maybe i should try in the sling and let you know...
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i don't have time to read through all the responses, so sorry if i repeat-

i got a beautiful pouch to use w/ my ds and i have to say there's a learning curve with them, no matter how simple they seem!

when he was tiny, i liked it, but i was always worried he was too folded up and it was hard to get him in, but once he was in, he loved it. then he got too big to do the cradle hold, so it took awhile to learn how to have him in semi-sitting up but suppport his head. now that he's on my hip, it's great. but at each stage, it was a bit awkward.

the sizing is super important. i thought my medium was way too tight so i exchanged it for a large, and now even though my ds is bigger (and huge, i might add. like 23 or 24 pounds at 5 months) i wish i had the medium and it was more snug.

i have a sprout pouch, and it's beautiful and i like it a lot.
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My mom made me a wrap styled after the Peanut Shell (here is the pattern). It's a slightly stretchy fleece one and I totally love it! It cost about $5 to make (instead of $50 or so to buy).

I've successfully NIPed in it several times now and I keep on getting better. I just adjust my baby so there is more of the pouch in front than next to my body. That gives her easy access to my breast and there's fabric to pull over her face/my breast, too. Sometimes I have to still support her head with my elbow, but it's still way easier than hauling her around in arms!
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I used a KangarooKorner fleece pouch for dd. She was very tiny when she 1st came home and it fit her like a dream! Since it is fleece I haven't used it over the summer but I just recently pulled it back out to use again- probably for hip wearing. For me the learning curve was short. You need to be sure the pouch fits very snug (almost uncomfortably so) because once the baby goes in, it does stretch- at least the fleece one does!

I had no problem using the cradle hold, tummy to tummy, or forward facing with her and she was only about 8 or 9 lbs when it got too warm to use.

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Thanks so much for the replies! Its great that the ladies here are so helpful.

I won a hotsling off ebay today. So, that should be in the mail soon. We'll see how it goes! I hope we like it. *fingers crossed*
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Yes, I'm on the Hotslings bandwagon too! Love*Love*Love all 3 that we have! Wait, that's not including DH's 2..

I do and can nurse in it and do not feel it hinders anything. Though my daughter is a toddler now and so we nurse in the hip carry position. I did nurse her when she was able to be cradle carried.
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[QUOTE=Becken;6367070]My mom made me a wrap styled after the Peanut Shell (here is the pattern). It's a slightly stretchy fleece one and I totally love it! It cost about $5 to make (instead of $50 or so to buy).

what type of fabric did you use?

Do the babies get real hot in the micro fleece materials?
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