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? about car seat safety with two

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When our baby arrives we'll put their car seat in the middle of the backseat, and dd's seat will move over. Does anyone know if the right or left side is statistically safer?
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The passenger side is statisically safer, but the margin isn't that great. I would prefer the passenger side if I had to use an outboard position because of the fact that I would more easily be able to see the child.
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I thought the driver's side was safer.......

If you get hit while making a left-hand turn, the other car will hit you on the passenger side.
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The center of the rear seat is usually safest, but only if your carseat fits well in that position. Any position in the rear seat is acceptable. The seat behind the passenger may be slightly safer since it allows you to unload the child on the curb side, allows you to see your child more easily from the driver's seat and is very slightly less likely to be hit on that side in a side impact. There is also a small risk that a front seat-back could collapse in a severe rear-end crash, and the passenger seat is less likely to be occupied by a heavy adult who could crush a carseat in this situation.
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You may want to check with a car seat inspector about this, but I was under the impression that the least protective car seat (so, the older child's seat) should be in the rear, middle position, and the more protective seat (the infant seat) should be in the outside (right or left) position. That is because the younger child is already more protected in the case of an accident. The older child is less protected, so it is safer to have them in the middle. Make sense? I am not an inspector, though, so I'd call the fire department or a local hospital and ask.
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Oh, this stuff makes me crazy - just when I think my child is safe in my car (and I like to believe I know almost all there is to know about car seat safety), I find out something new that freaks me out.

My problem is that my car doesn't have a shoulder belt in the middle, so my dd can't sit there in her booster. I always worry that I'll get hit by some person who goes thru a stop sign when I'm making a left and she'll get hurt.
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Thanks for all the help everyone, and the link, trishshack. mom2katie, you bring up a good point-hadn't thought of it that way & I will definitely doublecheck.
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If you find out anything *official*, please be sure to let us know! That was just my impression, which is as likely to be wrong as it is to be right.
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Just sharing

Spoke to the California Highway Patrol and they said the safest arrangement is for the infant to be in the middle (rear-facing, of course) and the toddler behind the passenger side. Statistically, the left side is the one most involved in accidents (I would have thought the opposite.) Thanks again!
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