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nursing through pregnancy

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I did a search, and didn't exactly find what I was looking for - hope you all can help

I find myself pregnant and still nursing my 33 month old DD. Not an unusual condition here at MDC, but one I didn't anticipate (still nursing my 33mo, that is). So what do you do when you lose your milk during pregnancy? I'm only 4 weeks pregnant, but my DD was very sad this afternoon and asked me where the milk went : We don't nurse often -3 times per day tops. Most importantly, I nurse her to sleep. Will she continue to comfort nurse?
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wow, we have the almost exact same story! I am almost 4 weeks pregnant and am still nursing my 33 month old dd! however, i am ready to cut back/stop nursing her and yesterday started a 'no more nursing anywhere except in bed' rule. she fussed a couple of times but was easily redirected. i feel for you, since you aren't feeling the same way, and your little one is sad there's no more milk. maybe just try cuddling or I've heard of other mamas who let the little ones 'hold on' to the breast. I do still nurse my dd to sleep and that is a big concern i have, too. will she go to sleep without nursing?
hugs and best of luck to you!
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DD had just turned 3 when I got pg and lost my milk. She was a very avid nurser at that point, still every hour during the day. She also still nursed to sleep, but had just started asking for daddy to put her to bed. She rapidly started decreasing her nursing, within 2 months we would go days without her asking. Baby is almost here and dd still nurses once in a while, sometimes she'll let a week go by, but it is not for comfort, more like she suddenly remembers and will ask. I'm thinking that she will increase her nursing when baby arrives, she talks alot about nursing with the baby.
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I had the opposite happen... my daughter was 20 months when I got pregnant. She nursed right the through the entire pregnancy, never once complaining. I actually hoped she would wean but since I was practicing CLW, I supported her decision to nurse. She needed a drink of water after nursing in the second trimester, poor thing. It was salty or something. She persevered and when my milk came in after the birth of her sister it was like she hit a jackpot. She said to me "Oh mama, it just tastes so good!!"

I may be pregnant now and my 18 month is very different. Picky about the taste of my milk before menstruation, after exercise, etc. She may be one of those children that may what to wean. I would be interested to hear how other mamas handled the common issues of milk, pregnancy and weaning.
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My now newly three year old self weaned end of May/beginning of June due to my pregnancy. He was nursing about 3 times a day, I guess. The milk dried up and he got frustrated trying to nurse. I think I was somewhere between 12 and 14 weeks pregnant at the time.

I didn't realize that I'd lose my milk like that, but I guess that's nature's way. We really need our physical/bodily energies to be focused on building the baby to be rather than making milk. It's sad, but there really isn't anything that can be done about it.
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My DS weaned right around 36 months, during my 10th week or so of pregnancy. He is, however, eagerly anticipating the return of "nana milk" when "I'll have this side (right) and baby will have that (left) side." He doesn't ask to nurse any more but is still thinking about it. I have no idea what will happen in Janurary.

I think he was approaching weaning anyhow, but I'm not sure it would have happened when it had if pregnancy hadn't intervened.
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My milk dried up about the 4th month of pregnancy. My toddler (2 at the time) was only getting colostrum and got down to only nursing a few seconds a day. It was very annoying, the dry nursing sensation but I endured it if he was willing to nurse. Most of the time he didn't want to because the milk as gone. After the twins were born and my milk came in, he picked right back up. He is 40 months and nurses at least 3 times a day, but would nurse more if I let him.
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my ds turned 3 at exactly the same time my milk supply either dropped or disappeared (i could not express any) - he nursed right through the pregnancy - telling me the milk was yummy and great - he did cut down to two times a day...my colustrum came in early and when his dear sister was born he nursed as much as she did!! now he is 4 and still nursing a few times a day!
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dd nursed right through my pg- if supply felt really low, I'd eat steel cut oatmeal and drink a ton of water. . . . interestingly, we had had thrush before, and whenever my nipples got sore during the pg, they were better with thrush remedies.
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I had hoped to nurse through my pregnancy. My 3 yo was down to one nursing per day. But near the end of my first trimester it hurt too badly to continue. I hope he will nurse again after the baby is born. Considering what a great nurser he was before, I think he will!
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DD was 33 months when I got pregnant again, even though I was out of milk by the second trimester she nursed right through, even a bit in labour-she still loves nursing (now 3.5). When my milk came back in she had a real growing spurt . Thankfully my nipples never hurt during my pregnancy, although I did sometimes feel a wee bit annoyed.

DD has the right side (my BIG producer) DD2 has my left, my slower producer - she's still 23 lbs. at 6 months though!
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My kids all nursed through pregnancies, none of them weaned even when the milk dried up. At some point it's comfort nursing anyway. I start keeping a cup of water or something for them to drink nearby at some point in the pregnancy.

The best best best thing is when the baby comes and the milk comes back in and the older nurser gets their first taste of that newborn-milk ... the look on their face is just priceless, every time. Just priceless. And of course, they can help with relief of engorgement much better than can the newborn. Just being practical.
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DS is 22 months and hasn't nursed in about amonth though he latches every week or two for a minute or so. I let him know that he can anytime and that the milk will come back with the baby. He definitely still is interested. The other day he tried to use his sippy cup to fill up his sursies...or vice versa, not so sure +
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I lost my milk when my son was just about 3 yrs old. He is now 5 yrs old, I am 6 months pregnant and he never stopped "comfort nursing". Now he excited about the milk coming back after the baby is here.
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Oh yes, that post reminds me, we had a 'sippy cup' in the bed for Kaelynn when I dried up but she was still nursing, so she'd sippy cup then nurse, sippy cup nurse .
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Maybe PG?

Hey guys!

So DH and I are FAMers and DTD to celebrate my return to college early last week... and didn't use protection! Now I am in AGONY whenever DS (14mo) nurses. It hurts so much more than it ever has. My first clue to being pg with him was the sore boobs, and if I am pg again, is it going to hurt the WHOLE time? DS shows NO interest in weaning... if anything, it has kicked up a notch in the last month. Advice?:
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I am almost dry being in 25th week pf pregnancy and after the Ramdan fasting. My DS (46 months) and DD (32 months) have not weaned finally though for all practical purposes they are hardly getting anything nowadays. But they do nurse three or four times a day just because of emotional needs. In the night they often fall asleep without able to draw any milk but with nips in their mouths. That make me tender quite often. I also think that after childbirth in February and whenever milk returns for the new baby, I might be required to feed them too.
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All the stories help But I think the moral of the story is that every pregnant mama is different, as is every baby DD seems to have come to terms with the fact that there's no more milk, but she's still nursing to sleep at night, so we've still got that. We'll just see what happens from here...
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