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giving birth like a cat...

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Hi all,
I am attempting to put togather a best case sinairo of giving birth like a cat. When I was taking the Hypnobirth class and doing the meditations and visualsations I discovered that attepting to follow along a spoken detailed session was to distracting.: If I could just phocus on a color, a feeling, the breathing, and relaxing I did much better.
And when my Doula asked what do I hope to happen during my laybor, best case sinairo? I kept thinking about the cats I helped and supported during their laybors. How focus they seemed and limp/relaxed they kept them selves most, if not all the time they laybored.

Does anyone else have problems visualizing or with guided meditation? What did you do insted or are there other ways to stay in focus?
Or does any one have ideas for putting togather a sinairo I can just feel and run through my mind?
Thanks and Hugs,
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I've also been working with hypnobirthing techniques and have some trouble with visualizing. The best thing tha thas worked for me so far was the image of a light switch attached to my brain stem. Switching it off helps make all of my muscles relax and go limp.

I also have a statue of Bast (love your name, btw) that I use as a visual stimulant. I find that concentrating on her help me tune out other distractions.
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Hypnobirthing here too!
Well, if you can't follow along with the visualizations thats actually a GOOD thing! Well--in my case, I tend to get so relaxed that I fall asleep--or I 'zone out' which is exactly what I want to do.
Don't worry so much about getting a focus. That technique works, but I happen to believe that the 'zone out' technique works just as well. If you are one who 'zones' or can sleep, then you will be able to use that during your labor just as well, and may even get sleep between surges!
My biggest problem is breathing. I seem to almost stop breathing, then catch myself and it throws me off and makes me start to breathe too fast almost like I'm running a race! (heart races too)...not sure how to control that.
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Originally Posted by Mrs_Hos View Post
My biggest problem is breathing. I seem to almost stop breathing, then catch myself and it throws me off and makes me start to breathe too fast almost like I'm running a race! (heart races too)...not sure how to control that.
Have you ever tried Yoga breathing? I find it a great way to stay focused on something other than my physical body and it ensures that I continue to breathe calmly... of course I have no idea how well that will work during the birth itself.
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I am not hypnobirthing...

But I do believe that pain comes through fear so I understand the logistics of hypnobirthing... (to relax the body and not sucumb to fear)

Fear as you may know is believes to draw blood away from the center of the body (incuding the Uterus etc) and puts it in the the extermedies (for easier fleeting)... In childbirth this makes pain more painful... however, if you get rid of the fear you also get rid of much of the pain, or at least it is a different type of pain... a pain that you can deal with...

Pain and fear really do go hand in hand..

I really can't do visualizations, breathing etc (not even when I am not in a situation that it may be useful)... but I do not fear childbirth or the sensations that may come with it... that is the most important way to control the pain IMO....

Cats and other animals work on instict. They retreat before and while in labour, hide and need to be left alone. They may pace, shift positions, pant but do not feel the need to flee is they feel safe. We can do the same. However, we have been taught to fear birth and the discomforts that may occur during childbirth.

My best scenario (which I am planning) is to give birth unhindered and unattended... (just like cats) I will accept the presence of the people that I trust the most (DH and the kids) just like a cat may accept the presence of an owner they trust. The only times I felt "real" pain in my last births was when I was scared (of intervention etc)...

Anyways... instead of focusing on trying to visualize, try to shift your perspective on childbirth. The Uterus will contract, it needs to contract, it is normal and try to resist it will make it more painful. During contractions relax your body and don't be tense or scared. Retreat into yourself. If you are going to give birth in the hospital ask for silence during contractions if that is what you need. The most important part... don't succumb to fear.
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that was acutally one of the central tenants of my hypnobirthing class... revising your view on birth. It was suggested to us tha tinstead of viewing contractions as something ot get through, to try to look forwrd to them as a means of getting the baby that one step closer to your arms. It's a wonderful thought that I plan on focusing on during the brith process.
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Thank you all for your input/replies.
I picked Hypnobirthing as well because I beleive that childbirth is not or does not have to be painful, nor a fearful event. I really am just hoping for a healthy baby and smooth birth. Its not very detailed for me in my head. I know my body was made to create and give birth. Among my friends and family I am one of the few to have wintness and helped other women and animals give birth. So for me I feel its not as scary as it could be with no expereince or knowledge in person. This is my first birth so yes I still have some nervisness, but most everybody does the first time they do anything right?

I do have expereince with yoga breathing as well as grounding and centering practices from my spiritual path that I can use ( thank you for reminding me). Plus other breathing and relaxation practices. I will redirect my relaxation practice for birth with those that I have had success with and am easily able to do. I work with Bast lightly now its seems she has always been around so I feel that working with her now has helped and will be a great help through the rest of my pregnancy and birth. I have a alter for her that I have been improving slowly through out the pregnancy.

I am so glad I am not the only one who has a hard time or is unable to visualize and work with guided meditations. I am going to do what Pisces do best and let go an flowt as best I can through the whole proccess of birth. I guess its a good thing I have the option of water laybor and birth at the birthcenter I have choosen. I am sure that it will help alot as well.

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I'm not in your DDC, but this thread title really caught my eye! I gave birth August 28, and I was fortunate enough to have a kitten in the labor suite with me during some very rough contractions. My wonderful nurse had adopted a kitten that day and had her hidden in a bathroom until her shift was over, and when she told my doula about it, they surprised me by sneaking the little girl in.

I had always wished to have a cat with me when giving birth, because the first birth I ever witnessed was my pet cat when I was 8, and she purred the whole time. That birth set up my feelings about the serenity and joy of motherhood, and I was always a little sad about birthing in a hospital because cats are definitely not allowed. I'm so glad serendipity stepped in and allowed me a sneaky little slice of my vision! Here's a pic:

I was feeling the contractions very heavily then-- about 8 cm dilated-- but as you can see by the smile in the pic, I was not really feeling the pain when focusing on the kitten. My labor was not pain-free, but I was able to meditate/dream using peppermint oil between contractions and moments of sleep seemed to stretch for hours during pushing. My delivery went all cattywampus, but in the end I found peace and joy. I am not into meditation, breathing or anything helpful, but that peppermint oil was the most wonderful respite and allowed me to visualize and rest. I definitely recommend it!

Good luck in your goal, and best wishes for your labor and delivery!
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