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My water broke.

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I am scared because we found out yesterday she is breech again. Wish me luck!
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Sending you easy labor and birth vibes...despite the breechness. :
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Good luck, Gilli! I hope she turned back for you
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Good luck! Happy birthing day!
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How exciting,many peaceful birthing vibes mama!
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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{luck! Healthy mama and baby Easy labor }}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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Good luck! Let us know how it goes (I keep hearing of successful breech births on this board - hope that helps
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Good luck!!
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I am guessing you had your baby already but if not easy labor vibes coming your way! Can't wait to hear how you and the baby are doing!
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Good luck, Mama! Here are some peacful labor vibes for you -
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Thinking of you mama! I hope you had a good birth and you are holding that babe right now.
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Thinking about you and hoping you're holding your sweet baby right now!! Lots of peaceful vibes coming your way...
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Good luck, Mama! Peaceful birthing vibes comin' at ya, but I hope you don't need 'em by now!
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