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Finally we have some answers!

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Well my FSH test and HSG test came back fine.(what a relief)
My dh test did not go as well. The nurse said his sperm count is good, the shape of them is good the mobility was good but the ability for them to penetrate was a little low. I do not know what that means. Does anyone??
Anyhow I had my dh get the results because I just have had such a very crappy month I just could not handle anything else.We do not have an appoinment to talk to the doctor till May 1. .
I am so relieved we have some kind of answer. I do not get it thou because we have 1 child now and I was preggo in Dec. So we will see. I am actually starting to look forward to the close of this cycle to see if I am already preggo. (that positive attitude scares me ) I just jinked myself. Positive baby vibes.++++++++++

Baby thoughts to all that are ttc.

Take care
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Ability to penetrate has to do with the enzymes on the tip of the spermie's head. The enzymes are what break through the outside of the egg. If they don't have a very good ability to penetrate, then they have less enzymes, or a strange makeup. with out the ability ot penetrate, they will find the egg, but not be able to fertilize it.

It is good to have some answers!! Glad to hear that you have some idea of what is going on.
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Jerilyn~ congrats on the good answers, I know that any answers at all can be a tremendous relief. Well since you've been pg 2 times, perhaps your dh's sperms' penetration won't be a very big problem. (Hope you don't mind my positive thinking.) I also hope that your month gets better and you end your 2ww with a bfp!
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Adina, thanks for that info

butterflymaiden, thanks for the positive thoughts (I do appreciate it)
My dh said the nurse talked about a simple procedure ( some sort of insemination) that sound promising and like it was no big deal. I just can't wait to ask the Dr. questions and find out more.
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Bummer you have to wait until May 1st : You'd think they could squeeze you in sooner. The whole waiting game with the diagnosis process can be so maddening!

Well, here's to sticky baby thoughts that could make short work of your wait And if AF should arrive, here's to an easy resolution of the situation at your appointment!

Hang in there!

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Is your dh on a calcium channel blocker (a type of blood pressure medication)?? They have been shown to effect the ability of the sperm to penetrate the egg.
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