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Wash your face with honey!

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It really works!

I am a massage therapist, and have been having the worst trouble with my skin. I think I get the lotion on my face somehow (by brushing my hair away, itching,, ect.) and it just makes me break out terribly. I also have really sensitive skin, so pretty much every face product makes me break out in dermatitis. Add in to that Hawaii's heat and humidity and it's just a sad, downhill slope for my skin

Well, one of the estheticians that I work with has been trying to help me find something that I can use, that won't make it worse (I work for Aveda, so we are all pretty crunchy there and well versed in natural care for the body). Anyway, she suggested I start washing my face with plain honey, since it's a natural antibiotic and moisturizer.

I tried it and it's amazing. By two washes my face has cleared up completely, and not only that - it's glowing!!! Seriously, I don't think my skin has ever looked this nice!! We are both converts now!

Just wanted to share with you all.
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Note to self! Thanks!
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That is so neat!

Do you dilute it with anything? Just rub the honey on your skin and wash off?
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NOpe, I just put it straight on. We keep it in the shower and I squirt a little in my hand, and then use a little warm water to mix it up and massage it on. I've even put it on as a "mask" and let it sit for like 10 minutes, then rinsed it off.
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Oh, very cool.

I'm totally trying that tonight!
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Do you use raw honey or processed?
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How cool! I want to try it!
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I just use regular clover honey, but I'm sure raw honey would be great!
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you can also do a mask and let it sit on your face for 10-20 min (it makes your face soooo soft and glowing!)
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I've been wondering if this could be mixed with OCM, if honey could be mixed in with the oils and then wiped off?
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hm, I have a TON of honey (OK, a couple of gallons) and no idea of how to use it all, It just keeps on a-comin' from my CSA. Maybe I will try this! My skin is a mess this pregnancy.
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Great suggestion- I'm going to try it!

I like the idea of keeping it in the shower- that would make it a lot easier for me to remember to do it!
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What is OCM? I would be wary of putting any oil on my face, because it's so super sensitive - even essential oils, but if you have good skin, try it! My friend who taught me this, swears by honey with a shea butter moisturizer (shea butter is great for acne)
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thanks for the tip, never tried it~
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I will also have to try this. It sounds excellent...
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what a great tip!!! i have a lot of skin issues.. thanks!
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Honey is antibacterial in nature, is known for helping acne-prone skin and heal skin (acne wounds, skin burns, etc). With it's semi-acidic pH and glycolic acid level, it is a great product to use on your skin. Try adding rosewater for additional benefits and pretty smell.

For extra exfoliation, you can put oat flour or brown sugar.

You can use brown sugar by itself too. It's divine.
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I wear make-up. Should I wash off my make-up with soap first, then use the honey? I will try anything to get rid of my adult acne. I was never a make-up wearer but most days I need something to camoflauge just so I feel comfortable.
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What makeup do you use? That might be your enemy right there! I wear makeup for random reasons, but mainly a fresh look w/ natural SPF is the reason. Honey won't get the makeup off, but it sure does wonders (I used to use it years ago, so had to make another "note to self" to revist better products). Depending on skin type, sensitivity, and budget, I can make some suggestions, as I've emptied out the budget over the years (and growing up AND working in the beauty industry) for beauty products! I'm staying natural from here on out, especially after looking at pics of my mother and grandmother at my age, and counting my blessings for the choices I've made that they didn't!
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I'm really glad I saw this! I've been looking for a natural product with which to wash my face. But, all the organic natural ones are so expensive. I don't want to spend that kind of money monthly right now. So, basically, I've been using plain soap (I know, bad). I'm going to try this tonight ... it sounds so conveinent - honey for breakfast, honey to wash my face.
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