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I just found this thread and tried washing my face with honey a while ago - I'm excited! We'll see how it goes!
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I woke up this morning with quite the little breakout and my nose is an oilslick! Anyone else have this happen to them? Is this just my skin detoxing?
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Make sure you used natural honey and not honey-flavored or honey-colored syrups.

I've been doing an alternative OCM with coconut oil, it's working nicely.
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I use honey as a 2nd washing, after using black soap to get makeup and stufffff off from the day. I add other natural scrubs, masks, and such to my routine a couple of times a week, but the daily routine is wash w/ AB soap, wash again w/ honey. Moisturize w/ jojoba (or if really dry, I'll moisty w/ unrefined shea before I go to sleep).
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I have noticed my itty bitty blackheads that only i could see are starting to appear at the skin surface on my nose. Give it a few days, maybe your skin is just cleaning out!
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Honey has been awesome. I've got my sisters and mom using it now. My face has never looked this good. Wow, I sound like a commercial! I've been using honey everyday, and then a honey and baking soda scrub every other day or when ever I feel really greasy. The little blackhead on my nose and chin are gone! Ihtink I've had them since puberty. Here's me doing the happy dance of clear skin!
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Originally Posted by truelife View Post
I woke up this morning with quite the little breakout and my nose is an oilslick! Anyone else have this happen to them? Is this just my skin detoxing?
I had the same issue after about a week, so I discontinued the honey. I think my skin is just not ready for the extra moisture it was getting from honey. I can see where it would be really wonderful for drier skin, though.
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I use only honey to wash my face now. I was breaking out bigtime from stress at my job and I haven't broken out since. It healed the breakouts that I had at the time and I am in love! My skin was so bad that I was having to wear coverup every day just to feel semi-ok and now I'm back to wearing nothing. I have oily/combo skin so I also do a baking soda scrub about once a week. I've been doing this since I first read this thread (a few weeks ago?).
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I went out and bought raw local honey last night and *think* I can tell a difference, but that could just be me wanting it to work so badly! We'll see!
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I started washing my face when I wash my scalp the no-poo way about a week ago. every three days I scrub my scalp and face with a honey/bs mix then after rising it off with water do a rise with ACV and a few drops of EO usually rosemarry.

I'm loving my skin! I've never been so psoriasis free. and my skin is smooth and the usually *huge* crater sized pores are starting to shrink and heal.

*happy dance*

I'm off to see if I can find containers floating around my pkace that I can premix the stuff in to keep on hand.

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Finally using my raw honey

I used up all the generic honey in my little honey bear, and I finally started using my raw honey. What a difference! My skin was already looking great with the generic honey, but WOW it is so much better after using the raw. My acne has cleared up. What few pimples I do get dry up really fast. My pores are smaller. My skin is really soft, smooth. And now after using the raw honey, I swear my skin is glowing!

As for exfoliating....I also found BS to be too harsh and drying for my skin (combination/oily), even just once a week. I switched to sea salt and that did the trick!

And just to reiterate, I did have quite a break out in the first week or so after starting with this honey regimen. I even had a couple days of new pimples and just general blah after starting with the raw honey. But my skin got past it and now I have a nice complexion for. the. first. time. in. my life.

I honey!!!!!
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Yeah, after about a week I got oiler. I didn't break out but my nose got kinda oily. Usually I'd break out the powder but I didn't want to mess with the detox so I didn't. It lasted just a couple days. So, I think that's just a detox thing you have to deal with after a few days or a week. It goes away in a couple days (if that long).
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whoo-hoo!!! I am so glad it's working for everyone! just as a side note, honey is a natural source of glycolic acid, which should be a good enough exfoliator in and of itself. the glycolic is a great way to shrink pores too.

love the sea salt idea. this is great. the baking soda was too harsh for my skin, so I'm back on the straight honey and loving it!!!

super oily skin - could be a few things? are you using a moisturizer afterwards? if you're not, your skin could be getting a little dry and to compensate is overproducing oil. try a light moisturizer after you wash and see if it helps. (sounds counterproductive, but it works.) took about a week for my skin to clear up from the honey, it brought everything to the surface.
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I made a paste with honey and baking soda, and I've used it twice, but it really dries out my face, and I have oily skin. I did about a 50/50 mix, am I using too much BS?
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Use less baking soda and follow up with a moisturizer after you wash your face - you're supposed to moisturize after cleansing anyway.
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My skin was pretty dry when I first started 3-4 weeks ago (straight honey and then honey + bs twice a week). I added jojoba oil as a moisturizer, but still too dry. This week I got some unprocessed shea butter and that did the trick.
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I normally do use a moisturizer, so maybe I just used too much BS. I'll try more of a 75/25 mix in favor of honey.
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Originally Posted by ItyBty View Post
I normally do use a moisturizer, so maybe I just used too much BS. I'll try more of a 75/25 mix in favor of honey.
Definitely consider the moisturizer too. I use pure shea butter. Every once in a while in the middle of the day I can get away with just washing with honey. When I use honey and BS I definitely feel better after a little shea butter. Shea butter goes a long way. It's amazing how little is really needed. I think of it as more of a "suggestion" of moisturizer on my face.
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ok so ive been using honey followed by acv for 4 days now. my skin is SO MUCH BETTER already (minus the pit scars i have left and a few red marks). so this morning i used about a dime sized bit of BS in the shower with 3 pumps of honey (i got it all organized ), worked great. so when i got out, i used the acv 50/50 then once dried used the shea butter (which i started yesterday). well today was the first time i felt the acv tingling...then when i applied the shea butter my face turned beet red and still is. it doesnt burn or anything, just feels warm. but im wondering if my acv solution is too strong or what? is this normal after using the added BS? just curious...its not really bothering me but i certainly cant go anywhere looking like this...
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It's probably because you exfoliated and then had the ACV on, so your skin may be a bit 'over-prepped'.

I've noticed that if I make too much ACV mixture, even at 50/50, it may get a little stronger over time (especially if it's organic) because ACV has mother in it and it regenerates itself!

You may just need to add more water, or rinse the ACV after you tone with it. I actually do the baking soda stuff in the shower and splash some ACV on my face afterward (same bottle as no-poo ACV) and then rinse my face off.

At night during the summer, I may tone with ACV, but I haven't done that for winter. Skin is a little more sensitive during the winter, with indoor heat, drying winter blasts, etc.

If you had a ton of ACV on your face, the shea butter may have kind of activated the ACV on your face, who knows. I also don't know what kind of pH shea butter has...
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