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I'd be a little leary of the aspirin mask. I tried it and it really irritated and dried out my face. It more or less burned it and gave me these bumpy, raised red patches all over. I probably over did it, but just a word of caution.

Poot, I just did the same thing with benzoyl peroxide last night. I've been getting these nasty hormonal break outs on my chin my last two cycles and used it out of desperation. Now I've got big red burn marks on my chin to go with the volcanoes
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I jumped on the honey bandwagon last week, in addition to switching to mineral makeup, and my face looks fabulous, the best it has since...well, before puberty hit. I've also been using baking soda to help clear up what blemishes I have left, and just wow...

Thanks so much for the info, everyone! MDC rocks!
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I was using honey and two asprin tablets about 2x's a week and found it to be somewhat drying and to gritty/abrassive. I try to exfoliate only 1x week, to much seems to be damaging and makes my face feel raw. Now I use a little bit of baking soda and that seems to be a good balance.
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someone mentioned using honey in your hair as a conditioner and this has not been working out for me. It leaves a layer of white on my scalp (basically dandruff). Maybe I am using it incorrectly?

Also I thought I remembered someone saying to use honey + brown sugar mix for hair but that gave the same results as above.
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If you've used dandruff shampoo before, more than likely it's 'sealed on dandruff' that is just now breaking loose. Try shampooing with some baking soda to get rid of the residue. ACV and honey are both acidifying and attract moisture, but they also exfoliate to a degree since they slough off the top layer of skin (like toners do).
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OT on hair: I'm too chicken to try no-pooing myself, but DH hasn't washed with shampoo since before Christmas, and he's loving it! I researched how to make little no-poo balls of honey and baking soda for the wash, then what mixture of apple cider and vinegar to use for a rinse. He just got out of the shower after doing that for the first time, and he really loves it!
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Apple cider is rather sugary - you may want to try apple cider vinegar.
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Oopsie. That's what I get for not re-reading my post! Scratch "apple cider and vinegar". I meant "apple cider vinegar and water"!
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I LOOOOVE washing my face with honey, I 'll never go back! Just as I haven't gone back to shampoo from BS and ACV. Someone sure said it with "freedom from cosumer products is just lovely"!
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What does ACV stand for and what ratio do you use BS and ACV?
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I LOOOOVE washing my face with honey, I 'll never go back! Just as I haven't gone back to shampoo from BS and ACV. Someone sure said it with "freedom from cosumer products is just lovely"!
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Apple Cider Vinegar. I was also wondering about cleaning your hair with that and Baking Soda. Is that part of the no-shampoo idea? Not sure I could completely give up shampoo, but would love to periodically just use somthing like that to give a break from the chemicals in shampoo- I'm assuming it would still be benficial for my hair. Do you think that would work? How much of each do you use?
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Check out the sticky note at the top of this forum for no-poo information.

Also, a crash course in no-pooing is found here:

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What does ACV stand for and what ratio do you use BS and ACV?
I mix 1 tbls bs with tiny bit of water to make paste, rinse hair with water. massage paste into scalp. let sit a minute. rinse out. mix 2tbls apple cider vinegar with 1/2 cup water. pour over hair(avoid getting on scalp) let sit , (while washing face with luxurious honey!) rinse out. Voila! clean hair without chemicals! There are many other variations using lemon, honey, eos, and other good stuff.
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I'm doing a raw honey mask right now. The smell is my favorite part.
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ROFL, great icon. Are you licking your face off so your eyeballs and nose are gone? That would be funny, heheheh.

For a totally invigorating honey/baking soda (as IF you couldn't make this thing any better), you could tweak it like I used to do my Cetaphil and baking soda: add some tea tree oil and/or peppermint oil to it.

HOoooooOOOOo--EEEEEE, it's a fresh tingle. You feel like you're on the beach. It helps clear up acne too. Put a drop or two into your mixture. Finger-mix again and wash your face with it, using the pads of your fingers to make massing circles all over your face, with special attention to the T-zone (forehead-nose-chin). Rinse completely, and make sure you don't get any in your eyes.
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Well, I jumped on the bandwagon last night. I'm very happy with the results!
I mixed the honey and bs together and rubbed it all over my face, rubbing in circles. Didn't notice much exfoliation. So I wet the wash cloth to take it off and wowza!
My (probably) stupid question: The exfoliation comes at the end when you are washing it off with the cloth right? I mean that's when I noticed it. And it worked beautifully!

BTW, my 3 YO loved the honey on her legs.
She kept running up to my dad and Dh and telling them to smell her legs.
Look, we put honey on my legs to exfoe-ate!
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You probably didn't add much baking soda. You'll feel a little bit of grit in your mixture if you put enough. Use a blob of honey (between 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon) and a shake of baking soda (it's probably like 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda - you can even increase it to 1/2). Mix the two in your hand with a free finger. Wet your face or your free hand with some warm water and start cleaning your face (it's good to wear your hair back or keep a hairband on so that the honey doesn't stick to your bangs and create 'hair gel.' Once you're done with the circling and making sure your face is amply covered, splash and rinse with warm water. No need to use a wash cloth. In fact, some of the water splashing and hand wiping probably does your face some good, perhaps some of the honey's benefits (like the moisture) still sticks to your face. Pat your face with a towel without rubbing. Some dampness or dewy-ness is OK. You can then apply your favorite moisturizer. I put a little coconut oil on my face. Don't forget to put moisturizer on your neck too.
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I have been reading through this thread over the last few days, and have definitely been intrigued! I have had acne since I was 13 and thought this could be my ticket to clear skin! I tried it immediately, have been using cheapo processed honey (all I had in the house). It rinsed off so clean and my face felt wonderful! Some of my blemishes were starting to dry up, but I got a couple of new ones, so I kind of broke even (except for the fact that my skin felt so soft). So I started adding the BS. But because the honey has the glycolic acid (for exfoliating), and the BS neutralizes acid (my dh says he uses it to clean his truck's battery posts when they get that battery acid on them), I thought maybe using them separate would be better. So I started washing with the honey, and then making a "splash" with bs and water, to rinse with after doing a honey mask. I don't know, I'm winging it here.

So I have had a slight improvement, and thought I'd go for the raw honey. I find it doesn't rinse off as smooth, I still feel sort of sticky-ish. NOt sure why. Today I tried an aspirin mask with honey & aspirin, and it feels really good.

I was wondering about the black soap (to clean before using honey, since I have super greasy skin), and the shea butter - where is everyone buying this stuff? I can't find it anywhere, and when I google it, I find all these sites for using black soap and shea on dreadlocks : : : Help! Would love to get my hands on some shea. WOuld like to be able to buy it in a store too, instead of online (shipping soaks ya!).

Tx! This thread is great! Looooooooooving it!
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You should be able to get shea butter at Whole Foods or Wild Oats if you have one...I'm not sure where you are...

I order mine from oyinhandmade.com but they are closed until Jan. 21. I know alot of people have ordered from Ebay too. Good luck!
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The baking soda in the honey is mainly for exfoliation and to keep the honey from being too sticky. Skin and hair are supposed to be a bit on the acidic side, so don't do a baking soda rinse after you do a honey wash on your face - it defeats the entire purpose.

It's the reason why toners are used on skin. Toners are acidic to restore the pH of your skin. Especially with a dry winter, not toning your face after a baking soda application would dry your face out and you'd be prone to breakouts, not that baking soda is harsh, but the pH on your skin would be out of whack, and you wouldn't have anything moisturizing on it. Honey serves as both a semi-acidic and humectant (moisture-attracting) cleanser. It's still good to use a little moisturizer of some sort on your face afterwards to replenish the moisture and protective oils.
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